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The world’s best tab manager

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Description from store Chrome’s Favorite Tab Manager of 2022! Named one of the best Chrome extensions for productivity by the Google Chrome team & rated 5 stars by 200,000+ users. The Workona Spaces & Tab Manager helps you get your work under control and finally feel organized. Use it to manage tabs, organize projects, and bring together all of your work in the browser. As the world’s best tab manager, Workona lets you switch context instantly so you can focus on your actual work. Sign up free: https://workona.com/tab-manager/ Does your team work in apps like Google Drive, Slack, Asana, & Notion? Tired of your team's work being scattered across apps? Learn why Workona is #1 Market Leader in Unified Workspaces on G2. Schedule a demo today: https://workona.com/contact-sales/ ______________________________________________ Workona has become one of my favorite tools. It's changed the way I work. – Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier ______________________________________________ FEATURES Spaces: Spaces organize your work by project, so it’s easy to stay focused. Within a space, you can keep your current work open as tabs, or save everything for a project as resources. Tab manager: Keep your tabs under control with a tab manager that’s built for working in the cloud. Suspend tabs, rearrange tabs with drag and drop, and rest easy knowing that every tab is automatically saved. Secure backups: You never have to worry about losing work, because Workona auto-saves all of your tabs. In case of a browser crash or other emergency, you can easily restore your tabs to get you back on track. Suspend tabs: Dramatically reduce memory usage and keep your computer running faster. Our tab suspension helps you open spaces and switch between them almost instantly. Bookmark tabs: Bookmark tabs in spaces by adding them as resources. You can also choose to save an entire window as a space. Tab groups: Spaces let you group tabs to make context switching easier. To streamline recurring processes, you can open all tabs or close all tabs in a resource section with just one click. Search tabs: Our powerful search helps you find your tabs and docs faster. Search all open tabs—or previously open tabs—at a moment’s notice. Plus, filter your search by cloud app to narrow down the results. Sync tabs: Sync your tabs between computers to keep your work organized, no matter how many devices you use or where they are. PRIVACY & SECURITY We believe that great software shouldn't come at a cost to privacy. We securely store your spaces in the cloud so you can keep your work backed up and accessible from anywhere you need it. Your data belongs to you and we store it for the sole purpose of providing value to you. Workona is SOC 2 Type II compliant, has annual 3rd-party penetration tests performed, and uses enterprise-grade 256-bit AES encryption and Transport Layer Security (HTTPS) to prevent unauthorized access to your Workona data. If you ever have questions about Workona’s security practices or your data, or if you're interested in us completing a security questionnaire for internal approval, reach out to us at [email protected]. SUPPORT Feel free to contact support at [email protected] and we'll reply as soon as possible. MORE INFORMATION By installing the Workona Tab Manager extension, you agree to Workona’s Terms of Service (workona.com/policies/terms) and Privacy Policy (workona.com/policies/privacy).

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-28) Terry Paddy: Multiple projects with multiple GDocs associated with each along with reference info. I live in Chrome and Workona makes my shambolic project management way way better!!
  • (2023-09-27) Madhu Ranjan Pathak: Great to use it.
  • (2023-09-25) Robin Jarkovský: Skvěle vymyšlené, krásně funkční, jediná výtka co mám je že není možné si oproti free verzi jednorázově nebo za drobnou měsíční částku přidat jenom více Spaces na záložky. využil bych jich více než 5 ale kvůli tomu nechci platit 9USD za PRO verzi. Možnost přikoupit si space navíc třeba za 5USD na trvalo, nebo třeba rozšířit z 5 na 10 za 1 až 2 USd bych uvítal.. je to vlastně jediné co mě ve free verzi limituje.. ale třeba se tato možnost časem objeví. Jinak zatím nejlěpší způsob jak využívat více počítačů a nemuset se prohrabávat historii apod...
