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The new and improved saltybet+ experience

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Description from store Extension for www.saltybet.com designed for illuminati primarily, but works for regular users, adds features to front page, to reduce needing new tabs and refreshing the page. The plugin current adds: Player Bet Highlighting. (Accurate) Front-Page Stats. Character Logs for player buffs/nerfs. Auto-Updating Leaderboard Ranks. Notifications for bet results. Hovering over bettors names gives you their current money and estimated payout +- 1 dollar Betting buttons with support for flat and percentage values Changelog-- v5.1.1: - Updated stream to re-enable fullscreen, hide play on twitch, currently playing and LIVE overlay v5.1.0: - Updated embed stream to HTML5 v5.0.24: - #PrayForNotifications v5.0.23: - Yet another another fix for these notifications v5.0.22: - Yet another notification fix attempt - Notifications have a ~40 second timer to sync up with betting time v5.0.21: - More notification fixes probably v5.0.20: - More notification fixes v5.0.19: - Fixed case sensitive regex v5.0.18: - Notifications use regex now. v5.0.17: - Fixed notifications. v5.0.16: - Initial Tournament Stats Added. v5.0.15: - Checks for number of spans in payouts to make sure its not just odds v5.0.14: - Checks for $ in payouts to make sure its not just odds v5.0.13: - Added Personal stats to top bar, click to reset tracking period v5.0.12: - Fixed illuminati stats v5.0.11: - Added a neutral colour option to make all names readable in betlist, regardless of custom colour v5.0.10: - payouts / bets scale to fit inside div - added commas to bets and payouts - added + to payouts v5.0.9: - Hover over names to see payouts v5.0.8: - Fixed resizing breaking the layout - Added a button to disable custom betlist colours v5.0.7: - Bet buttons are too strong - Tournament brackets should auto update v5.0.6: - Fixed buttons thinking they are bet buttons (maybe) v5.0.5: - Fixed buttons being disabled on pages other than main v5.0.4: - Fixed bug with sitewide buttons being disabled maybe v5.0.3: - Added X in bracket for matches that haven't happened yet v5.0.2: - Buttons at bottom of page are now taken from first 10 custom buttons v5.0.1: - Percent button fix v5.0.0: - Remade and updated to work with the current site v4.0.3: - Fixed bug causing notifies to not work for anything but names v4.0.2: - Fixed odds / total bets sometimes not displaying - Compendium now joins duplicate entries into 1 ie Suika - life - 3000 - 3000000 - kdt - jan 26th - instead of 150 entries of life its now one v4.0.1: - Fixed white on white text v4.0.0: - New notification system, alerts you to current matches even when you have sb closed and / or chrome minimised. - Notifications are found at chrome-extension://kecciaioaghjcldgoonciaahfedkoafc/src/options_custom/index.html - this is found at chrome://extensions then find saltybet+ and click on options if you don't trust that link - Notifications filterable to mode, tier, author or character - New browser action lets you bet even when saltybet isn't open - Too use all the new features you still have to sign in once per chrome opening v3.0.6: - Fixed chat and betlist going off screen v3.0.5: - Odd / Even betlist readded - Partial implementation of new tourney bracket screen v3.0.4: - Realtime odds displayed in bet list (temporary until I think of a better place) v3.0.3: - Betlist scrolling keeps names at the top - Betlist always black - Viewer count / Chatter count at bottom right. - Removed lightbulb from top-right v3.0.2: - Salty attempted to block the extension by disabling the signin button when its loaded, so I just crash the extension on the sign-in page v3.0.1: - Fixed glitchly bet window - hover to see balance and payouts (very unpretty atm) v3.0: - Being recoded from scratch - No one wants light theme - Colourblind mode is enabled, toggle soonTM v2.5.4: - Fixed bug involving shaker activation button being replaced by queue number v2.5.3: - Bug caused incorrect file to be uploaded making 2.5.2 more like v2.5.2: - Match queue fixes now doesn't affect currently activated matches - Now correctly goes odd / even / odd / even - Now renumbers them to be numbered as if non-illuminati didn't exist v2.5.1: - Fixed your name not appearing in match queue. - Betstatus now says match requester v2.5.0: - Hides non illuminati from shakers v2.4.9: - bugfix v2.4.8: - Matches until gamechange now displays instead of bets now open v2.4.7: - If you are illuminati you can see current bet totals v2.4.6: - Works in IFRAMES v2.4.5: - Fixed bug with salty changing format of nav-bar slightly v2.4.4: - Fixed bug with small screen - version number in top right will go red, if an update is available v2.4.3: Win / Loss status bar changed background coloured instead of foreground v2.4.2: Brackets updated: - Hover over a character to highlight all there matches in the tournament - W / L is now Blue / Red - A crown and goldtext for final winner - auto