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Gmail Attachment Manager

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With this, you can list all the attachments in your Gmail, and download them in a batch, or add them into your latest DRAFT.

Description from store A Bug Fixed: Last version would stop at a robots.txt page when trying to acquire authentication, which led to great inconvenience for many users, and I feel terribly sorry for my sooooooo late notice!! ============================================== With this extension, you are able to manage all the attachments(files) scattered in your gmail. You can have a list of all your attachments in all messages(as well as images inserted into the body of these messages), and pick any of them to download in a batch, or add them together into your latest draft, avoiding your complicated searching and other operating when the files you want to add are already in your past messages(both those you sent and those you received). To offer more convenience, we made it possible for you to sort the file list according to different keywords. Welcome to install and discover other convenience we offered. To start using, 1.Login in your Gmail first, then click the icon on the right of your the address bar; 2.Accept our request as mentioned on the page poped up, the authorizing page would close itself after the success of the authorizing; 3.Click the icon again, and operate on the interface of this extension; 4.Click somewhere out of the interface of this extension to hide its interface. When you need to operate again, just click the icon again. ------------- 操作说明: 1.登录gmail后,地址栏显示该扩展图标; 2.点击图标,在弹出页中选择“接受”; 3.点击图标,即可在弹出框中进行上述相应操作; 4.随便在网页内、界面外的地方点一下即可隐藏该扩展的界面,要再次呼出只需点击地址栏有段图标。 ------------- v1.12.1 修复Bug:随着Chrome的更新,曾经导致上一版本的插件在获得授权时停留在robots.txt页面,无法正常使用,现已修复。 v1.12 1.修复Bug:获取的附件列表有可能不完整(开发者称,现在要是还会出现这个bug,他就把电脑嚼了); 2.加快了插入附件到草稿中的过程; 3.简化了授权过程,并且若在一次会话中途出现401错误,会自动更新授权令牌。 v1.11 1.Bug修复:点击本地搜索按钮后,会弹出一个alert; v1.10 1.结果列表现在可以选择每页显示5/10/15条结果; 2.获取附件列表时,可以通过搜索框输入过滤条件(语法同gmail内置搜索语法,见该扩展的帮助页面),缩小搜索范围,提高效率; 3.加入繁体中文支持; 4.Bug修复:列表中的全选框点击后会进行一次奇怪的排序; 5.实现请求失败则重发(采用二进制截断指数退避算法),应对403/429/502错误; 6.Bug修复:附件列表请求有时不完整; 7.Bug修复:下载请求有时无法正常发起。 v1.9 1.加入国际化支持,根据浏览器默认语言,在助手界面中显示相应语言(说白了就是加了个英文版)。 v1.8 1.大幅缩短了获取附件列表的时间; 2.大幅缩短了载入时间。 v1.7 1.修复了bug:文本文件的内容会被插入邮件正文。 v1.6 1.增加了该扩展的简称GmailAssist; 2.把插入草稿的操作改成了同步,避免可能的错误。 v1.5 1.增加了过滤条件“将正文中图片也视为附件”,用户若勾选之,则附件列表中会包含邮件正文中插入的图片; 2.增加了按钮“在结果中搜索”,当已经获取过列表后,可以在搜索框中输入搜索条件,点此按钮直接在之前获取的结果中进行搜索。 v1.4 1.现在下载不再弹框询问保存地址,而是直接下载到浏览器默认下载目录; 2.草稿箱为空时,会给出请用户创建草稿的提示。 v1.3 1.修复了bug:邮件数量过大时不能正常获取附件列表。 v1.2 1.界面进一步美化,对用户友好; 2.支持按输入条件过滤附件列表,即支持了按条件搜索附件。 v1.1 1.更新了manifest中的插件说明; 2.更新了插件相关的图标。 v1.0 1.可获取当前登录的gmail邮箱中全部附件的附件名、所在邮件等信息; 2.对获取到的附件,可以勾选并批量下载; 3.创建新草稿后,可以在附件列表中勾选并批量添加附件至新草稿; 4.获取到的附件列表,支持按各项信息排序(按时间和附件大小排序,可以正常工作;其他的含中文的暂时不能很好地支持,未来将改进); 5.支持分页显示附件列表。