  • (2023-09-25) Muhammad Akmal Wahyudi: i lovin it
  • (2023-09-24) Flavito YT: Es de la mejores extensiones que un estudiante puede tener. Te ayuda a tener todo increíblemente organizado, además en gratis. Definitivamente una extensión que recomendaré a demás personas.
  • (2023-09-24) Андрей Щербаков: Классное расширение, реально меняет процесс работы в браузере к лучшему, один только поиск по гугл диску через хоткеи alt+s чего стоит.
  • (2023-09-24) Dev And: suka bingitzz pokoke, uhuyyy..
  • (2023-09-23) Matt Wall: Awesomeness! I'm a compulsive tab opener and this helped me wrangle them all into manageable spaces.
  • (2023-09-22) Tobias Rieder: Nice !!! really!!!
  • (2023-09-21) Michał Sałach: Fajne rozszerzenie. W wersji bezpłatnej dostępne jest 5 zapisanych setów zakładek.
  • (2023-09-20) Jacek Kapanowski: Jest OK
  • (2023-09-19) Haku Hoang: So far so good. I only been using one space manager. I'd like how this can sync between device, and arrange the Tab into space. However some of the behavior in negative review does appear occasionally, however, I usually keep my opened tab at minimum so it doesn't affect much. Nevertheless, I think this is good tab management for lightweight project
  • (2023-09-18) Rotem Jackoby: Great tool, very efficient.
  • (2023-09-18) Ramesh S Ballavur: Excellent
  • (2023-09-17) Shelley Owens: My desktop was always a mess. As many as three browsers and 64 open tabs. I got Workona and now everything is beautifully organized. The premium version gives me unlimited work spaces and submenus. I can connect my Google Drive files. Now everything is available with a couple of clicks. I used to scroll through my browser tabs. No more hassle to find bookmarks and Drive files.
  • (2023-09-17) Jose Arenas: Muy bueno, como tener varios chrome abiertos en uno, ya no me se manejar sin ello.
  • (2023-09-17) Michael Brueckner: Since I updated Chrome on Windows, Workona stopped working properly. The groups do not show the correct tabs anymore. It used to work quite well before.
  • (2023-09-12) matthiew: It's misleading to call this a "tab manager". Really it's a bookmark manager which opens and closes all bookmarks you have sorted into its groups. This is terrible for obvious reasons: opening a big group of tabs is slow; closing tabs en masse leads to loss of work. I would give zero stars if I could.
  • (2023-09-12) kaka xu: There are some bugs: Win10, opening a new tab in Chrome will automatically create a new window.
  • (2023-09-11) Felipe Govoni: It would be perfect if there were no glitches, I even tried the support, they went to a certain point and then they simply said that the problem is with me and bye, hugs. Detail, I disabled all extensions and the problem only occurs in the workona extension, I reset settings, I used a new profile, everything they asked me to do, but without success.
  • (2023-09-11) Philip Velazquez: Phenomenal productivity tool. Makes it extremely easy to multi-task and switch between different tasks/projects.
  • (2023-09-10) João Carlos Santana: Demora um pouco para se acostumar mas funciona bem, mas para ter mais de 5 "espaços", ou tópicos diferentes, é necessário pagar o equivalente a 35 reais por mês. A extensão é boa, mas definitivamente não vale esse preço. Caso precise de menos de 6 espaços eu recomendo.
  • (2023-09-10) Cloud Lin: Super BUGGY after chrome update Tab disapeers, crash, open a new window automatically. It became unavailable for use to me now.
  • (2023-09-09) Sebastian Barrios: Es un antes y después, lo uso para hacer seguimientos de unos proyectos de laburos, de cosas que estudio de hobby, y de la facultad, con solo un par de clicks tenes las 30 o 40 pestañas de cada sesión.
  • (2023-09-08) Crystal Hairston: Best thing since "sliced bread". My absolute favorite plugin.
