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GIF Blocker

Description from extension meta If you distracted about gifs, blocked them with this extension.
Image from store GIF Blocker
Description from store Release notes ============= 0.0.4 ----- block only visible gifs
Latest reviews (2019-06-20) Elliander Eldridge: Doesn't work. Used to block distracting animated ads from animating, but all it did was block me from being able to click to tell google to stop seeing the ad. (2019-05-02) Desvita Maharani: Hello, You dont make it for fox, i will waiting that (2019-03-29) Muhammad Hariansyah: No bad, but some ads still gif. Can you make the extension white list and black list website (2019-01-21) Siva Thiyagarajan: It seemed to work when installed, now a week later gif attachments in gmail were still annoyingly animated - all the static - non-animated gmail icons like 'print', 'new window' were all blocked out as "GIF". simple testing by the developer didnt catch it ?? (2018-05-19) Merky Audio: Nem működik kalapszar. (2018-05-03) Андрей. И: Фуфло ни чего не блочит ! (2018-03-24) Neviut: Искал блок для гифок с тамблера, работает там, но если воспроизвести, то снова на блок не поставить, вот чуть не дотянуло до идеального блокера (2017-12-07) Alice Silver: Не работает вообще, ничего не блокирует, словно его нет. (2016-07-03) Ian Conn: It blocks the thumbnails on youtube as well, you dummies! (2016-04-24) Юрий Громыло: Замечательно все работает , кому нужно чтобы блокировали flesh банеры есть другие расширения (2016-04-03) TrophyJoe: Wake up Google! There are two navigation buttons in GMAIL that are GIF's. Gmail is G[oogle] mail, Right? Really dumb. You've known about this for over 16 months. Please fix it or pull it. Oh yeah, I've uninstalled it. (2016-02-23) Блокирует всё что угодно, но только не gif. (2016-01-28) Jesiel Ternero: It does not have a button to control the on/off. (2015-09-27) this extension DOES NOT BLOCK the gif images, instead it lets them load and then stops them from DISPLAYING. (2015-08-07) Tamas Biro: Nem működik, not working. (2015-07-18) Blocks all gifs, disabling many websites I use. (2015-05-22) Mike Ricchino: This extension does block GIFs, but it also blocks nearly every other image element on pages. (2015-03-27) Dadan Hamdani: BUt don't stop downloading gif file. just hiding it (2015-03-12) Ivan Bondarets: Doesn't work at all (chrome 41, windows 8) (2015-01-11) shuncheung Mok: 用不到,廢物 (2015-01-06) Tomek Wilczyński: Równie przydatne co i bardzo kłopotliwe w wielu sytuacjach. Przydałaby się jakaś minimalna możliwość konfiguracji, albo przynajmniej opcja czasowego wyłączenia blokowania na przeglądanej akurat stronie. (2014-11-17) José Carlos Percho: Demasiado simple. Deja poco control al usuario. Debería permitir deshabilitar la extensión para determinados sitios web y recordar la elección. También debería permitir volver a bloquear cualquier GIF en Cualquier momento y recordar el estado. Debería manejar listas blancas (creadas por el usuario) y listas negras (por suscripción). Si se quiere ver comportamiento óptimo, ver AdBlock Plus (2014-11-14) Blocks all gifs, not just animated ones. (2014-11-14) Pat O'Brien: Would be great to provide a white list of websites that this plugin would allow GIFs on. Also if GIFs are used for links, it disables that link. (2014-11-13) Tulio Leão: Needs to block only animated gifs, many websites get broken by its lack of distinction

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