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JavaScript Injector extension allows you to inject any custom remote script to webpage. Facilities: Inject javascript in body or…

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Description from store JavaScript Injector extension allows you to inject any custom remote script to webpage. Facilities: Inject javascript in body or execute any remote code. Inject javascript to any page by regex mask (i.e. *://domain.ltd/page/*); Disable browser's Content Security Policy for injecting any code. Use chrome API in injected scripts (in future). This extension is developed for web-developers to easily inject any javascript code to any site or website page.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-29) daniil evsienko: I don't understand how it works, there is no simple way to add a script to the pages, I cannot get values from my web pages contols. I don't like it.
  • (2019-11-20) Lukas: was expecting to be able to inject custom JS w/o url but by actually pasting in some javascript
  • (2019-08-22) overloaded gamer hi: how to use in and put in a scrpit
  • (2018-10-22) Nishant Das Patnaik: This is a very useful extension and it is working most of the times. However I would like to know if it is a known issue that the extension can not inject scripts into iFrames even if injections rules are set for the iFrame URL as well as the Page's origin URL?
  • (2018-07-20) testerkim gnitsetdaca: Using this extension in a company environment. So no 3rd party URL. Hosted the JS files on the company SharePoint. The extension works like a charm. Thanks!
  • (2018-02-17) David Lopez: So far so good. I use a localhost that I start on startup as the URL that hosts my scripts for security. You should try it out :) I've had better luck with this than with every other Custom Javascript Injector from the extensions
  • (2017-12-20) darkenaxe: Super, m'a permis de faire exactement ce que je voulais ! Merci beaucoup :)
  • (2017-12-16) Eugene: Sexiest js injector! Cool design & many options to inject. Only 1 thing don't work: can't inject HTTP JS script into HTTPS page (because of chrome security).
  • (2017-10-16) André Henrique Cordeiro: Excellent, does exactly what it proposes. Would like to see the source code being shared as well. Congratulations to the developers.
  • (2017-09-15) Matthew Graham: disable right click? NOT NO MO!
  • (2017-08-22) Marcelo Vieira: Ao adicionar o domínio não funciona
  • (2017-05-17) Andrzej Wielski: Best extension for injecting javascript I ever seen! Belissimo, aldente aldente, perfecto porfavore.

Latest issues

  • (2020-02-08, v:1.0.2) Josh Adams: I have enhanced your extension, how can I get it to you so you can update it?
    Your extension is amazing! I have added a name field (basically it's a label so you can describe for your own recollection purposes what the script is) and I altered the display so that the scripts are always sorted by the name field. How can I get this new code to you so that you can update your extension? In light of the license, I could always upload it as new myself, but I'd rather get it to you so you can update it. I'm jladams97 here at Gmail. Thank you!
  • (2019-11-13, v:1.0.2) Alistair Hornbrook: help
    can i get a tutorial on this?
  • (2019-08-31, v:1.0.2) Nitesh Anand: Inject JS in body
    Inject JS in body - Execute/Inject : Should be an option for each script rather than a global setting.
  • (2019-05-11, v:1.0.2) Nishant Das Patnaik: JS Execution not happening in Page Context?
    If I inject a script with the content "window.myVar = 100;" with the setting "Event Type: Loading" and "Inject JS in body: Execute". I can't access "window.myVar" after the page load is complete. Is the execution not happening in the Page's Context?
  • (2019-04-12, v:1.0.2) Bashar Al Masri: Inject LOOP
    It seems the extension repeat the injection .
  • (2019-01-09, v:1.0.2) Behrouz Hosseini: How to Inject An Script to Array of Domains instead of One by one Adding
    Thanks for this but can you please let me know if there is a way to inject one script to many (arrays of domains) instead of doing this one by one? Thanks
  • (2018-07-26, v:1.0.2) Filip Kalný: How can I inject a script into all pages I visit?
    I am looking to inject jquery into all pages, would '*' not be the right domain selector?
  • (2018-03-24, v:1.0.2) Šimon Rataj: How to inject js on chrome-extension:// pages?
    How to inject js on chrome-extension:// pages?
  • (2018-03-18, v:1.0.2) עידו מונזון: Not working
    I added a new script with specific domain and the script didn't ran (I tried console.log() and wrap it with HTML script tags). Also when I clicked on the extension icon in the domain that I added it wrote "Nothing to inject".
  • (2017-11-26, v:1.0.2) Nimesh Atodariya: unable to add
    i am unable to add this in my chrome


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