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Description from extension meta Find Elements According To Xpath In Chrome DevTools.
Image from store Xpath Finder
Description from store An Extension For Google Chrome which helps you to find elements match your xpath. * It marks the matching elements with highlighted outline and background. * It logs your xpath history. Good Partner for QAs!!! Github: https://github.com/em91/Xpath-Finder
Latest reviews (2018-09-03) Ganesh: It is not working on linux Environment chrome browser (2018-07-22) Ставис Вега: Не работает (2018-07-03) It would be nicer if the filter actually did something. Won't filter a valid xml even when looking for the root element. (2018-05-25) Nadis Suraweera: It doesnt work at all (2018-05-21) Reed Xia: Great plugin! (2017-12-22) Jogendra Singh: Help full for me. (2017-11-13) 俊赵: 不错 (2017-09-14) Михайло Вовк: doesn't work (2017-07-27) 张子涯: 好用 (2017-07-05) David M Patterson: Doesn't work at all. Click the button. Nothing. Removed (2017-06-30) Porter Lyman: Useless. Does not work as described. (2017-06-14) Anda Cristea: Hello, On the page below I tried to find //div/div/div/div and your add-on return 313 results found. Great But if I tried to find my @class returns null. //div/div/div/div[@class='gb-dc'] Can you repair this bug? It is valuable tool for automated testers. https://www.google.ro/search?q=ubuntu+wiki&rlz=1C1CHBD_enRO744RO745&oq=ubuntu+wiki&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.4558j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Thanks (2017-05-18) Jie Wu: 厉害,好东西!!!5分赞 (2017-03-30) Brett Malpas: Doesnt work at all shows page not found when trying to use (2017-01-11) Tuan Phan: Would be great if it shows some error indication on syntax error (2016-08-14) Andrius Žilėnas: bulshit... not works at all!! - just opens link to webstore (2016-01-27) Darya Guzil: "Не удалось найти файл или каталог." (2016-01-21) aaron urban: total rubish (2015-12-21) Vince S: It renders the links to the matching elements in Chinese but as that's the only Chinese text it's no problem as long as you know what it does. It seems to match pretty complex XPath expressions just fine but sadly doesn't show the text() content of the matching elements so I have to click each link back to the Elements tab to locate the text values that interest me. With the XML I'm currently working with this massively limits its usefulness and is the main reason for only three stars. It also adds classes like "chromeXpathFinder chromeXpathFinder0 chromeXpathFinderHover" to your elements in the inspector - I can see why this is an easy way to record the search results for but it does look messy. (2015-10-09) Huy Vũ: It's not work on new version (2015-10-09) Sabareesh S: Worst (2015-09-16) anjali vaswani: Horrible .. even manipulates already created xpaths (2015-08-04) Андрей Елфимов: не работает. (2015-06-16) Ryan Trainor: Does the trick - been helping me thus far. Thanks (2015-04-23) Felix Gill: Okay here is some usefull feedback i don;t think it works well because when I am looking for an element it works fine so //ul gives me a list of all <ul> on the page -- GREAT BUT //ul[@class="store" ] which should return ul with the attribute class that contain store DOES NOT WORK So this extension seems broken to me and I think that is why people say 'Doesn't work'

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2014-04-04 / 1.6.0




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