updates the bracket in realtime v2.4.1: Major aesthetic and usability improvements to the brackets page v2.4.0: Announcements / menu bar updates v2.3.5: KIWICHAT instead of quakenets ass webchat Kappa b v2.3.4: IRC chat for + v2.3.2: Fixed bug involving buttons that had never been disabled not being accounted for screen size v2.3.2: fullscreen mode fix for font sizes. v2.3.1: p1name / p2name resizes to fit available space (wagers too) v2.3.0: Fixed buttons being pushed off screen, I'd still recommend hovers/zooming out if you are on a small screen + settings bugfix. v2.2.8 - v2.2.10: bugfix v2.2.7: www.saltybet.com/settings now lets you change settings without the apparently glitchy pop-up v2.2.6: Hovers are now over betcards instead of bet button Minimised code to decrease loadtimes v2.2.5: Improved some of the new css on site Improved loadtime. v2.2.3: Contextual tool-tips for new stats v2.2.1: Stats added v2.1.11: SB+ logo links to front page v2.1.10: Fixes for salty removing the salt-tee image v2.1.9: Fixed themes not working v2.1.8: Themes system added: - Black - White - Black (Colourblind) - White (Colourblind) Toggling bet buttons moved to options menu v2.1.7: Additional styling Real-time stats page works again v2.1.6: Forum codes now load remotely so they can be updated at will without users needing to update v2.1.5: More css for the rest of the site v2.1.4: sb+ now goes over the enitre site. forums now have codes added: :br: = newline :kappa: = greyface no space v2.1.3: Loads betlist even if server crashes but without custom icons v2.1.2: Images now use a json objkect to determine existance, reduces requests by 95% so server will crash ALOT LESS. A json dependancy added so if server goes down betlist won't load now, this will probably happen until everyone updates v2.1.1: server js dependencies removed, highload will nolonger crash the extension v2.1.0: Avatars added! v2.0.13: Slider is e^x exponential now fixed occasionally get +$1 / 10x money displayed, Leaderbord rank updates same way as balance does now. v2.0.12: Fixed a logic causing bets to not go through occasionally Balance now updates in a ticker fashion, See the salt roll in! v2.0.11: Fixed Button Percents not working due to commas v2.0.10: Balance now has commas 1234567 -> 1,234,567 Hiding chat now fills all available space v2.0.9: Compendium log back and less laggy then ever! Sprites now show above stats incase stream is lagging, note this are being uploaded after this update so you may notice them on only some characters i.e. rare akuma v2.0.8: Options now click instead of hover, Blue buttons disappearing appear elsewhere fixed Fullscreen fixed v2.0.7: New Options style, Status bar now fixed, Remembers state of button hiding v2.0.6: Odds not showing when you don't bet fixed v2.0.5: Major bugs fixed 100% As far as I know v2.0.4: Major bugs caused by me needing to use jQuery 1.9.1, around 90% of the main page had to be recoded to prevent errors. v2.0.3: Lastbet / Odds visible in non-fullscreeen, Options draggable and start at the right Buttons now go top left to bottom right. Balance is force updated at the beginning of every betting round Button value inputs are filled in the options with current values on startup. v2.0.2: Bugfixes, Hover over gives exact bet amount and estimated gain, BET! button greys out when betting round ends v2.0.1: Much better colours, Wager input now auto hides again! v2.0.0: Every event is now based on state.json Bettor list now moves highlighted bettors to top of list background is now coloured odd/even : light/dark Bettor format is now: "i n - $w (p% / $b)" i = rank image, n = name, w = wager, p = percent, b = salt balance Button shortcuts removed temporarily Wagerbox / odds hiding removed temporarily v1.2.7: Uses polling to determine state rather than parsing status div, show be considerably faster, stats should appear 100% of the time and it should work on firefox also. v1.2.6c: Fixed blue % buttons showing up as $ and abbreviated v1.2.6b: Additional buttons in hover box, fixed potato tee breaking topbar, you can now colour buttons. v1.2.6a: Fixed 100% showing up as 0.1k %, Version now shows in options menu, Button can be additive, $+55 will add $55 to current value, $-5% will take 5% of your balance away from current wager. v1.2.6: Hover buttons for people with small screens added, enable them in options then hover over BET! to see the buttons. note: click on p1/p2name to hide regular buttons v1.2.5: Bug-fix: Blue bet buttons bet 1-9 v1.2.4: Considerably improved betting buttons v1.2.3: point percents now avaliable v1.2.2: Bet amounts show in fullscreen mode v1.2.1: Bet confirmation much more visible. v1.2.0: An Actual options screen added (yes its ugly), Panoramic mode makes the stream ~10% larger, Instead of infinity tell you who you are betting on, there is a gold-border, Wager input hides during fights, odds and payout hide during betting. v1.1.33: Trying to fix a white stream glitch v1.1.32: Goes to the new twitch player so its in sync with the bets v1.1.31: more bet