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Ad Blocker for safe Internet browsing

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Description from store Ad blocker extension for annoying ads on the Internet. Stop ads while surfing the Internet and protect your privacy via in-browser controls! You have found the best ad blocker around. AdZero effectively deals with annoying pop-ups, banners and video ads once and for all. In addition to blocking ads, AdZero prevents ads from loading to reduce energy consumption and wasting your precious resources. Prevent tracking from others while online. Increase website loading speed for faster browsing. Thanks to our service, you will be able to block ads for phishing schemes, fraudulent websites, and malware attacks. Try it on a no obligation limited free trial today! After the free trial period, a subscription is required and must be purchased to continue to block ads. For pricing and purchasing, please visit https://adzero.org/pricing and select from a monthly, annual, or lifetime plan. Upgrading to one of our paid subscription plans includes: - Unlimited ad blocking - Telephone support (during regular business hours, California USA Pacific Time) - Licenses for multiple installations (up to 2 for monthly, 5 for annual, 7 for lifetime) - Faster Internet & privacy protection - 30-day Money Back Guarantee Check out our product overview video on YouTube™ http://y2u.be/QV5T5qGgpOo By installing this extension, you are agreeing to our AdZero End User License Agreement (www.adzero.org/eula), our AdZero Terms and Conditions (https://adzero.org/terms), and our AdZero Privacy Policy (www.adzero.org/privacy). Our product pricing may be found at https://adzero.org/pricing AdZero uses a GPLv3 license. Extension Permissions & Reasons Used Our extension only uses the minimum permissions required. Permission: "contextMenus" Reason: This allows us to show you the "About" page in our browseraction. Permission: "storage" Reason: We use this to save adblocking rules, stats and other technical information locally to ensure extension is working and blocking the proper contents. Permission: "tabs" Reason: We use this permission to block in-page ads on the webpage. Permission: "cookies" Reason: We use this permission to make the extension work with our website where a user can view stats and account information. Permission: "unlimitedStorage" Reason: We use this permission to save large adblocking filter rules locally. Permission: "webNavigation" Reason: We use this permission to bind the tab as early as possible for everything else than `http`/`https` in order to increase the likelihood of a context properly setup if network requests are fired from within the tab for effective adblocking. Permission: "webRequest" Reason: Along with the "webRequestBlocking" permission, we use this permission to intercept, block, or modify requests in-flight that matches with the adblocking filter rules. Permission: "webRequestBlocking" Reason: Along with the "webRequest" permission, we use this permission to intercept, block, or modify requests in-flight that matches with the adblocking filter rules. Permission: "notifications" Reason: We use this permission to display important notifications about trial or license expiry status, or any other important notifications to the user. Permission: "idle" Reason: We use this permission to display the important notifications to the user through web notifications or by opening a new tab when his/her computer is idle so that we do not interrupt work in progress when active. Permission: "<all_urls>" Reason: For effective adblocking we use this permission to block ads coming from all types of domains and urls.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-11-21) Yuanben Zhang: I can't believe this needs MONEY to use and there are tons of good adblockers out there that is free
  • (2019-11-15) D Longtin: my free adware "quit" working on a site I liked... searched and found AdZero... game-changer!
  • (2019-11-13) Ken Mueller: I found this app on the Publishers Clearing House Website. Used it and it appears to remove their ads and speeds up playing their games. However, after purchasing the software after the trial, I get a notice from Publishers Clearing House that says they have detected that I am using Ad Blocking software and were able to disable it! What gives? How can you advertise your product on Publisher's Clearing House and then Publisher's Clearing House has the ability to disable your product. This really feels Like a foul and cheating to get someone to purchase your product. I would not do it again.
  • (2019-09-09) Jody Craig: I have completely forgotten how annoying it was to watch anything online as I've had Ad Blocker for ages. It wasn't until my boyfriend showed me a you tube clip on his phone with ads constantly popping up that I turned to him and said 'if you don't get Ad Blocker don't show me anything on you tube' ha ha and he did.
  • (2019-08-07) Kris Johnson: I would give this 5 stars if it didn't prevent me from loading Rakuten Ebates and Swagbacks, etc. It is wonderful to not be interrupted by all those annoying ads.
  • (2019-07-29) Robert D. Aldridge Sr.: i am still gettingmany ads,but not as bad,if it did better i could have raised your rating,but some what better. thanks also i didnt get a reciet complete enough to use,please send me another
  • (2019-07-23) Cayl Taylor: dis great now i an play ohther flash games without ads! :3
  • (2019-07-21) Sherin Lee ND CNC: ONE WORD "EXCELLENT" ONE WORD "EXCELLENT".
  • (2019-07-05) carol watters: I was amazed at how many ads were blocked, has made such a difference
  • (2019-06-29) Sherri Williams: I like AdZero! It does a good job blocking ads but I have had issues with Google Chrome not wanting to work right since I added the extension. I also feel like they should offer this service for free since there are other Ad blocking extensions offered for free like Ad Guard. Ever since they started selling this AdZero feature it now says that "other" ad blocking software/extensions are "slowing down" Google Chrome! There are some sites that I visit in which the free ad blockers would not prevent the ads from coming up, but this new AdZero program did! I would have to say that I am glad I have AdZero and if you need or want ads blocked and you don't mind paying for it then you should give it a try! #ADZERO #GOOGLE #GOOGLECHROME #EXTENSIONS
  • (2019-06-14) Edmund Klebe: I still get very very too man popups/
  • (2019-06-02) Bud Zarembka: Great, it is just wonderful. I love it, I don't know why I waited so long. I'm 78, I'm sure will slow my gray hair growth from all the aggravation from all the pop-ups. I will never be without again. Thanks
  • (2019-05-27) Marilyn: I love this extension. No more pesky ads! Highly recommend it.
  • (2019-05-20) don schoenradt: Adzero works fantastic for removing ads from Google Chrome. Just as an example when playing PCH without Adzero it takes over 6 hours to complete the games now it takes just a little over an hour impressive.No more annoying 90 second SK-II ads.
  • (2019-05-18) Richard A Engdahl: It works!
  • (2019-05-17) Melina Marketing: this has been so awesome no ads just straight to what i want for a change.
  • (2019-05-11) MrTee Tibbs: it was better than i thought its pretty good id say, I would recommend it to some one else.
  • (2019-05-08) Jim Bachmeier: I am still getting pop ups I am going to ask for a refund
  • (2019-05-06) Graceson Peace: i love it i hate ads thank you very much
  • (2019-05-02) John Gray: The ads are gone! I love it! Some websites get ridiculous with the number of ads and the length of their ads: no more with AdZero on the job!
  • (2019-04-25) Ed Verlanic: No more popups! I can actually enjoy my computer again.
  • (2019-04-22) Shane Brett: AD zero is the best thing out sins slice bread.
  • (2019-04-15) Karl Koenig: I find the adblocker as very positive software.
  • (2019-04-14) Lynn Windus: Works very good.. Some still get thru but very few!!


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