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Image from store OurStickys - ページの付せん
Description from store I started this project because I was looking for a way to add sticky notes while I was creating a webpage for a customer and I wanted to create a note that I could read from my computer at home as well as from my computer at the office. The extension is FREE, but donation are accepted: https://www.paypal.me/ourstickys A few of the current features: 1) you can create a note on any web page with a simple right click on the page 2) you can personalize the look of the notes: color, font-size, position, and size 3) you can minimize the note 4) all the notes will sync between browsers that use the same account 5) the notes will auto-load on the page 6) you can view all the notes created by clicking on the main icon 7) you can decide if a note is for the exact URL or page or for the full domain or always present 8) ability to login with Facebook or google 9) share a sticky between users thanks to CHANNELS 10) ability to tag a note (this is in beta) 11) edit a Sticky and you will see the changes apply to all the other computers that have access to the stickys almost in real time (great for presentations) 12) pin a note to a position so it will ignore scrolling 13) convert a sticky into a TO-DO list (or format a JSON string) 14) choose the default settings for all the new stickys 15) leave stickys on PDF files 16) drag and drop text from any program into a sticky 17) YouTube video playback built directly into a sticky 18) ... and much more ... [PRIVACY] Privacy is very important to us. We do not store any sensitive information and we make sure that the information is not accessible by anyone. No third party web application, nowhere to register, nobody to trust your data with. NO DATA in any form will be shared with anyone. [ADS FREE] Nobody likes ads, we know that. This extension does not display any ad, or anything else that is not sticker added by you. [PERMISSIONS] We need to read your current tab URL so that we know where you added a new sticky. This information is then stored together with the text and other settings so that we know where we need to show it again once you open that page. ********************* Next version plan: - ability to add a password to a channel - basic HTML support - add reminders with notifications - import and export stickys - simple chat per sticky ******* NOTE the extension won't work on pages locked by google (e.g.: chrome:// ) ******* OurStickys wants to be the new way for dev teams or teachers/students to interact and communicate with each other about webpages. I have been a web-developer for years and something I always missed was a direct way to know what people want on a specific page, often someone takes a screen shot and then open it on paint, adds a few notes here and there, open an email (or any other communication tool), attach the image (or images), write the message, and finally sends it without the ability to edit what was sent. What I am building tries to remove all of that, right click anywhere on the page and add a note, share it with the people that need to read it, and you are done. No need to find which of the thousands of ways to communicate they use and no need to open different programs. My goal is to let the browser handle everything without the need to switch tabs or leave the page. This will also help keeping yourself more focus on the problem and less on figuring out how to reach the other person. If you have any questions, please let me know --- Japanese translation thanks to Yuki Nagatomo