buttons fixes v1.1.30: Fixed bet bug causing them to default to percentages v1.1.29: Exponential slider (x^3/10000 slider instead of x) v1.1.28: Fixed extension freezing at start of bet round v1.1.27: Clicking a player1/2s name hides the betting buttons v1.1.23-26: I AM NOT A SMART MAN v1.1.22: blue buttons betted on red player fixed v1.1.21: Added betting buttons: - left click: inserts button amount into wager and bets. - middle click: sets button value to current wager input value - right click: toggle between flat value and percentage value v1.1.20: Glitch caused character log to be a match behind, fixed but unfortunately site pauses for a second during betting round because of it. v1.1.19: Fixed character log. v1.1.18: Bet highlights are now saved between sessions. v1.1.17: Added Chat: +, twitch chat with source set to a channel I set up for you to talk in, request features and report bugs that require immediate attention. v1.1.16: Stream volume now defaults to previous volume it was set to rather than 10%. v1.1.15: Fixed a leak causing FPS issues on betting round. v1.1.14: New scrollbar that fits with the custom theme better and auto hides when it doesn't need to scroll, primarily during betting round when stats are shown. v1.1.13: Fix some bugs caused by the function update cycles order. v1.1.12: Removed welcome message as it was occasionally being loaded prior to the theme/layout code causing a bug that made it last forever and be unremovable. v1.1.11: Notifications can be toggled with P in top-right Fixed Bettor details getting stuck over stat screen Fixed wrong logo loading when initial colour is black v1.1.10: Error Notification if realtime stat request fails. Notifications now close after 2.5seconds and go into a div behind the chat until clicked, hide chat to see it. v1.1.9: Now remembers colour scheme. Between refreshes, takes a second to kick in though. v1.1.8: Added alternate black colour scheme. Toggled by clicking SB+ in the topleft corner. v1.1.7: Now 'works' with illuminati, stats and bet notifications are unavaliable, due to that information being illuminati only v1.1.6: More robust notification system v1.1.5: Hovering over names now gives exact money. v1.1.4: Changed announcement colours. Fixed incorrect stat formatting v1.1.3: Better performance. Fix bet highlighting sometimes not working. v1.1.2: Issues with chrome store not auto-updating it, also improved announcements slightly. v1.1.1: Added announcements v1.1.0: Added a notification system currently used for errors, alerts and a last bet results (you know when you leave the pc for 3 minutes and you come back and have no idea how you got $50,000 suddenly). v1.0.11: Fixed odds when not betting being formatted incorrectly. Fixed odds of bets with > 1,000,000 being parsed incorrectly (1,234,567 was being read as 1,234) v1.0.10: Real-time should now update even if they are very delayed, and Real-time kappa should no longer freeze the stats. v1.0.9: Hovering over bettors name gives an estimate of their salty bucks and payout. Odds now display even if you don't bet. v1.0.8: Fixed minor bug with bet highlighting, slightly smarter logic so it now only displays character info AFTER it gets it, so it doesn't display previous characters for ~3 seconds, Returned to character stats, Red/Blue Bettors aswell, instead of just a total v1.0.7: Bet highlighting added, click on betters names to highlight then click again to remove the highlight v1.0.6: Smarter/faster way of detecting page updates, should be slightly less laggy in terms of fps now. v1.0.5: HOTFIX: fixed broken stats, due to maintenance. v1.0.4: Gets matches and winrate from character stats instead of realtime, this updates immediately unlike the realtime stats which sometime shows very different (and perhaps wrong) data. v1.0.3: Added button to hide chat and betters v1.0.2: Fixed stats page bug v1.0.1: Added Log for characters below stats v1.0.0: Uploaded

Latest reviews

  • (2019-12-14) Nicolas Patouis: not working anymore
  • (2017-08-17) bradleyiscool54: please fix this!
  • (2017-02-06) Tony Thompson: Doesn't work. Buttons and functions it adds are broken.
  • (2017-01-06) Jonathan Fernandes: I like some of the functions this has. Wondering how on earth to get the betting buttons to have values :( they're blank values at the bottom
  • (2016-07-28) Joshua Wickett: Doesn't even work, always bets 0 no matter the settings.
  • (2016-04-12) Faith Lehane: It was nice before it started breaking bet buttons, still happening in 5.0.15
  • (2014-08-01) Chase: Doesnt work at all
  • (2014-07-23) Starman: Worked really well for a while, but SaltyBet was updated and the realtime odds feature doesn't work anymore.
  • (2014-07-17) BIGTOAST75: Okay, so, I really like it and everything but I don't like how since I'm illuminati I can't SEE THE STATS. Like, even when I click the stat bar, it just shows up blank till AFTER the bets are all made. That is a HUGE flaw. Also, suggestion for the side bar; put the pool underneath the stats since stats are now in the side bar.
