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Description from extension meta Draw a ruler to get pixel dimensions and positioning, and measure elements on any web page.
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Description from store Page Ruler lets your draw out a ruler to any page and displays the width, height and position of it. Features ------------- * Draw a ruler to any page and view the width, height and top, bottom, left and right position * Drag the edges of the ruler to resize it * Use the arrow keys to move and resize the ruler * Show guides extending from the ruler edges * Manually update the size and position of the ruler from the toolbar to make precision changes * Enable “Element Mode” to outline elements on the page as you move your mouse over them * Navigate through parents, children and sibling elements of any measured element Privacy Policy - https://pageruler.li/privacy.html Important ------------ To use on local pages you will need to enable the “allow access to file URLs” option in your extensions tab
Latest reviews (2019-11-17) Chris Chavis: This plugin has been reported to Google. Found within the 1.0.4_0 folder of the plugin, inside the background.js file is malicious code. Almost instantly when installing this plugin, Kaspersky quarantines this file reason - HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic (Trojan) -- I have never seen this happen with any other plugin. For reference, I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 (2019-11-15) Έρικ Κωνσταντόπουλος: VIRUS, DO NOT ADD!!! (2019-11-05) Sven Iven: Detected trojan by Kaspersky. Not a trustworthy extension. (2019-10-28) Tabassum Ahmed Khan: This extension is not working on YouTube and many other sites. (2019-10-21) Emil Sadikov: Антивирус ругается только на него, говорит что есть трояны! (2019-10-15) Gabriela Rizzo: it is not working for me, it doesn't open the bar with the dimensions, any idea? (2019-10-08) Abdullah Tunç: tam istedegimden super (2019-10-04) Tender Feel: Adware is detected. (2019-10-03) igor script: приложение хорошее, но внутри встроен рекламщик и за это поставил бы -5. (2019-10-01) Юлия Корецкая: Thanks to developer! (2019-09-23) Rob T: Amazing tool. I use it daily! It would be great if it had a shortcut key to activate/ deactivate (2019-09-21) Neil Parker: Pincer type vertical ruler lines are really useful. (2019-09-17) Nikhil Chacko: super (2019-09-10) Haithem Remili: ça marche pas (2019-09-03) Antoine Blampain: ne fonctionne pas (2019-09-02) Belal Mazlom: Nice tool (2019-08-28) Daniel Rowland: Cannot draw a ruler that extends below ~y:400px on the page. Completely useless. (2019-08-22) Andrea Zangheri: It contains Adware. From time to time you will start to see popup all over the place saying you won this and that. (2019-08-18) a0wk: its great for making websites it can detect html elements and find there size i love it thank you (2019-08-12) Ванька: я не понял, для чего кнопка ВКЛ свлева? (2019-08-08) Lauren Maxwell: This plugin was flagged by malwarebites. Don't add spyware to your computer! (2019-07-10) Caleb Clayson: Hey this extension is super useful. One thing I would like to see is some kind of keybinding to open and close it if possible because it is a little tedious to move the mouse all the way up to the close button every single time. (2019-07-09) Andrew Moon: This ruler was making analytics calls on my machine about a year ago. (2019-07-03) Paul Razvan Berg: It's adware. (2019-07-01) Jaina Jaslyn: Does exactly what I want. HOWEVER. I wish I could close the ruler by pressing ESC/Backspace !!! The top right (X) button is WAY too small. Minor grumble.

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