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Extpose — in‑store performance analytics and optimization tool for Chrome extensions.

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Find and track Chrome Webstore keywords

Track how listing optimization affects your Chrome Webstore rank

See which keywords you’re ranking for in the store and track how each listing update you make affects your rank over time.

Chrome Webstore ranking history
Keywords in extension profile

Identify the keywords you already rank for

See the keywords you are currently ranking for, including the ones you may not have been previously aware of.

Keywords in extension profile

Find inspiration for new keywords

Discover keywords extracted from competitors' listings and get keyword inspiration.

Keyword discovery report

Measure and Analyze Extension Metrics

Measure installs and ratings

Get the most important extension metrics from Chrome Webstore to analyze your extension growth.

Installs and ratings dashboard
Keywords in extension profile

Track conversion rate

Track conversion rate as well as listing views and installs by linking your Google Analytics account.

Compare and Spy on Competitors

Compare your Webstore rank to competitors

Discover the keywords your competitors are ranking for and see how you stack up with the competition.

Competitors ranking history
Recent competitor actions

Spy on competitor listing optimization efforts

Keep track of changes in competitors listings e.g. changing texts or publishing a new version.

Recent competitor actions

Keep track of who’s in the Webstore and category top charts

See how popular your extension is compared to competitors by tracking category rank changes over time.

Top charts


Free plan

  • Track 1 extension and 1 keyword
  • Dashboard with extension KPIs
  • Monitor positions in search results, and categories
  • Monitor installs, rating, conversion rate

Premium plan ($100/month)

  • Track up to 10 extensions and 50 keywords
  • Advanced competitive research
  • Integration with Slack
  • RESTful API
  • Get daily or weekly e-mail summary
  • (Ask quote for more)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the information here that is not already provided by Chrome Webstore analytics?

Chrome Developer dashboard is useful for tracking own extensions.

Extpose tracks all the extensions in the store and multiple keywords, so you will have access to:

  1. Keyword rankings - both current and historical
  2. Competitor extensions performance
  3. Changes in extensions listing overtime

What is listing optimization? Why should I care?

Listing optimization is a process of changing your texts, media content to reach goals:

  1. Get more visibility and traffic to your extensions
  2. Optimize conversion rate — a ratio of installs to impressions

Underoptimized listing means you lose installs and market share.

Check out the Getting Started guide to learn more.

What are the actionable insights it could bring to improve our business?

By exploring market and competition via Extpose reports, you could

  1. Find better keywords for your extension
  2. Learn how to improve the ranking for these keywords
  3. Uncover competitors tactics
  4. Find faster-growing niches for a new extension