  • (2023-09-08) Madeline Dubas: Obsessed. I've never written an app or extension review, but this... this is just. that. good. I'd give 10 stars if I could. I want to invite these developers to my home for an intimate candle light dinner where we can discuss how to solve the remaining problems in the world. If I was a gazillionaire, I would fly this team to my private yacht and offer to fund all of their other ideas, pay for their children's college education, and cover the cost of their pet's healthcare. Never again will I not have this extension on my browser. Can't see what the future holds. Be well. Signed, your biggest fan
  • (2023-09-07) Genia Jacques: One of my favorite Chrome plug-ins! 😍 Helps me keep a bunch of tabs opened but in an organized way.
  • (2023-09-07) Ben Artpru.: Best ever.
  • (2023-09-06) Nafees Ahmad: Really helps with productivity!
  • (2023-09-06) Joseph Nagel: Just a great tabs manager. When I'm working on different things, for example school related assignments, or personal projects, I can clearly keep tabs meant for certain activities separate without having to have a ton of windows open which aren't even labeled. Great extension.
  • (2023-09-06) Duy Thái: Great extension to organize my workspace it's really helps me to multitask a lot
  • (2023-09-06) Tomasz Pluciński: Już trzeci raz zgubiło mi karty w zapisanym space. Dziś karty zapisane w jednym miejscu przeszły do innego zapisanego a w tym pierwszym space zostało nic. Szkoda, bo takiej aplikacji potrzebowałem.
  • (2023-09-06) Andrés Marcelo Villarreal Pérez: Impresionante. Segun yo me organizaba bien con el tablero de chrome y con esta baina es 1000 veces mejor. Recomendada
  • (2023-09-04) Allen Rautenbach: Super useful for studying and keeping my thoughts together. Would definitely recommend
  • (2023-09-03) Noy Korleker: מעולה
  • (2023-09-02) kalfalmel: すごく使いやすい
  • (2023-09-01) Chris Vacano: Workona is the world's next killer app! Within 24 hours of installation, Workona has entirely transformed my daily workflow. No more hunting through different windows, with tons of tabs and tab sets in each... I do everything in a single browser window now, which has massively freed up my desktop workspace for the other apps I used. The mess of windows on top of windows is GONE. But it's so much more than just a tab manager! The built-in notes and tasks features allow me to keep everything I need all in one place, without ever having to leave my browser window. Integration with Google apps, slack, and a variety of other resources are the icing and cherry, with nuts and sprinkles. I'm in the process now of encouraging all my clients to get Workona so I can share each client's workspace with them, for streamlined collaboration and communication. I have just one word to describe Workona: HALLELUJAH!!!
  • (2023-08-31) Arshad Yusufzai: Absoluaty help full. Using for more than 2 years. Some times it misbehave on unexpected browser closing, and wipe all tabs from that session (saved and unsaved both). in the End It is useful and helpful.
  • (2023-08-30) 김민기: This is the most perfect extension i've ever seen
  • (2023-08-29) Greta Prisby (Absurd Heroine): Amazing way to keep track of multiple projects at work and any personal projects/ideas of which I want to keep track. Workona really helps me stay focused on my current task as I don't have to keep a bunch of tabs or windows open to make sure I don't lose track of research pages and resources for other tasks. I can just start fresh every day knowing that I'm not losing anything. On top of that, it has a well designed UI with helpful, non-obtrusive hints for making the most out of all of the features. 10 out 10, would recommend. Awesome show, great job.
  • (2023-08-27) Pat MySecret: Misleading advertising. Has a web clipping rating page rating itself as best Web Clipper of 2023. It's not even a web clipper.. it's a tab saver.
