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Description from extension meta * No longer need to type annoying captcha to log in at mitbbs. * Flag or block fake posts. * Markdown support.
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Description from store * No longer need to type annoying captcha to log in at mitbbs. * No longer need to type annoying captcha to reply a post in at mitbbs.(Experimental, works in boards only, not clubs) * Flag or block fake posts. * Markdown support. Github: https://github.com/ccsiyu/Mitbbs-Tools Version 2.3 10/14/19 - UI tweak. - Removed markdown for now. - Fixed an issue where no-captcha-reply wasn't working in chrome. Version 7/2/19 - Fixed a bug that experimental feature Markdown support is enabled at the installation even though the option is disabled by default. Version 7/1/19 - Fixed a bug for desktop version that requires toggle before blocking feature takes effect. - Fixed a bug for desktop version that blocking feature failed after replying a post. Ver - Fixed misplaced login button position. - Set block bots as default, disabled markdown as default. Ver - Fixed a login issue at desktop site Ver - Bug Fix Ver 2.2.5 - Now using "Block Bots" option will block their replies in other threads too. - Chrome 72 no longer breaks this plugin. Ver - Bug fix. Ver 2.2.4 9/6/18 - Fixed a bug that broke bot flag/block functionality. - For today (9/6/18) only: If this isn't working, run localStorage.clear() in browser console (F12 -> console) once, then it will be fixed. Ver 2.2.3 9/6/18 - Fixed a bug that bot ids might not be loaded - Changed Bot DB design - Removed Markdown tables support Ver 2.2.2 9/5/18 - Fixed a bug that image-link fixer wasn't working when markdown support was turned off - Markdown tables support Ver 2.2.1 8/30/18 - Fixed a bug that no-captcha reply button wasn't showing up in threads. - Removed unnecessary tabs privilege. Ver 2.2.0 8/30/18 -Added no-captcha reply function -Consolidated FF and Chrome branches into a single one Ver 2.0.0 August 23, 2018 -Fixed a bug of mitbbs that picture attachment wouldn't show up if you connect through https and are not logged in yet. Ver 1.9.4 June 12, 2018 -Markdown emoji support. Version 1.9.3 June 11, 2018 -Added markdown processor into plugin -Added custom stylesheet for markdown -Fixed a bug that hyper link was disabled. -Fixed a bug that was causing irregular typesetting. -Fixed a bug that embedded Youtube video was disabled. -Re-organized project structure. -Matched Firefox version's functionalities Version 1.8.2 May 23, 2018 -Redirects to https page after login (thanks to [email protected]) Version 1.8.0 Feb 12, 2018 -Separated bot_list from app -bot_list is updated automatically once a day Version 1.7.5 Feb 10, 2018 -Updated bot_list, removed false positive -Changed flag color to be less intrusive Version 1.7.4 Feb 7, 2018 -Fixed a bug that bot filter is not working sometimes Version 1.7.3 Feb 7, 2018 -Expanded bot_list by 109% -Now initial setting of flagging_bot_post is set to true Version 1.7.2 Feb 7, 2018 -Fixed a bug that bot filter is not working sometimes -Updated bot_list Version 1.7 Feb 6, 2018 -Chrome desktop edition added Bot filtering and blocking -Thanks to @CCOMddz for his bot_list Version 1.6.1: -Firefox mobile version now redirects to home hub page after login Version 1.6: -Added support to mobile site -Firefox version supports Firefox Mobile on Android (Tested) and possibly iOS(Don't have the device to test but it should work) -Bug fix
Latest reviews (2018-10-05) coba (2018-05-31) Corey S: Love it. Wish this can be integrated into chenio's Mitbbs app. (2018-01-25) Jason Z: Works well, hope the author will keep up with updates if the website changes.

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