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Description from extension meta Bookmarks your favorite links to Delicious.com, with a quick access, user-friendly interface.
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Description from store *** UPDATED TO THE NEWEST DELICIOUS CHANGES *** This is a light-weight extension which allows you to bookmark your favorite sites on Delicious with an easy to use interface. * Provides Delicious Bookmarklet functionality as a Chrome extension * Latest Delicious Bookmarks interface at your hand, anytime! * The icon works like a button. - One-Click open for Save Dialog Box. * Works in all platforms - Windows / Mac / Linux * Simplest and coolest del.ici.ous plugin so far. * NO drop-downs. NO extra clicks. Features / Improvements in the NEW VERSION 3.1! * Updated to latest delicious version 6 API * Most recent Delicious user interface, always at your hand. * Auto closes window after saving the bookmark * Perfect window size located at a centered position for easier handling * Captures the full URL with the URL portion after symbols like '#', "!" Note: You can configure keyboard shortcut for this extension by going to the page chrome://extensions/ and clicking on "Configure Commands". This is available in latest Chrome/Chromium versions. Note: You need to close any not-saved pop-up pages before adding another bookmark. Let me know what you think of the new updates in the comments section to make this further better. Created by Kasun Gajasinghe Looks good? Follow me on, (t): http://twitter.com/kasunbg (b): http://blog.kasunbg.org Enjoy!
Latest reviews (2019-04-04) Julien Tremblay Mclellan: I prefer https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/delicious-bookmark-bar-sy/agabedjjbijfpccchcmpfpcdfnlpjkoj (2018-07-16) Obrayan MS: No funciona (2017-07-13) Ricardo Castro: Após inserir seu usuário e senha do Delicious, você ganha de presente uma mensagem dizendo que não funciona mais: "Sorry, it's no longer possible to save bookmarks on Delicious. The site has been bought by Pinboard and is running in read-only mode." (2017-04-30) Kasun Gajasinghe: The extension is now updated to work with latest Delicious API!! 👍👍👍 One thing to note - if you have third party cookies blocked, then the delicious login will not work. This is because now the extension get embedded into the webpage you are bookmarking! See this on how to enable login cookies - https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647 (2017-03-29) Abandonned extension. Not updated for a large amont of time. L'extension est morte, car il faudrait la mettre à jour, mais elle semble elle aussi abandonnée. Par contre, Delicious existe toujours (quoique ce ne soit vraiment plus comme avant!) Seule Delicious Bookmark Sync me motive encore à rester chez Delicious. (2017-02-11) Долгое время не работает. (2017-02-09) Lila Pagola: No funciona, la url está desactualizada. (2017-01-20) Harry Lennard: Sends you to a 404 (2017-01-07) Ivo Pavlik: Doesn't work anymore... (2017-01-01) Jason Morrow: No longer works. Seems to be pointing to the wrong domain. (2016-12-31) Revenge Renevol: It used to work very well but nowadays no anymore. I use a new pluggin for Delicious now. I also have another bookmark pluggin "Listango" is great too, that allows me to classify in different websites. (2016-12-05) Chris R: Lots of debug code still left in this released product. As a developer, I would be ashamed to have a buggy product like this against my name. They are JavaScript bugs and should be easy enough to fix!!! (2016-06-01) Mark Dilley: I like Delicious, this plugin usually works for me, but sometimes it does not. I wonder how connected the plugin is to the website. If website unstable, plugin unstable? Been considering jumping ship to Pinboard.in (2016-05-01) Jex Thomas: Did not work. (2016-04-14) Juliana Morais: Não está funcionando. (2016-03-23) José Eronildo Cavalheiro de Vasconcelos: Adiciona bookmarks mas não identifica as que já existem (2016-03-15) Brian Hann: Broken; cannot save bookmarks as of 2016-3-15 (2016-03-13) Alex Agranovsky: No longer works as of 03/2016 (2016-02-19) Robert Brown III: I have several delicious bookmarks already defined, and this extension apparently does not get them. All it does is try to add bookmarks on whatever page I happen to be on. There is apparently no way to get to already defined bookmarks. That makes this extension completely useless to me... (2014-09-12) Oodlooreak Temela: very interesting, tons of ideas for kids (2014-08-14) Nathan Lane: I find the program really buggy. Often I get indefinite "loading" text on the screen and end up just Evernoting links, or book marking them. Hence, it means you end up using Delicious less, if at all. If you're trying to stay organized, this is going to monkey wrench you. (2014-06-27) Christopher Learey: Always has worked well for me and still does! (2014-01-23) Meg B: Used to love it, now it doesn't work anymore. Why?? (2014-01-04) Sean Filidis: Easy to add bookmarks, but not browse preexisting ones. (2013-12-16) Tai Travis: Does not work anymore..
Latest issues (2017-04-04, v:3.1) Joanne Butcher: Bookmarklet doesn't work
I have had this problem for a while now...
(2016-12-27, v:3.1) Rick D: Not working...
the Bookmark button just says "site cannot be reached" www.delicious.com’s server DNS address could not be found. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Are you going to fix this ?
(2016-12-26, v:3.1) fleur willemijn: does not work anymore
hi, could you please check the url as it looks like deliciious changed this. other bookmark tool experience the same problem thanks in advance for fixing :)
(2016-04-14, v:3.1) Damiano Povoleri: problem with uploading link
I can't save a bookmark :) There's some error.
(2016-03-18, v:3.1) Raja Nagendra Kumar: It is not working any more..
It says server error
(2016-03-17, v:3.1) Gerard Encabo: No longer working
It's been around five days without proper function. Maybe Delicious, with his web restyling, change the API and this extension need an update?
(2016-03-16, v:3.1) John Threadgill: URL & Title fields are disabled and not populating
Been like this for quite a few days now. Must be such an easy fix .. why hasn't it been? :-o
(2016-03-13, v:3.1) Dawn Mercurio: its not auto-adding the url
and then not letting me add it. I hope this product is going to be maintained.
(2016-03-11, v:3.1) Daniel Owen: No url, no title, no use.
Problem started recently. What gives?
(2016-03-11, v:3.1) Penny Fink: Still broken
No url, no title, no use. However, the "Delicious Tools" extension supported by Bill Keller, IS working. I just don't like it as much as this one.

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