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Description from extension meta Dark mode for all websites in Chrome browser with opportunity to exclude any domain or create custom theme
Image from store Dark Theme for Chrome
Description from store Apply all websites in Chrome browser into dark theme and exclude any domain from black theme for better experience. It's possible to create your own custom theme with any color you like. Social networks, mainstream sites and all other New Tabs will be all together covered into black colors. No more needs to open settings one by one for different websites - just one app brings black theme across the whole net. Option page is now available! Useful features: - Optionally add domains that you don't want to apply into black theme - Create your own custom theme! Save it, rename and apply at any time Dark Mode for Chrome is an automatic way to change websites' theme to dark with opportunity to switch it back at any time just clicking to extension menu. Install Dark Mode for Chrome now and be provided with great looking design, stylish dark theme and reduced eye strain.
Latest reviews (2019-12-04) Joacim Makenzius: Does not work (2019-12-02) Ruzimuhammad Hasanov: Отличное приложение (2019-12-01) Martha I. Garcia: I do a lot of reading specially articles on YouTube and this Dark Theme for Chrome appears to be just what I was looking for. It automatically worked right after adding it to Chrome. Thank you ! Martha (From Argentina, Bs.As.) (2019-11-28) juan Gonzáles pumacayo: muy buena (2019-11-27) Xuesong Peng: It cannot add local domains to site exclusion. I have a local hosted web tool on http://localhost/ please support such domain names. (2019-11-24) Malte Hvitfeld: ✔ It does work just not with sites like Youtube the extension does not work if you have a background equipped to your google browser but it definitely does work some sites i cant get it to work on but it works on many sites så why not have it added to your browsers the Creators also later added af feature that Google user 'MrMarcus1502' requested this shows sign of improvement (2019-11-22) lDeadlyIllusion: The extension works. But i'll give one star beacuse when a new tab is open or when you do a search there is a second that the screen is white. And that's like a flash that hurts to the eyes. (2019-11-21) L Surname: horrific (2019-11-20) Jesse Woltersom: Works well for most websites, but be aware it may break some websites by removing images or hiding important content. But it doesn't work at all with Facebook, please fix :) (2019-11-20) Michael Leke Ajidagba: i like it but it doesn't work on all site, the developer should work on making it work on more sites. (2019-11-18) Rosemin H: Makes everything dark = great! Makes *EVERYHING* dark i.e pictures, thumnails, etc. = not great (2019-11-18) Benjamin Annett: Highly SUSPICIOUS! Kaspersky, reknowned for not giving false positives, detects it as a VIRUS on the freshly installation of my computer. (only 24h!) I removed it. :'( In terms of use, the mode is too black and pages often become invisible as texts and backgrounds are black on black... A greyish choice would be more functionnal. Anyway, I pute one star until this virus problem is clarified. I hope it is not a SCAM! (2019-11-15) Essence: Only worked on Google.com. It's a pointless extension. (2019-11-14) Riiiyad S: J'aimer mais ça prend du temps (quand on ouvre une nouvelle page attendre 5sec pour le mode nuit) (2019-11-12) WyoWyo: Not bad,works well on a lot of websites, but if you accidentally click the 'Exclude from Dark Mode' there is no way to turn it back, which is quite frustrating. Otherwise, its good. (2019-11-12) Mark R: Nice, but doesn't accept local adressen like (2019-11-12) Jish: It's good but I have one complaint. That's that it is automaticly set to on when I start chrome. I can't seem to find a way to change that. It's gotten to the point that I'll probably remove it eventually, it's kinda annoying (2019-11-12) Devious Meme Lord: Just installed and refreshed my pages, works just as intended! No more strained eyes at night with my low light setup! 😊👍 (2019-11-11) Julia Julia: nie działa mi. HELP (2019-11-11) Sebastian Tobar: Add a simple option: that pages start with "light" and not "dark". Is obnoxious having to press that button every time only to watch the original view. (2019-11-10) evg.dubinin: В ютубе не подсвечивает ссылки (2019-11-07) Diogo Neves: Has a background file that is a Trojan horse, unninstall as quick as you can, reported already (2019-11-05) Lance Noel: I love the customization, but wish you could further add to it (only three color choices isnt enough for me personally). Also I sometimes have a problem where all text is covered if I scroll too much, which makes it unusable, obviously. But for some websites and some of the time, works pretty well! (2019-11-04) Ruslan Novitchi: Very good, the option that albe to exclude site is nice. But i'd like a short-cut to Enable/Disable the dark mode, please insert one!! (2019-11-03) Mayank Khajanchi: life saver

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