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Description from extension meta Provides a popup showing a human readable date of a highlighted Unix timestamp.
Image from store Epoch Converter
Description from store This extension converts Unix timestamps to human readable date and time strings. Simply double click or highlight a timestamp in your browser window, and a small popup will appear containing a readable date and time. This extension is open source. Check it out on GitHub: http://github.com/drautb/epoch-converter
Latest reviews (2019-05-15) Paul Premack: Fantastic calculator converter for a chromium based web browser! Thanks! (2018-01-04) Quantum Calzone: I like it but its unreadable on a dark background. See here https://i.imgur.com/TtsfTqH.png (2017-05-05) Caro MacDowell: cant even get it to freaking open (2015-09-10) Serge Smertin: Only missing things: - analyse only 10-digit and 13-digit numbers, not to overload DOM events (2015-02-09) Caspar: It doesn't recognize millisecond accurate time stamps, e.g.: 1423149000000 Becomes: 10/19/47067 - 00:40:00 Too bad, all my epoch stamps are in ms, so useless for me! (2015-01-04) Кирилл Слайк: Выполняет свою функцию как описано, НО нет удобного способа отключить расширение используя его контекстное меню, в то время как он пытается конвертировать все что ты выделяешь - даже то, что совсем не похоже на таймстемпы - цифры с пробелами, спец символами, и т.п. через три дня использования за пределами phpmyadmin перед тем как что-то выделить в браузере появлялась мысль "уу, опять закрывать это всплывающее окно"... отключил. Developer, please, make it work only on timestamp matched strings and able to turn on/off quikly in menu. Wating for new version. (2014-12-08) Henk Siebelink: Basically does nothing when I highlight a Unix timestamp. Sometimes out of the blue it converts a number that is not a unix timestamp. On Google Chrome that is. (2014-06-24) Sitanshu Joshi: It help me a lot while i am developing any date module. (2014-04-22) Benjamin Flynn: Exactly what I was looking for. I was able to read epoch timestamps in a JSON without having to run any scripts or do anything more than click. Thanks! (2013-08-05) Rich Collier: Not bad, pretty useful. Would rather it only get invoked when highlighting 10-digit numbers (most common convention for epoch numbers). Even if I highlight the number "1" it converts it to "12/31/1969 - 19:00:01" - which is 1 second after the epoch in my time zone (2013-01-27) Dave Pack: This is a must have for any developer looking at unix timestamps in databases. Works like a charm and super useful!

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