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Turn new tab to custom Overwatch wallpapers. Themes designed for Overwatch fans. Cool features, hd Overwatch wallpaper backgrounds.

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Description from store Install my Overwatch New Tab to enjoy varied hd Overwatch wallpapers in your start page. FEATURES: ★ Shuffle all Overwatch wallpaper backgrounds, or just your favorite Overwatch background wallpapers. ★ Sticky notes, to-do tasks & reminder, countdown to events. ★ Live Overwatch wallpapers animation, screensaver of Overwatch themes. ★ Speed dial, quick launch apps & most visited websites. ★ Keep Overwatch Wallpapers New Tab in sync, combine all freeaddons newtab - Get more: https://freeaddon.com/?s=overwatch+wallpaper+new+tab&post_type=post Homepage: https://freeaddon.com/overwatch-wallpapers-new-tab-theme/

Latest reviews

  • (2021-04-21) The Devil: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.” SEQ. 75 - “INTRO TO BARRY” INT. BENSON HOUSE - DAY ANGLE ON: Sneakers on the ground. Camera PANS UP to reveal BARRY BENSON’S BEDROOM ANGLE ON: Barry’s hand flipping through different sweaters in his closet. BARRY Yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black...oohh, black and yellow... ANGLE ON: Barry wearing the sweater he picked, looking in the mirror. BARRY (CONT’D) Yeah, let’s shake it up a little. He picks the black and yellow one. He then goes to the sink, takes the top off a CONTAINER OF HONEY, and puts some honey into his hair. He squirts some in his mouth and gargles. Then he takes the lid off the bottle, and rolls some on like deodorant. CUT TO: INT. BENSON HOUSE KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Barry’s mother, JANET BENSON, yells up at Barry. JANET BENSON Barry, breakfast is ready! CUT TO: "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 1. INT. BARRY’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS BARRY Coming! SFX: Phone RINGING. Barry’s antennae vibrate as they RING like a phone. Barry’s hands are wet. He looks around for a towel. BARRY (CONT’D) Hang on a second! He wipes his hands on his sweater, and pulls his antennae down to his ear and mouth. BARRY (CONT'D) Hello? His best friend, ADAM FLAYMAN, is on the other end. ADAM Barry? BARRY Adam? ADAM Can you believe this is happening? BARRY Can’t believe it. I’ll pick you up. Barry sticks his stinger in a sharpener. SFX: BUZZING AS HIS STINGER IS SHARPENED.
  • (2021-03-12) Liam Estanislao: it is so cool the pics are great
  • (2021-03-12) Mrmilkysilky: Perfection can not explain how good this is
  • (2021-02-12) Eva Dawn: goods
  • (2021-02-05) linchuhan: nice
  • (2021-01-20) New Sertas154: Mas fondos de Genji plis
  • (2021-01-02) Demon Dev: love how there are some backgrounds that are sexy and how some images have lots of detail. 10/10 in my book.
  • (2020-11-28) Денис Парфенов: гуд найс
  • (2020-11-25) Paul: Amazing!! Thanks for the hard work
  • (2020-11-23) sithum ek: it is amazing and very convincing to play overmatch
  • (2020-11-19) Julian Chripczuk: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
  • (2020-11-16) Thomas Åsenestor: noice
  • (2020-11-10) 魏文博: goods
  • (2020-10-09) TEJA ch: This is a simple and good background theme
  • (2020-10-09) Dhyan Desai: nice appp
  • (2020-10-08) isaac yeomans: awesome sauce. so great for lover of the game
  • (2020-09-30) xOver Watch: great
  • (2020-09-17) Anthony Cardona: works great and great images very high quality
  • (2020-09-07) Richi Vallejos: esta re piola
  • (2020-09-02) Donavin Overcast: dope
  • (2020-08-29) Amittai Tirosh: i like this thing :)
  • (2020-08-28) TheRealMätu: Some beautiful pictures and nice features.
  • (2020-04-11) RookEE Draws: awsome bro
  • (2020-04-08) Nam Nguyễn tiến: ok
  • (2020-04-01) JonathanFFK Zhang: How to download background picture
  • (2020-03-20) KATASTROFA: Самое крутое, что я когда либо видел)
  • (2020-03-16) CHUBBY_SLURPFISH 2.0: bit more junkrat but the rest is perfect good haad pictures W O W O-O
  • (2020-02-07) Yali rimon: so good it should be google's original 😜
  • (2020-01-23) CRISTINA: Se tivesse a opção de linguagem em português, ficaria perfeito!
  • (2020-01-17) Daboybest: I am a huge Overwatch fan. This is amazing and very good graphics and pictures
  • (2019-12-08) STEVE OOO: great and cool
  • (2019-11-19) Kalon Katt: Love the Overwatch things!!!
  • (2019-11-06) jelly jar: Love it
  • (2019-11-06) Ağır Oyuncu: süper tam aradığım gibi ve daha güzeli
  • (2019-10-29) Lucyffer: Super on retrouve de super wallpaper overwatch
  • (2019-10-09) Geoffrey Stewart: I love it! it keeps on coming out with new pictures. I absolutely love the art work! Keep on doing what your doing!!! :):):)
  • (2019-10-07) BloodyValentine1988: Borat says "VERY NICE" :D
  • (2019-09-10) QuaNtum: this is an awesome app
  • (2019-09-04) TheCrazyNinja112: It is a great extension but I would like the weather to be fixed
  • (2019-08-21) Raegan Henderson: Amazing art. Always makes me happy when i open a new tap. Love it! Five stars for sure.
  • (2019-07-31) Sixten Persson: bäst
  • (2019-07-29) Crimson: cool and good pics definitely recomend:]
  • (2019-07-26) Ty Loader: great
  • (2019-07-25) THE PURPLE ALPACCA: There are some ads but they are out of the way and small. Otherwise great.
  • (2019-07-17) ham: dope
  • (2019-06-13) Erin: I absolutely love this extension. The images are great and there are a lot of them!
  • (2019-06-11) Kiirizo: This theme is amazing! I love how it gives you more choices of backgrounds, and its so cool that this tells you the weather from where you're from. Its outstanding to see a chrome extension this awesome.
  • (2019-06-10) Nicolas Amaya: muy buena
  • (2019-06-02) Collin Walker: i love overwatch and this is the theme for me
  • (2019-05-27) Hugo Aranda Santos: PERFECTO

Latest issues

  • (2016-12-19, v: how do i undownload this
    I cant get this off of my computer
  • (2016-12-11, v: uwu owo: Tracer photo
    could i have the link to the tracer photo? thanks!


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