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Send and receive email with clear expectation

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Description from store We believe that happiness starts with being in control of your own time. How can we do anything we like if we are constantly interrupted, constantly robbed of precious minutes of our time by the barrage of incoming communications, starting with emails? Emails are today’s silent killer. Their increasing volume puts us under constant pressure, destroys our productivity, and even affects our health. Together, we can change this. That's why we have evolved the email protocol and created Timyo, the only email platform that respects our most precious resource: time. Timyo works with any email client or device you are using and lets you know at a glance if and when an email needs to be responded to and allows you to schedule when to deal with emails under your own terms. With Timyo you can stop wasting time with irrelevant emails and focus on what matters, when it matters. Timyo, Time Is My Own. --- Here's what you'll love about Timyo. * SEND EMAILS WITH CLEAR EXPECTATIONS * Your recipients will clearly know how and when your emails should be responded to. * WORK WHEN IT WORKS FOR YOU * Email shouldn’t be something we are always doing. Select only the emails that matter to you, assign a date and decide what to accomplish today, tomorrow and beyond. * BETTER TOGETHER * Invite people you work with and when you’ll receive an email, you won't even need to open it to know when and how to deal with it. Email after emails, enjoy more control of your own time. * FOCUS ON TODAY * Because Timyo helps you manage your timeline, the “Today” tab puts you back in control so that you can see exactly what matters today. * REMINDERS ON PENDING REPLIES * Because you send emails with clear expectations, Reply Tracker lets you know when a reply is pending or overdue. * NO COMPROMISE ON SECURITY * At Timyo, we take privacy and security very seriously. Your emails are never stored with us and all communications are transmitted with encryption protocols. ----------------------------- Release notes : ----------------------------- - Update 4.2.0 Bug fixes and improvements. ----------------------------- - Update 4.0 Today Inbox: When you schedule your emails with Timyo, you now can sort these emails with the "Today" inbox button. Compose experience: The "when" field popup has been reviewed so it's only 2 clicks to fulfill the key fields. Feedback signature: Embed survey to capture feedback on your emails sent with Timyo to know if your recipients like it. Enterprise Setting by domain name: Restore email asynchronicity by default in your team. - Update 3.6 Follow-up if no reply: the new tab "Waiting" allows you to display all your emails sent with a request for a response and remained without reply. - Update 3.5.2 Hot fix - Timyo menu button position - Update 3.5 Show Labels for “CC” messages: This setting will add a gray CC icon to your email, letting you know whether the message was sent directly to you, or whether you were simply copied on it. Notifications for "ASAP" email only: be interrupted in your work only when an email requests your immediate attention. - Update 3.4 Now you can unschedule email. New expectation header styles to better fit the context of your email. Enterprise Feature - Out of standard working hours, educate the sender of an email to respect the work-life balance of the recipient. Before opening a Timyo email, new icons indicate if you're in CC and what action is expected from you (no response necessary, reply expected, action expected). Improvement to display Timyo icons faster & bug fixing. - Update 3.3 Timyo Badges: Now, you can be aware of the number of unread emails in your today and later views. Change the Timyo expectation in one clic: While composing an email, you can select the Timyo header that best suits to your email . Settings of Actions and CC icons: Before opening an email, you know if you're in CC or not and what actions are expected from you. Gmail performance: For some users, Timyo extension could slow down the general Gmail or Chrome performance. We've fixed it. - Update 3.2.3 Hotfix: Timyo menu disappeared after a new Gmail release. - Update 3.2.2 Reducing the Google permissions to the most restrictive scope. Bug fixing on archive and delete actions. - Update 3.2.1 Bug fixing - occasional disabling of Timyo plugin. - Update 3.2.0 Now you can select Timyo expectation with "no date" associated. Accessibility for everyone: we have slightly modified our set of icons to make the solution accessible for colorblind people. Bug fixing: the extension could automatically be disabled or Timyo buttons were not displayed. Other bugs fixing. - Update 3.1.0 Compatibility with the new Gmail UI. Group mailing list support. - Update 3.0.1 Hotfix to prevent the extension to disable with no reason. - Update 3.0 Streamlined flat design: we introduce a single calendar icon instead of using two (replacing the sun and the cup). This approach offers a cleaner, more intuitive experience. A new ASAP icon is introduced so you know at a glance which emails require immediate attention. Removal of the "Done" button: use the standard "archive", "delete" or "move to" actions to clean out your inbox. - Update 2.8 : Tip of the day added to help you make the most out of Timyo. Streamlined use of the "When" field with tab navigation. Advanced "Settings" menu features added: > Enable/disable alert message if "When" field is empty. > Enable/disable an interactive Timyo signature to help explain Timyo to your recipients. - Update 2.7.1 : HTML fix of the Timyo expectation header - Update 2.7.0 : Bug fixes and performance improvements. - Update 2.6.0 : New "When" popup experience re-designed to make you comfortable adding expectations to any of your emails. We are also introducing new expectation header styles to best fit the context of your email. Also new: The Timyo “sun” icon will turn red alerting you when an email is overdue. - Update 2.5.4 : Stability improvements. - Update 2.5.3 : General performance and stability improvements. - Update 2.5.2 : New features: - Now displays an alert message if the "When" field is empty while sending an email - Easily contact us from the Timyo menu (Y button at the top right-hand corner) - Update 2.5.1 : General performance and stability improvements. - Update 2.5.0 : Timyo is now available in French language. General performance and stability improvements. - Update 2.4.2 : Fixes regarding compatibility with another plugins. Fix regarding recurrence appearance of on-boarding screens. Performance improvements. - Update 2.4.1 : UI fixes. - Update 2.4 : New features: - New compose experience: we've added the "when" field to let you indicate when you’re expecting the email to result in a Reply, a To-Do or Read only. - Customizable expectation message: choose the tone that best fits any situation, and use emojis to enlighten your mood. General performance and stability improvements. - Update 2.3.1 : UI fixes. - Update 2.3.0 : New Timyo menu button to invite teammates, access the support center and enable Timyo extension per account. Font color adaptation for users having a dark Gmail background theme. Performance improvements and bug fixes. - Update 2.2.0 : Add Timyo features for preview panes. Performance improvements. Bug fixes. - Update 2.1: Calendar pop-in to schedule emails when tapping on the “cup” icon. Multi-selection support. - Update 2.0.1: Minor fixes. - Update 2.0: Set expectations for CC, Top menu “today, later”, “sun” & “cup” icons to schedule emails, minor fixes. - Update 1.1.5: Fixes related to new Chrome version. - Update 1.1.4: UI fixes. - Update 1.1.2: Minor fixes. - Update 1.1: UI adjustments for compose screen.

