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(Deprecated) G Suite Training

Description from extension meta G Suite Training is deprecated and will no longer be updated.
Image from store (Deprecated) G Suite Training
Description from store G Suite Training was launched as a Chrome extension with a series of training videos for G Suite users. Following October 1 2019, this extension will be retired. Instead, we suggest visiting the Learning Center https://support.google.com/a/users By installing this item, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/.
Latest reviews (2019-10-21) Justin Tan: Great while it lasted. RIP G Suite Training. (2019-08-13) Eric A Laney: Annoying and pointless. It pops up at random, asking if I want to view its "new" content that really is either outdated or completely redundant. This could be removed once the user has been using Gmail for a couple of months. Too bad I'm forced to keep it installed after over a year. (2019-07-18) Francisco de las Heras Regueiro: No me gustan mis fotos --pues no soy fotogénico--solo decir chrome web store es interesante, y fiable yo tengo google España de inicio y mi correo Yahoo junto con Mocilla-Firefox , de España uso habitualmente, nada más--- no esoy ni en tuimter - ni en facebox, ni INSTAGRAN, SOLO USO ALGO YOUTOUBE un saludo --fran laser, desde GALICIA (2019-07-03) Charles Guise-Brown: the announcement today that this will be discontinued is, in my view, VERY bad news. While the tool may be a but buggy in use, the psychological value of a corporate class "on demand e library of interactive video content" has been very compelling in 3 G suite implementations (between to to 500 users). It would have at least 40 million users if it had been properly marketed to users since google acquired it 4 years ago...Such a great differentiator from it key competitor. My view is that video e learning should be part of the google experience for ALL users g suite and free gmail account users as the native help (2019-06-20) Joseph Jauregui: Sería importante mejorar la traducción al español y el rendimiento de la extensión ya que a veces es un poco lenta, sin embargo igual es excelente para aprender y no se nota el que se encuentra instalada, por lo cual puedes instalar en todos los equipos de una empresa y permite a que el usuario aprenda por su cuenta y en el camino. (2019-05-24) Blood of Seitan: Easy to use and essential! (2019-05-21) Shaaron .Murphy: I have been teaching computer skills to a large-range of students for over 20 years. This has been a go to app when my students need extra assistance. They have consistently come back with rave reviews. great success! I see other reviews requesting changes, this is the law of the land in software. Keep up the good work. (2019-05-21) P Schmied: It appears that this extension's content (lessons) is no longer being actively supported. It's falling farther and farther behind the deployed services and increasingly buggy in the linked training modules. I have been using it intermittently for training and new feature orientation for almost 2 years, but the app weakness is that it's always behind Google frequent (and generally unneeded ) changes to their apps. At this point the lessons on Gmail Settings direct the user to click on Settings, but highlights the Toggle Pane icon. If the users does either, it abends. It's a shame. This was a good concept, which now seems to be on the way to being replaced by Google's text-based Learning Center, which matches the strong learning mode of only a minority of users. I like most of Google's services/apps, but they are not intuitive, not perfect. There's no coordination between the individual app/service developer's changes, the built-in and online Help, the linked Support Articles, and the user-supported "help" forums. This is a poor way to run an INFORMATION services company that is using a customer self-support service model. (2019-05-21) Valerie Vigil: I really appreciate using G Suite Training. It's simple and effective and enormously helpful! (2019-05-20) Sir Oshawott: This shot was on my chromebook i i didn't even frocking download it like it's so floking annoying. peace out epik gamers mic drop imma yeetus that feetus when i get home so imma yeet my way out. (2019-04-26) Kuldeep Kashyap: It's great and very helpful for new users. (2019-04-13) Fabia C. Valvassori: Ajudaria bastante se a página estivesse em Português do Brasil. Mas de qualquer forma é interessante. (2019-03-19) It works fine for me. I'm pilot-testing it to see if this is something our faculty and staff might appreciate. I like the embedded training available any time. (2019-03-13) Great stuff! Intuitive and well thought out. (2019-03-12) Thực Phẩm Sạch Cho Nhà Hàng: cam on Google (2019-03-08) Nguyen Pham: ok (2019-03-06) Bedri Korkmaz: işimi kolaylaştırdı öneririm (2019-01-28) Nguyen Pham: OK (2018-12-25) Hemily Amorim Lima: jjj (2018-11-25) wanderley gonçalves dos santos: show (2018-11-14) Konrad Urbański: _ B (2018-10-24) Ning Cao: good! (2018-09-22) Tianxuan Liu: Audio doesn't play in any training. (2018-09-21) tốt (2018-09-16) neomar jose sanchez: ¡¡¡¡¡¡0' '

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