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Description from extension meta Open specific websites in a sandboxed Incognito Window, permanently.
Image from store Incognito-Filter
Description from store Why am I safer with Incognito Windows? Services like Google+ or Facebook can log any website you visit with their Like or +1 buttons on third party websites, if you are logged into their network. Enter facebook.com or accounts.google.com into Inkognitorizer to open these pages in a save Inkognito Window and stop those services from hijacking your surf history. Malicious Chrome extensions could log your passwords or manipulate sites you visit. Chrome extensions are inactive in the Inkognito modus, usefull for 'paypal.com' and your online-banking sites. Alternatives: A similar extension is "Incognito Regex". Unfortunately, this is much slower because it loads websites twice (once in Normal Mode and later in Incognito Mode). Incognito-Filter, however, opens the urls immediately in the Incognito Window.
Latest reviews (2019-11-19) Berat Ars: Nur paar klicks gemacht und direkt kapiert wie das geht (2019-11-02) LEMONed: Not working for me. Every time I try to launch a filtered URL from an external somewhere (say, Alfred), it blocks the website, returning: Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension. Try disabling your extensions. ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT (2019-09-27) Ebo Eppenga: Like it a lot! Only one comment, it is somewhat annoying that it always opens the incognito mode in a blank new pop-up browser. Could it please open in the existing tab, or maybe a new tab in Chrome? (2019-09-25) Brad Saide: Very useful for admins when needing to switch between Prod and Dev environments, when they both have the same URL (and the environment is dependant on the login being used, rather than the url - case in point, portal.azure.com). Helps reduce the risk of unfortunate mistakes ;) Creating a custom RegEx (e.g. ^(http|https|file|ftp):\/\/portal.azure.com\/#dev ) and putting #dev at the end of the URL in the bookmark (e.g. https://portal.azure.com/#dev ) does the trick. (2019-09-22) Alan K: I like it but I can't get it to do what I really want. I want to be incognito for all but a few sites like google.com. How can I do that with the regex? (2019-09-11) Jamal aliashrekstar: it allows me to get inconito faster and more efficiently, and good for my p hub because my mama always looks in my history so this is useful for p hub on the go. (2019-09-01) Yobnoc: Lets me boot my chromebook into incognito. Perfect! (2019-08-27) Rx Hua: 超级好 (2019-07-22) Ivette Rodriguez: like it. (2019-07-18) ACES GROUP: sorry NOT whats its announcing ??? after block...still located and pick up with any history...Place Turkey ANKARA ..you need to modify in line5 :https://de.ioam.de/tx.io?st=ebaykanz&cp=ebayK-2-161&sv=i2&sc=yes&pt=CP&ps=lin&er=N22&rf=www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de&r2=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de%2Fs-kategorien.html&ur=www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de&xy=1920x1080x24&lo=TR%2FAnkara&cb=0011&i2=00118ed22c6129cd85d2fb8b8&ep=1584988309&vr=414&id=9uzsyw&i3=00102777473444e305d2fb823%3A1594512419910%3A1563408419910%3A.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de%3A5%3Aebaykanz%3AebayK-2%3Anoevent%3A1563408560797%3A9bynkx&n1=12&dntt=1<=1563408568616&ev=&cs=rwhblf&mo=1 (2019-06-22) Textic Gamer: sencilla y util (2019-06-02) Sam Friedman: This is awesome, thanks for making it. (2019-04-01) Evgenii Fedorenkov: Работает на ура! Еще бы русик прилепили... (2019-03-24) asa emmerson: safe and functional (2019-03-19) tomblastallycat: awesome!!! (2019-02-17) Food_kid67: Yes this works great! but sadly all it does is remove a site so not what needed. (2019-01-01) Vedant Joshi: Perfectly does the job.... (2018-10-02) Seb Shun: Ich surfe standardmäßig im Inkongnito-Modus und daher würde ich mir eine Ausnahme Liste Wünschen. Also Webseiten die NICHT im diesem Modus gestartet werden. Netflix.com kann beispielsweise nicht Inkongnito-Modus gestartet werden. (2018-09-09) Super, genau was ich gesucht habe. Feature Request: wäre es möglich, eine Option einzubauen, damit sich die neuen Seiten maximiert öffnen? Das tut es bei mir nämlich nicht. Ansonsten top Erweiterung! (2018-06-27) Edward D: Exactly what I was looking for to circumvent washingtonpost.com anti-adblock, and works in Opera with the "Install Chrome Extensions" add-on! (2018-06-17) Gabriel Hit: SUPER! (2018-06-14) Armando Rizzi: Fa aprire in automatico alcuni siti in incognito senza doversi ricordare di iniziare la sessione in incognito: quando digiti il sito aggiunto alla lista, va direttamente in incognito. Difetto: cliccando sull'icona dell'estensione --> show options,fa vedere quali sono i siti aggiunti alla lista. Quindi chiunque usi il vostro Chrome, sa quali siti solitamente aprite in incognito... perde il 50% della sua utilità (2018-06-05) 大畑乃之: サブディレクトリの設定の有無ってのを何とかして欲しい。マクロミルとヤフーリサーチには効かぬ事が判明。フルドメイン部分が同じ。 (2018-06-04) Gogu Tibi: perfect (2018-05-19) vlyken: Exactly what I wanted! websites I put on the list always come on a new incognito tab and it works better than most other incognito extentions

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