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Description from extension meta By using the advanced quick find you can get your code few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string your code
Image from store Salesforce advanced Code searcher
Description from store We are now on Lightning!!!! Using this extension you can search your code components your salesforce instance: 1) apex Classes 2) Apex Triggers 3) visualforce Pages 4) Visualforce Components 5) Lighting Component In addition to the above you can use this extension to jump to classes / pages / triggers from the advanced quick find section on the left hand side. How to make it work in Lightning: 1) We embed the extension in the setup page. Please navigate to the setup home page where you can find the extension injected in the right. 2) You need to authorize (this is a one time activity) for the application to make the API calls. 3) On clicking the button, you will be navigated to the Salesforce to authorize. Once you have successfully completed the authorization, you will be redirected back to the home page. 4) Once this is done, all the functionalities will be enabled. How to use it (Classic): Both the below section get added in the set-up pages, so this is only useful for developers and Admins, this tool will not make any sense for salesforce users. 1) Advanced Quick Find section:This part gets added in side navigation bar on all set-up pages. Select the code component that you want to go to, then start typing the name of the code,an autocomplete suggestion pops up, select the one that you want to go to. 2) Developer Utilities: 2.1) This component get added in force.com home page only. Let's say you want to know where you have hard-coded a profile name in your code, like if(profile.name =='sys Admin'){//you're doing something}. Right now to find this out you have to either go thru all the code individually or create a force.com project in eclipse and then search there. There's no way we can do this directly in salesforce. This string search will help you do that. You have to check the code components in which you want to search the code, enter a string in the input text field and hit enter. You will be presented with a list of code components where the string is used. 2.2 ) Code Coverage Extract: You can View and download the code coverage in your org. 2.3 ) This extension now allows you to lint the lightning code via the Lightning Linter tab. 2.4 ) You can now run PMD against your code 2.5 ) Added a new tab which will allow the users to view the record and its child information . update 1.10 Added the ability to get the record Information by just giving the record Id. update 1.8, 1.9 Added support for the application to work on lightning update 1.4.2 Added support for Custom label Addes support for Apex PMD Update 1.1.1 Expanded the quick search scope to Email Templates, Validation Rule, Workflow Rule, Custom Object Added edition checks. Update 1.2 Update the UI to be more in sync with Lightning Update 1.3 Added Code coverage Extract section allowing user to view and download the code coverage. Update 1.3.3: UPdated the cookie issue. NOTE: 1) Salesforce's REST API is used to accomplish the above functionalities Update 1.3.5 1) Added support to delete all the Debug logs 2) Added a button on traceflag to renew the startDate / expiration date. update 1.4: 1) Added functionality to support linting of lightning components
Latest reviews (2019-11-07) Ashesh Ranga: Guys, I have been waiting for ADVANCE QUICK FIND in Lightning since very long time, is there any estimate on when we could see this in lightning? I am switching to classic just for this feature. It takes 1-2 minutes every time to go to a class/page/trigger/component/object and lightning experience is a nightmare for developer. If we have your feature rolled out to Lightning experience that would be extremely helpful. I really love this extension, this is my all time favourite extension in chrome, this has saved countless hours of my time, I recommend all salesforce devs/admins to use this. I have seen no other extension work like this. LOVEEEE!! Thank you so much. (2019-11-07) Sudha Sharma: I was loving it till it stopped working few days ago, neither working in classic nor in LEX even after authorization, getting 401 unauthorized in code search and the drop down in setup does not appear. (2019-09-20) Aman Bisht: I was using this tool and it was working fine. But now I am seeing that the Apex class,object and all search [on the left hand side] are removed. Please let me know what cause this. (2019-09-09) Pranav Narayan: Kinda the best extension in town for Salesforce. How many laptops/system i have changed this has remained constant (2019-07-20) Kumaresan M: Nice application ease out time in finding components easily. If you could add more component types to the app would be more good.. (2019-07-09) vanglirajan Kalimuthu: It doesn't work for custom domains like "https://vangli.cs23.my.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp" (2019-05-16) ayushi shah: please fix lightning linter to get 5 stars. (2019-05-14) Basant Kr. Verma: I am addicted of it, can't image a single day in office without it. (2019-05-14) Smita Dubal: Wonderful extension. Very useful. (2019-04-03) Chandrakanth M: Doesn't Work for Firefox. The above link given for mozilla doesn't work. (2019-01-14) Vijay N: Awesome!!! Save a lot time for searching! (2018-07-03) Nertin Hoxha: Great job, mate! thanks! (2018-05-04) Walker Huang: Nice tool (2018-03-02) Koustubh Vijay Kulkarni: Very useful extension. It comes in handy when you have very large org. (2018-02-15) Kiran Sabinkar: Best Extension and Must Have... Consider adding Big Objects support in the next release.. (2018-02-13) Fazurulla Ganganapalli: great tool (2018-02-11) T Sathish: good (2018-02-07) Ken Stone: Excellent tool. One of the minimum required extensions if you are doing any development work. Fast, intuitive, and free! (2017-10-13) Geoff Rothman: Was really useful but it isn't compatible with the latest version of Einstein Analytics (Wave) as of Winter 210 release. It displays large red bars in the dashboard right nav property panel and gives CSS <div> errors...not sure why (2017-09-15) Shekhar Gawali: One of the most useful tool for salesforce developers. The new lightning linter service also works very well! (2017-07-31) Cale Monson: Endlessly useful. Would love to see a native version developed on the force.com platform. (2017-07-25) sunder tanwar: Useful extension. handy in searching. A must for salesforce developers. (2017-07-19) Wendell B.: Super handy to search for code snippets in apex, VF and triggers. (2017-07-05) Aditya kumar: Good (2017-06-22) Gaurav Garg: My Favorite extension to work with.

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