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Description from extension meta Convert text to speech.
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Description from store Reading has never been so much fun! Now read your text as a speech. It is as easy as never before, simple copy-paste your text and opt for the format of voice you want to listen. You can plump for the speed, volume and pitch for the text in accordance to your need. And all this, comes as a simple Chrome Extension!
Latest reviews (2019-10-31) MichaƂ Urbanek: Work fast. Sure I would like to faster copy paste and settings store, but still do what expected. (2019-10-24) bfhfji Fdhgffk: It asked for 30+ permissions, spyware sign there. (2019-09-05) Syrian Soaper: I really like it, I am using it to have it read my textbook online while i read along with the hard copy and its great Love the voice tho so it beat 2 other extensions I tried. But is there a way to keep it open even when i click somewhere else (2019-07-10) Daniel Askey: Good controls, more pauses than I would like but better than some others. No context menu support or one-click to speak highlighted text (must cut and paste to window) Defaults back to male voice, it should store your preferences. (2019-05-09) Rafael Ferreira: In my browser the voice hangs after the dots (2018-07-16) ??: didn't work (2017-03-12) ichimitch sound design: The voice sounds great for a browser extension however... Rather than reading selected text from a web page this extension requires you to copy and paste the text into a box. It also doesn't save your pitch and speed settings which return to default every time. (2017-03-11) Chantal Donnan: Big fan of text to speech for work I do on the computer and always used a website prior to this; I no longer have to. Added the extension a few days ago, tried for the first time today while I needed to get some paperwork sorted but had also pulled up the news to read on my laptop. Instead of having to look up at the screen to read my news stories, I simply copied the article and pasted in the convenient box that shows up when I click on the Speech button at the top of the Chrome browser. Beside the box is a play and pause and 2 other (i forget what they were) buttons and the choice to hear male/female and then 3 slider bars one which I think changes the pitch or tone that the person has then one for volume and one for speed. I chose the male and then pressed play. It started reading my article word for word very well but a little slow. I slid the speed slider bar forward but it didn't speed up immediately but thought maybe I had to stop it and then slide the bar then press play, which I did. The pause button worked. Slid the bar forward. Pressed play, it resumed right where I left off without a delay or anything and to my surprise, sped up his reading and so I was able to listen to the news article while I was also able to do filing with my paperwork! Brilliant! So far, absolutely no complaints, quite impressed and I must say, I was skeptical and not sure if it would be a true TTS with no issues like delays or mispronounced words or that it might slow my computer or browsing etc, nope - it is glitch free and I will edit my review if I find any issues in the future. Thanks Speech :) 5/5 from me. ~Chantal (Edmonton, AB, Canada) (2017-03-03) LBT123: this app is really good. im not that good at spelling so or reading and this helps me alot but there are some minor things like random puases and stuff like taht why my spelling isent good im only 13 with deslixlia i dont know how to spell it but i think you know waht i mean. TC17. (2016-12-26) Gerry Lawson: Really liked it. The inflections and stress of the English male and female voices are really good, although the US male sounded just like the UK version. A plea - could you possibly add some regional versions of English (e.g. Scottish). The UK male you have sounds like he was speaking on the BBC in the 1930s! He is fun but not a good model for students. (2016-10-01) om ji: really such a nice app ... try atleast once ..good job..keep it up :) (2016-09-30) Suraj Gupta: good:-) (2016-09-30) Sonia Gupta: Excellent app..i really like it.i have even started using it and found very useful. (2016-09-29) Mayoori Nautiyal: Really useful! Can do my work while simultaneously it would read the article/text for me. I was looking for an app like this for a long time. Good job! (2016-09-29) Tarun Ahuja: Well made app !

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