Latest reviews

  • (2017-09-14) Robin Krieglstein: Doesn't work. Just displays a screen full of random data.
  • (2017-06-03) Felipe Veiga: Doesn't work! Don't waste your time with it
  • (2017-05-17) Psyhoszi: I'm using my account to give access to gmail, redirects to blank page named "OAuth 2.0 Finish Page" and nothing happens.
  • (2017-01-03) S V: Tried it on an email with 400+ attachments. the email was clipped so had to open in a new window. Tried this addon and after giving permissions, all it does is display garbled message. Doesnt Work. waste of time
  • (2014-12-17) Yingjie Yao: 挺不错的。继续努力。
  • (2014-12-16) Frank: Greeeeeat UI with amazing search speed. Professionals' choice.
  • (2014-12-16) Terrant Walter: 在邮件数过多时较为缓慢,除了这个其他都很好了!赞一个……
  • (2014-12-16) mengxuan shao: 很不错,对于gmail邮箱附件的操作方便多了,很有用的一款插件,大力支持。
  • (2014-12-16) Weiqiang Mu: Amazing! dude, this is awesome.........
  • (2014-12-16) 陶文: 页面简洁大方,操作方便,我非常需要这个软件,赞一个!
  • (2014-12-16) 李李硕: 非常酷的软件。再也不用担心中不到附件了。
  • (2014-12-16) 梁韩: 碰到你之前我只是一个无知蒙昧的小孩,所有的事情都一团糟、毫无章法,自从你悄悄的走入我的世界之后,天空都变得明亮了,井井有条,稳稳当当,我的未来从此改变。这就是一个软件改变一生的故事!
  • (2014-12-16) 世隆胡: 页面简单明了,操作方便快捷,赞一个!
  • (2014-12-16) 聂帅: 太特么好用了!简直牛逼!实力程序员制造!必属精品!
  • (2014-12-16) 张若暘: 非常好!处理gmail邮箱简直方便啊!
  • (2014-12-16) 野田: 真他妈的好用,没见过比这个更高,更快,更强的了
  • (2014-12-16) 程思聪: 非常好用啊,便捷实用,速度也很快!
  • (2014-12-16) cheng daiguang: 界面看起來挺舒服的!
  • (2014-12-16) 付兴: 操作简单,功能很实用,真棒!
  • (2014-12-16) 鄭羽翔: 界面很友好,但信件很多時,似乎有點問題,希望可以進一步改進。

Latest issues

  • (2019-11-11, v:1.12.1) Fred Calm: Google blocks Gmail attachment manager extension
    Installed it but can't sign in. I get thedsmr error message noted in several reviews: "Functionality Login with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not yet been verified by Google and therefore cannot use the Login with Google function." (How did it make it into the Chrome store if it wasn't verified. Maybe this store isn't like Apple's App store, which is more careful about what it lets in.) Any suggestions? __ Fred
  • (2019-09-10, v:1.12.1) Riccardo Altavilla: App not verified by google
    Dear, I tried to download this extension, install it, but when you proceed with the authentication the error message appears: "Functionality Login with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not yet been verified by Google and therefore cannot use the Login with Google function. " Can it be solved? Thank you
  • (2018-08-17, v:1.12.1) John Powell: Doesn't work
    Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not yet been verified by Google in order to use Google Sign in.
  • (2016-12-24, v:1.12) Catherine D'Ignazio: I can't get it to start.
    I have multiple Google accounts. It asks me to choose one but then it takes me to a robots.txt file and the process stops and I can't use the extension. Pls help - thx.
  • (2016-07-21, v:1.12) 无法正常运行,每次点图标都是请求授权
    如题。。。版本 51.0.2704.103 m
  • (2014-12-16, v:1.3) 鄭羽翔: 建議支持語言切換


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