Latest reviews

  • (2018-02-15) Christophe CARRON: Ne fonctionne plus sur Chrome depuis des mois... L'utilisation du service (si bon pourtant) devient inutile et conduit à passer à d'autres outils ... Dommage > j'adorais !
  • (2017-09-16) Semira Amiralai: It's a great idea but created chaos in my email. All other extension features were visually mangled up such that I had to resize my screen. Further, when I'd select a follow-up later date, the email would remain in the Inbox where it shouldn't - and there were no Inbox labels. So, despite my desire to keep it, I had to remove the chaos. Needs more work and I'd love to re-install it if it became more minimal and less intrusive.
  • (2017-05-30) Dzianis Sheka: App which adds time axis to email what makes priority and team collaboration more clear
  • (2017-04-18) Adam Shaw: needs tweaking but great concept
  • (2017-04-11) Marc Chatin: A game changer in email productivity...still need to work on making it cross platforms though...
  • (2017-03-15) hgg ohh: No support for exchange servers. Goes to Gmail.com by default but I don't use gmail.
  • (2017-02-01) Tony Rice: Doesn't work on the latest version of Chrome (55.0.2883.87) for Mac. No feedback, no options
  • (2016-12-15) muhammad salama: the "done" folder is a mess. i do not know how to use it. After iam done with certain email and click on the button "done" to archive it or just take it out from inbox, it does not appear in the done folder. It needs improvement.
  • (2016-05-01) Spa Alexis Massage & Bodywork: The Plug in does not work in Google on the PC for the folders, only when you create an e-mail then the Timyo app works.
  • (2016-03-11) Jan Marie The Mean Reds: This does not show up in Gmail....... I also hate being relegated to Google's stupid browser to be able to check my mail. Make this available for Safari! The default browser on iPhones AND Macs, and then I will support you full-force on my minimalist blog. Because I think you are the forerunner to replace my beloved Mailbox!
  • (2016-02-20) Thomas Danaher: Doesn't work. "Possibly corrupt" says chromebook. :'(
  • (2016-02-12) Thibaud Clément: Awesome complement to the app.

Latest issues

  • (2016-08-29, v:1.1) Matthew Sheppe: Chrome Extension
    It does not seem to work or do anything at all?
  • (2016-03-16, v:1.0.2) Stephen Gritton: I use INBOX by Google.
    Hello, I can't see the icon that you mentioned. Does Timyo work with Google's INBOX? (inbox.google.com) Thank you.
  • (2016-02-24, v:1.0.1) Peter Cullen: Timyo does not show up in my gmail
    When I compose an email, I do not see the Timyo icon [email protected] Peter
  • (2016-01-28, v:1.0.1) jaideep tribedi: not able to install chrome extention
    Hi I got the mail about timyo so I wanted it try it. However while trying to install it I get the message that this is invite only. The mail I assumed was the invite. If its not so can you tell me how to get the invite.


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