  • (2023-08-27) ankur sachdeva: I was happy to have to found something that will take care of my tabs for me. But that happiness was just for one day. First This extension completely destroyed 200 tabs, I don't know how, and then I'm not sure what it was doing, randomly opening and closing everything. Had close to 600 tabs and now all I'm left with 50. And then there is not much data in browser's closed tab also, it erases that too. Opened tabs from another device without me clicking anywhere in its UI. Plus it opens saved tabs randomly, Tab Groups are all messed up when opened with this extension. Just used it for 2 days, Uninstalled to stop it from messing with my tabs. 0 out of 5.
  • (2023-08-27) Tùng Dương Ông: Great extension, a game changer that solved my problem
  • (2023-08-27) Farah Sabir: Love it, really helps organizing easier.
  • (2023-08-23) Martin Link: I agree with other *recent* reviewers. Workona was an indispensable part of my workflow – I paid for the subscription, encouraged my employees to use it and reimbursed anyone who did, and recommended it to peers and friends. However, I can't trust that it will work now because, honestly, it's more common that it won't work properly. Reopening my browser to find tabs missing, a total nightmare when I go from one device to another, and a buggy UI. I'll check in to see if it gets fixed, but I'm looking for another solution as well. Hopefully you have a difference experience than me because it's been a headache and a bit embarrassing (since I recommended it to so many).
  • (2023-08-23) Paul Foryt: Workona used to be an indispensable Chrome extension that I loved and shared with everyone, and I happily paid for a subscription. But lately it's become a huge risk, and I would NOT recommend using it yet alone paying for it. For the last 9+ months, the extension has occasionally re-ordered all tabs in the currently open window and closed the last couple recently opened tabs. It was rare enough that it was something I could live with, and I could use the space history in Workona for the window to rewind to a few seconds before it messed things up. When it first started happening I reached out to support, and the suggestion was to disable key features of the extension which I relied upon. Updates to the extension since then have not fixed the issue. The UI performance of the Workona extension tab had also been getting worse over the last year, where at times dragging open tabs to a resources group has a several second delay or the tab becomes non-responsive and crashes. In the last couple weeks, unfortunately, the situation has gotten considerably worse. The random tab re-ordering issue is not only happening more often, but the space history doesn't seem to be saving the open tabs as often anymore. At times the history showed it last saved the space's open tabs more than 30 minutes ago even though I'd been actively opening and closing various tabs. This meant I couldn't reliably recover closed tabs or restore the previous tab order after the extension glitched. Additionally, Workona is now frequently closing recently opened tabs in the current window even without re-ordering the tabs. Sometimes even a new tab I opened a second ago and started typing a URL into gets closed suddenly along with several others. But what was the final nail in the coffin today was when it lost me an entire window of 60+ open tabs I was using to research a complex topic in depth. I had separated the space's open tabs into 3 windows within the space and intended to return to them the next day. At some point today, Workona closed one of the 3 windows in the space, and I didn't even notice it had done it. I can't even use Chrome's recently closed tabs to re-open those lost tabs because it looks like it happened several hours ago. I'm not sure what's going on at Workona, but all I can say is avoid this extension if you value keeping your open tabs organized and actually open. I was willing to put up with some issues over the last year, but they've fully lost my confidence as of today. I now have to begin the process of getting 3+ years-worth of my meticulously organized spaces and resources exported and figure out what to do with that data. If anyone has suggestions for stable and reliable alternatives, please share.
  • (2023-08-21) Marni V: Workona DELTED all of my "resources!" I didn't save the links anywhere else, so I have no way of finding them again. I am searching for a new job, and the "resources" I saved were links for job applications, resume sites, courses I had planned to take, etc. I lost hours of work. Complete waste of time.
  • (2023-08-16) Akash Gogoi: Workona is a Great Tool or Extension for Keep Focusing what we do on Chrome?
  • (2023-08-16) Ton Ancheta: This is an indispensable tool for me! It allows me to work on any computer knowing that all my tabs and workspaces will be there organized and using the setup I've configured from my main computer. Quite liberating!
  • (2023-08-15) Dayashankar Prajapati: Every one should use for tab managemment


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