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-23) Vee_On_Posh #Poshmark: Was working latest update wont work keeps asking to refesh page over and over
  • (2019-12-25) Athrish Panthati: So far the best sticky notes on chrome webstore. But it would be nice if there is some editing possible inside that sticky note, like font bold, incline, underline, highlight etc..
  • (2019-12-14) BeSober K: I like it!! I hava search for this kind plugin for a long time !! I meet my snow White!!! Like it!!Userful !!!!!!!!good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2019-12-05) Aubrey Hughs: Its Great, Definitely would recommend it!!!!
  • (2019-12-05) 亜卍流: ログイン機能(Google、Facebook)が共に息をしていないので別端末でのデータ同期ができない。データをエクスポートできるので別端末でインポートしようとしたが読み込まない。
  • (2019-11-25) Kronk Kronk: It's a great extension but be warned as if you exceed 5001 characters on a single sticky your page will freeze up. Though this is manageable as you just need to make a new sticky if you need to add more notes. Also, something I've been experiencing lately is the sticky closing by itself, which is quite annoying but doesn't bother me to much.
  • (2019-11-02) 悠悠舐氐: Unavailable. It reminds me of a new version, but chrome webstore doesn't have a new version This app is not good But i can login with google account my english is not good. Translate yourself :) 没有更新一只提醒我更新是几个意思?这玩意不好用 但是我能登录Google账户啊。。。
  • (2019-10-30) Ajay Pilaniya: Very good. Has all the features I needed.
  • (2019-10-29) Kyong Lee Kim: both google and facebook sync don't work. :(
  • (2019-10-18) Jason Wu: It's a wonderful extension. I love it!
  • (2019-10-18) Steven Williams: I just wanted sticky notes on a web page. It's perfect for what I need. Thanks.
  • (2019-10-08) Amin Najmi: it doesn't work. keeps asking to refresh all the time
  • (2019-10-02) Emre Can Kucukoglu: Very useful plugin, however how can I transfer my notes to another device?
  • (2019-09-13) RB HI: メモツールの中で一番使い勝手が良く、とても助かっています。
  • (2019-09-05) Romeu Lopes: Muito bom!
  • (2019-08-28) AAA OA: 他の付箋紙拡張機能のほとんどが専用画面でまとめて管理するタイプの物の中で、これは実際の付箋紙と同じ感覚で使えるのが非常にありがたいです。あとURLの設定を選べば、コメントを書き込む度にURL末尾が変わるタイプのページでも追っかけられるのもいいですね。「URL完全一致」固定な拡張機能も多い。 以下要望です。 ツールバーのアイコンクリックで表示されるリストで、変更日順や内容順でのソート機能が欲しい。 不要なメモなどを整理する際に探しづらいです。 例えば、まとめサイトのコメ欄にコメントした際に、ページタイトルとコメントIDをメモしているのですが、そのページタイトル(メモの内容)でソートしたいなと思う事がよくあるので。追っかけてるアニメのまとめの古い話数(ページタイトルに話数が入ってる)のメモを削除したいときとか。タグ機能を使えばかき集めることはできますが。 あとは、ピン止めONをデフォにする設定も欲しいです。 タグの設定(入力)にタグ一覧も欲しい。既に入力済みのタグから選択できれば楽かなと。
  • (2019-07-24) k DEADbOT: RIP sick app homie ♥︎
  • (2019-07-18) 王秋石: console report error The message port closed before a response was received nice software
  • (2019-07-18) Peng Qian: can't longin with google and facebook account
  • (2019-06-21) Silt: Sticker not staying at position, no matter what settings I change. And I can't login
  • (2019-05-14) あき: 気に入っています。ブランド間やユーザー間の共有機能を付けて欲しい
  • (2019-03-30) Ling Mao: couldn't log in with google nor facebook, otherwise it's perfect!
  • (2019-02-21) CHOI MK: It's cool to work together!
  • (2019-02-19) 2ne 626: can it get a delete animation
  • (2019-01-27) Nana Cat: I like this very much. I saw someone said that the Developer has died. I also thank you the Developer for making this Great chrome extension. Rest In Peace. And Yes If someone can continue this, it will be great.

Latest issues

  • (2019-11-30, v:0.1.96) Chris Marabate: Unable to login to sync between devices
    When I try to login with Google it just instantly takes me back to the website I was on and doesn't give any indication it worked because the message in your extension does not go away that says I will not be able to sync until I login. When I try using facebook to login, it tells me "App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions." I also tried exporting all my notes and then importing the file into a different Chrome user with the extension installed, and it didn't do anything at all. Are you still working on this extension because it is the best website sticky note extension I have found so far but if I'm not going to be able to sync my notes between devices, then I can't continue to use it and will have to use an extension I don't like as much but it allows for syncing.
  • (2019-11-08, v:0.1.96) Joanna Sitarz: it is not work
    Hi on my one computer Oursticky work good but on my new computer I can't import my stickies from my first computer and I can't add any sticky Can you help me?
  • (2019-06-20, v:0.1.96) Hector Gomez: I can't access thru login with google
    I don't know why suddenly I don't have acces to my notes. I try to sign again thru login by google and nothing happend.
  • (2019-03-21, v:0.1.96) Shannon Benzing: Developer Died?
    Just saw a post from 2018 suggesting the developer has died and all the problems we experience will never be fixed. :-/
  • (2019-03-21, v:0.1.96) Shannon Benzing: Developer must be gone
    I think we've been abandoned. No website. No replies here. No replies on email. Very disappointing as this is the best, and my favorite, of all sticky apps for browser. It has completely changed my work life. I can't live without it now. Too bad there is no log in ability or sync or saving. Disappointing to be sure.
  • (2019-03-14, v:0.1.96) share?
    How to share OurStickys to other people?Can they edit the note that I send to them?
  • (2019-02-26, v:0.1.96) Carlos J. de Pedro Jiménez: Fixed sticky minimizes
    Hi, the tool is very useful, but most of the times the notes minimize just because, even when I'm typing on them!
  • (2019-02-21, v:0.1.96) Paul Harvey: ourstickys.com is down, cant login
    Looks like ourstickys.com is down, which is probably why we cant login, and cant share stuff, right? When do you expect to be back online?
  • (2019-02-20, v:0.1.96) Joey Barnwell: How to share?
    Hello, Love the program! How do I share it so that my coworkers can see/edit the same sticky from there computers URL? Joey
  • (2019-02-18, v:0.1.96) Saif Yousif: Google sign in
    I can't seem to sign in to google or facebook to back up my data somewhere safe. it just doesn't do anything.. what should I do?


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