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Description from extension meta One place to manage all your work in the cloud.
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Description from store The Workona extension helps you find, add, and open your documents, cloud applications, and other websites within Workona. Learn more at: https://workona.com ______________________________________________ WORKSPACES Workspaces (smart browser windows) are the best way to organize your work. Use workspaces for projects, workflows, meetings, dashboards, or anything else you can dream up. If you work in the browser, your workspaces will ensure all the tabs you need to do your job are always at your fingertips. ______________________________________________ SEARCH Our powerful search helps you find your tabs faster. You can even speed dial into workspaces (saved windows) right from the new tab. ______________________________________________ SIGN UP FREE Try Workona and transform your browser into a professional work tool today! Learn more at: https://workona.com ______________________________________________ WORKONA FEATURES & BENEFITS ______________________________________________ SAVE WINDOWS Save windows as workspaces by clicking the Workona button and giving them a name. All your tabs will be remembered when you open the workspace next time. Your sessions in workspaces are auto-saved, so even if your browser crashes or you shut a window accidentally, you can rest assured you’ll always be able to recover your tabs. Naming your browser windows also makes it easy to switch between them in your browser’s Window menu, and you can even see the names on hover when they are minimized. ______________________________________________ SAVE TABS Tabs in your workspaces are saved automatically, so you can close the window at any time without losing your work. Pretty helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed and just need shut everything for a while. You can also bookmark tabs within workspaces for easy access. All your saved tabs can be accessed anytime from the Workona extension button. Better yet, our intuitive manager lets you use drag and drop to organize your tabs. ______________________________________________ SEARCH TABS Search for saved tabs, apps, history, bookmarks, or even workspaces with Workona’s search tool. You can even open a workspace via search to instantly open all of the tabs in it. Simply search for the workspace’s name and click on the result to open the saved window. ______________________________________________ TRY WORKONA FREE If you work in the browser, add Workona to increase your productivity today. ______________________________________________ By installing the extension, you agree to Workona’s Terms of Service (workona.com/policies/terms) and Privacy Policy (workona.com/policies/privacy). Have questions? Feel free to contact support at [email protected] and we'll reply as soon as possible.
Latest reviews (2019-12-01) Tóno Kulan: Perfect for work! Thank you. Stay free ;-) (2019-12-01) Liviu Rau: Best tab management tool! Best productivity tool! Switching context is no long such a hassle. I can finally multitask like a human was supposed to! (2019-11-28) Alfredo Sfeir: Saves a lot of time, especially when you have many things going on at the same time! (2019-11-23) maximiilian deisz: sehr angenehm zu nutze, hilft sehr wenn man für die schule an mehreren Projekten gleichzeitig arbeiten muss, die sich nicht nacheinander abarbeiten lassen. super für Schüler und Studenten. Leider geht es nicht sich eigene apps zu verknüpfen wie zum beispiel youtube das noch nicht verfügbar ist. super wäre auch eine desktop app mit der man dann auch installierte programme und apps starten kann. (2019-11-21) Amy Beth Ludlow: Amazing! Really, this is an awesome browser tool. I've tried forever to keep the different categories of work and their associated open tabs organized by using different desktops for each, or just using a different browser window for each with its particular set of tabs. This is SO much better! It is amazing. The makers of this extension really did a great job. I love the clean, sort of minimalist design. Workona combines a simple, uncluttered design with powerful apps and feature rich organizational tools, so all browser workspaces can be managed in one place. (2019-11-20) Tam Le: Best tab management ever. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to work on multiple projects at the same time. Also, a great way to organize online readings or learning without worrying about Chrome's RAM heavy consumption. Always keeping on track of my sessions. Thanks a lot. And keep up with great work, guys. (2019-11-19) Jacek Majda: Thanks for the extension, it's great!... with two caveats so far: - Tabs dragged to a different workspace are not always placed at the end but rather in front as the first tabs. - When closing a workspace the size of the browser window with another opened workspace gets reduced. Maybe these could be fixed, please? (2019-11-19) Linh Podetti: Great software. Minimalism for Online Workspace. Thank you for creating this. (2019-11-17) Ariesandes Andes: Excelente extensión. Permite agrupar tabs por workspaces de interés, permite subgrupos (blocks) dentro de los workspaces, permite mover (drag and drop) los links de tabs y blocks para una mejor organización, permite (opcionalmente) auto-save de las tabs que se van abriendo durante una sesión de trabajo. Los workspaces y blocks se guardan en la nube, de modo que es posible recuperar la información en cualquier computador. En suma, tiene prácticamente todo lo necesario. Solo echo en falta una opción para generar un respaldo local de toda la información almacenada en la nube, y algún uso de colores para destacar algunos de los blocks. Repito, excelente! Muchas gracias. (2019-11-15) Takamori Eiichi: これなしでは生活できません。 (2019-11-07) Gretchen Cawthon: As the owner of a digital agency and lead developer, Workona has transformed the way we get things done with our team. We've been daily users for nearly 6 months and it just gets better with each update. We have over 50 client workspaces as well as about 20 team workspaces and I love being able to flip back and forth between them with just a few keystrokes. The amount of time we save is incredible! Can't say enough about this extension and everyone I recommend it to loves it as well. (2019-11-06) Thomas Lagrange: Really great to group tabs per topic and clean up tab bar ! I just miss batch move and reorder open workspaces, otherwise it's really great !! (and support rocks too 🤘) (2019-11-05) Jeff Harris: Workona has solved problems for me I didn't know I had. I initially was looking for a "tab management" solution and found this new version of Workona that is helping me be far more efficient as I change from one context to another throughout my day. When I end up opening a bunch of tabs while working on a specific project, I can easily save them and switch to another project. I can't imagine going back to using Chrome on my PC without it. (2019-11-05) Magued Amer: Je trouve ça vraiment pratique et très intuitif. Bien joué ;) (2019-11-03) Feng Lin: 安装后默认是老版本,新版本又进不去,老版本真的很难用。终于进去新版本了 (2019-11-01) Alexandra Zherdeva: Worked perfect, but today can't connect to workona after updating Chrome( (2019-10-29) Jay Decay: I need many tabs every day and mostly these have to stay, so it is a relieve for me to be able to categorize and save the tabs. I was very pleased to have found a solution that finally worked for me and I really enjoyed the old version of Workona. The new version keeps constantly slipping around my tabs, not every time I open it, bust every when in a while it happens again. This is confusing and slows my workflow considerably. At least my tabs don´t disappear. For me, it it weren´t for the wandering tabs, I would happily give 5 stars, although I do miss the old sync options... (2019-10-28) Cameron Clancy: I really want to give this app a higher rating than this, but I can't justify it when it keeps losing my tabs, messing up my workspaces and just causing me grief. I've lost work on three separate occasions. I'll keep persisting and come back and change my rating if I fix things, but it's just too temperamental, time consuming to keep repairing things and cleaning up tabs. The worst part is the constant concern of whether I'll lose all my work and/or have to spend hours recreating my projects and associated tabs. I like the idea, but for whatever reason, this isn't stable enough yet. (2019-10-28) Yuffily Yufy: lost controll... what ever update or not (2019-10-23) Anibal Ardid: amazing ! Espectacular para poder manejar "grupos" o "sesiones" e ir alternando entre grupos de tabs (2019-10-22) Ryan Wade: This is a must-have tool for me. It organizes my tabs just like Marie Kondo organizes closets. (2019-10-22) 求道殺龍: 目前使用2.2.10,出現更新提醒,不更新無法使用,但使用115找不到如何更新。 (2019-10-19) ksn t: 素晴らしいアドオンだったのに、数日前のアップデートでバグだらけになり、まるで使えないものに変貌してしまいました。 ワークスペースの切り替えができない、ワークスペースにあったタブが勝手に消える、等々。まともに動くところを探す方が難しいくらいで、とても使える代物じゃありません。 多くは望まないので、前のバージョンに戻させていただきたいです。 (2019-10-18) Michael Shen: New update broke the extension. Repeatedly asked to update the extension (even after I already agree to update) and my workspaces don't show up unless I continue with the update process. (2019-10-18) Alexandre Quadros Moreno Filho: Apenas melhorou com a nova atualização.

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