  • (2014-07-09) Keith Shorten: The new UI change isn't that great..
  • (2014-07-06) Billy: The newest UI change isn't the best. No longer able to access the settings for some reason, the Slider doesn't adjust for your newest amount without refreshing the entire page, and as far as I can tell, having the hover buttons on, and the normal buttons off before this update removes the buttons entirely. Please fix.
  • (2014-04-18) Scott Teibert: Latest update is pretty much the coolest thing ever. UI is also super clean. Thanks for your continuted development!
  • (2014-04-10) Aaron Rinearson: This app is a must have for SaltyBet Illuminati members. Only issue I have is I'm getting an "Incorrect Auth..." error when attempting to upload a custom avatar.
  • (2014-01-30) Max Smith: necessary for all Illuminati betters.
  • (2014-01-09) Kylix: This is one of the best Salty Bet add-ons I've ever used. It's fantastic and is a MUST for any Illuminati better. May the salts be ever in your favor.
  • (2013-12-29) N3 kkun: It could use a little bit of a tutorial page on how to use things but 99.9% of everything is stupid easy to figure out on your own. This also works if you do not have illuminati status on SaltyBet but you just don't get the stats. This is also a pretty new tool so I can see a lot of features being added eventually. It makes SaltyBets even that much more epic.
  • (2013-12-19) Yardh Deninjanek: It'll show you, on the left hand side before a match, what the stats are for the characters in the match. [assuming you are illuminati] It allows you to highlight people's names in the betting screen (after bets have been placed/match has started) so you can keep track of your friends/enemies and see what they're betting on. It adds an extra SIX buttons which you can change the values of in terms of salt OR percentage. It adds an extra (calm) chat for saltybet+ users. It adds a "dark theme" as well as a larger screen option. And all the while, all the options are disable-able. In a word?.. Fantastic. KDT is a budding programmer with a lot of talent, and this is a really interesting extension (and apparently one of his first delves into Javascript) that seriously improves my betting experience on Saltybet. Among other things, it's probably one of the best extensions I have on Google Chrome right now. A previous reviewer regarded the "bet button" issue which I believe is related to Saltybet itself, and not this extension. Just thought I should clear that up. As for stats occasionally not showing up, I do get that from time to time, so I keep a tab open with current stats in case I need to quickly refer to that before betting. It is a bug, but I assume it's also related to saltybet and not with this extension. Totally bitchin.
  • (2013-12-02) Josh Nicholson: Great little addon for Salty bets. TB/10 Totally Bitchin

Latest issues

  • (2016-12-05, v:5.2.1) Willer Da Silva: Perhaps I am understanding this wrong...
    But how come I can't see any stats what so ever? It said I don't have to illuminati for it to work?
  • (2016-05-10, v:5.0.16) Anthony Vernier: Where is win rates ?
    Hey ! I don't have win rates ! Did SB block them ?
  • (2014-07-21, v:3.0.4) Charlie Rivenfeld: Bug Reports
    I got a few days of use out of this before it broke, so I figured I'd list some things out in case they help at all. -Pot total/real time odds is/are gone -The animated arrows indicating which side you bet on are frequently missing entirely. They also look very large and out of place (personal opinion, might be due to small screen), consider maybe an option for a small static arrow? -The ranking/avatar pictures on the betlist occasionally break and display a placeholder broken image symbol. Thank you for your time reading this and maintaining the extension.
  • (2014-07-21, v:3.0.4) BIGTOAST75: Salty did more changes!
    Salty figured out how you got around his code or something because now you can't see Pot total. I'm still using SB+ for the neat darker layout, but other than that its pretty much doing nothing different :b
  • (2014-05-18, v:2.4.8) john jones: bet totals
    as of may 17 and update 2.4.8 i am no longer able to see the current bet totals. just a heads up. love the extension though. keep up the good work!
  • (2014-03-23, v:2.4.4) John Aspin: Drop Shadows in White Theme
    Hey, the drop shadows in the white theme make the bettor text blurry and almost unreadable. any chance drop shadows could be removed/altered in the white themes? Cheers.
  • (2014-01-20, v:2.1.11) Jason Norman: Saltybet+
    Hey KDT, thanks for trying to answer my problem in chat. I realized that my saltybet+ functionality isn't working, I don't see any betting options on the bottom or even a way to change any settings. I turned my adblock off too, no difference. I've reinstalled it and still no change, any help? -storminjnorman
  • (2013-12-16, v:1.2.1) James Taylor: Question about a few of the pictures
    I must ask, what exactly are you using to make each person's chat comment separated? Like one is dark, the next comment is ligher... Know what i mean?


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