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WebRTC Leak Control

Description from extension meta Prevent WebRTC leaks and protect your privacy. No IP Leak.
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Description from store Prevent WebRTC leaks in Chrome by controlling WebRTC privacy settings. Protect against WebRTC leakage of public and private IP addresses using this toggle-able extension. VPN and Proxy extensions can hide your IP address but they cannot prevent IP leaks caused by WebRTC. WebRTC Leak Control protects you from this security threat. This is a must have extension for protecting your privacy on the internet. Just install the extensions and WebRTC IP Leaks are stopped. You can enable or disable the WebRTC in one click. With WebRTC Leak Control you can hide your private IP addresses (e.g. addresses like or, any public IP addresses associated with network interfaces that are not used for web traffic. By default, the extension disable any WebRTC leaks including non-proxied UDP. You can enable or disable WebRTC protocol in one click on the extension icon. --- Notes --- - Compatible only with Chrome version 48+ - In order to use the extension in Incognito mode, please get sure to allow the option from the chrome extension page - WebRTC Leak Control prevent only WebRTC leaks (the extension is not VPN or proxy service) - WebRTC Leak Control does not change your DNS address
Latest reviews (2019-10-18) **: Hey Folks, Go to ip8.com. Then test for DNS leaks & others. This extension [email protected]$ your !P & WebRTC !!!!!! !t`s USELESS & a MONSTROUS $ECUR!TY R!$K. Hope this helps. CHEERS (( ; (2019-10-05) Alexander Krug: Гугл Хром, полёт отличный. Проверка на утечку через WebRTC Protection black Ваш браузер не посылает ваш IP-адрес на веб-сайты, которые вы посещаете. WebRTC недоступен Ваш браузер не поддерживает WebRTC или WebRTC отключен. (2019-07-13) No Name: Не работает в последней версии хром 75.0.3770.100 (2019-04-03) Мария Лазарева: Реально крутое дополнение! (2019-04-02) Don't work (2019-03-07) Не работает в последней версии хрома 72.0.3626.121 (2018-08-02) Juan Nunez: just does not work! (2018-06-02) Maksim Smirnov: Отличная работа! До этого пользовался WebRTC Leak Shield,но он стал дырявый. (2018-05-26) Юлия Ахметова: Действительно, в паре с Free-VPN.pro полностью скрывает ip-адрес. Отличное приложение, не требующее настроек. (2018-05-18) Андрей Владимиров: Отличное приложение! Очень прост в использование - вкл и выкл. Хотя, я как включил больше не трогаю. (2018-05-16) antikillerhawk: Антивирус касперского нашёл троян в приложении, будьте осторожны! (2018-05-09) Ritchie Sobrinsky: just does not work! (2018-05-07) 9 6: Lovely ∞ (2018-05-07) Jon Hulett: This also blocks UDP reporting traffic in JStorrent, very useful. (2018-05-07) FBI: Easy to use, and it is quite effective. Thank you to whomever made this. (2018-05-02) Mario Dulac: facile d'utilisation

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