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Mask sensitive data in screenshots. Take full page screenshots and export to PNG/JPEG/WEBP using online screenshot editor

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Description from store DataMask extension helps to blur images, scramble text and take website screenshots. DataMask opens screenshots in online editor by default where additional editing can be performed: draw, text blackout and reduce screenshot file size. DataMask is great fit for personal, support and editorial use. DataMask can help to make screenshots for news articles, video reports, graphic assets and support tickets. Free features: auto scramble all text and images on a website, take website viewport screenshot Paid features: edit website text, irreversible blur (blur+), hide parts of a website, take HTML element screenshots and freely draw blur rectangles You can try Pro features with a 7 day free trial by logging in with your Google account. How to use - Open a website - Click on DataMask icon or use the keyboard shortcut. Windows: CTRL+M, MacOS: Command+M Other useful features - Hide action hides DataMask banner without exiting masking mode - ESC keyboard shortcut is the same as Hide action - CTRL+Z undoes last change - Clear action returns website to initial state Permissions - activeTab is used to analyse and edit current tab content to hide sensitive information - storage is used to persist extension settings - communication with cooperating websites is used to transfer screenshots to DataMask Editor web app (https://datamask.tech/editor/) Follow DataMask updates and provide feedback Twitter: @DataMaskExt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datamaskext

Latest reviews

  • (2021-08-05) Chad M: Great App! I see some reviews that had trouble, but I didn't have any trouble at all. It appears that the PERSISTENT MASKING, which is clutch for screen recording, is only for the Pro version. Still not a deal breaker for me. A few tips I found that may help you: - You'll be notified to refresh the page to open the tool. FYI - Refresh on the Toolbox resets the page, like a super-undo. It appears that undo or removing edits individually is a Pro version upgrade for the Chrome extension, but is an option inside the Editor after taking a screenshot. - For just a quick edit on a live window within Chrome, I usually just use the 'Auto' button and it takes care of the entire page. - Now a lot of the time you won't want EVERYTHING blurred or scrambled, so select the 'manual' button. Drag your mouse over the page and you'll see red boxes detect areas on the page to individually blur. - Move it around and sometimes it will detect a more favorable size. - It detects pics, logos, text, etc. - Click your area and a menu pops up with several options, but only two that are selectable; 'Blur' and 'Scramble.' - 'Blur' blurs. (Duh.) 'Scramble' shuffles the letters around into gibberish, but I like how this looks sometimes to make a page look more natural without obvious blurred areas. - If you select scramble on a photo it just blurs it, so Scramble is just for text. - Sometimes pictures don't show the red selection box, but as long as you have 'manual' selected it will do the same thing. Now, it is my personal preference to use the screenshot and edit it outside of the live page and load the image to my articles. When you open the DataMask toolbox on a live window and screenshot it, it opens the image in a new window inside the DataMask Editor. Here you have the additional options of PIXILATING, BLACKOUT, CUSTOM PEN TOOL, CROPPING, and saving the image. Dragging boxes over an image is nicer in my opinion than the selection box, but both work. -- TIP: Blurring in the Editor defaults the blur size to 20. I recommend 3-5 for small text and images and to make the text unintelligible while not making photos look like soup. It appears that the additional options in the Manual Selection Toolbox are for the Pro version, though I haven't started the 7 Day Free Trial.
  • (2020-01-07) edison steven: i liked it
  • (2019-09-20) Martin Parnham: I couldn't blur/scramble any data that was actually confidential when trying to screenshot in Sheets. Didn't seem to work at all for what I needed it for and having to refresh the page to take off the scrambling effect is very annoying.
  • (2019-08-18) Tùng Nguyễn: What a helpful extension !
  • (2019-08-14) Gamemote: It's a good extension for making videos or taking pictures to blur out stuff that you don't want in it. But to take out the blur effect you will have to refresh the tab.

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  • (2021-08-03, v:1.6.5) Tim Tavender: I bought via appsumo and can't find where to add the licence.
    There is no way for me to add the licence.


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