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Unicode Obfuscation

Description from extension meta This obfucates the text input on Twitter to be in unicode characters that mimic their English counterparts.
Image from store Unicode Obfuscation
Description from store The unicode obfuscation project is a website/browser extension that obfuscates English text by replacing all the English characters with foreign unicode symbols visually similar to the corresponding English ones, but representing an unrelated unicode character. English speakers can easily post and read this "encrypted" content, but the advertising algorithms that mine our information are unable to comprehend the meaning of the words. This uses the vast expressiveness of the unicode character set to subvert the commodification of our data. Each English character is mapped to a large unique set of unicode characters so no two obfuscated English letters are identical. The program protects our speech by using our bodies to deobfuscate the text. Our eyes effortlessly distinguish the characters for their visual form and disregard their intended value.
Latest reviews (2018-05-19) Stanton McCandlish: Honestly, this is really, really weak. The output is about as bad as [email protected], bordering on illegible, because it's not really a Unicode obfuscator but more of an ASCII one, depending on only a few characters which have very little actual resemblance to those they are replacing. Unicode is vast, and has many, many redundant characters because it maps out entire writing systems in discrete sections, instead of only adding characters for which it doesn't already have a corresponding codepoint. Consequently, there are far better alternative characters, that can be pulled from the Unicode sections for Greek, Russian, etc., and which look virtually identical to the English or other Western Latin-based characters. (It would take more work to also have this functional on more input, like being able to replace real Greek content with lookalike chars from Cyrillic and Latin and etc., or replace Cyrillic with Greek and Latin and etc. I don't know if there's much of a "market" for such an extension, on a Chrome Web Store that's written almost entirely in English, and full of extensions that are almost entirely documented in English.

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