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For data encryption and auto login to websites. Compatible with NFC products using Freemindtronic® technology.

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Description from store This free extension to the Freemindtronic® brand only works with our Android app and one of our NFC devices. We design, develop and manufacture our products in Andorra and France. Freemindtronic Extension is compatible with all products and services that use our EviToken & EviCypher technologies. Absolute anonymity, since the extension does not use a remote internet server. It does not store any secrets contained in our NFC module. Does not transmit or collect user and/or material information. The extension serves as an encrypted gateway to exchange secrets via the local network between the computer including Raspberry Pi type minicomputers, the NFC phone and our NFC Air Gap module. This is a module dedicated to encryption, analogous to an HSM (Hardware Security Module) with the addition of NFC technology to operate. The module embeds a physical and digital access control system with configurable multi-factor authentication (MFA) with the addition of individualized trust criteria by secret stored encrypted in the memory. • Physical and digital protection against theft and corruption of secrets, no backup neither in the extension, nor in the computer, nor in the phone. • All communication protocols (local network, Bluetooth, NFC) are also encrypted. • The module stores secrets without battery, power source and maintenance free for 40 years. • The solution has several AES-256, RSA 4096 and ECC encryption algorithms. • This is a patented ZKIP zero-knowledge physical and digital security system. The extension works without the need for synchronization on any computer operating system that supports a web browser, the addition of extension and optionally the installation of ZeroConf software called "EviDNS". • Auto connection to internet accounts more than 95% compatible. This level of compatibility provides a superior user experience than Passwordless Auto Login. That is to say that the user can log in automatically, without contact, to a computer system and to an account on the Internet via his web browser, without having to enter and remember a password or any other secret based on knowledge. • Auto-filling: solution that allows you to fill in form fields such as username, password, access code & passphrase. • Assisted auto-filling: solution which allows, by simply pointing the mouse on a specific field, to fill in a password, a BIP39 mnemonic phrase, a text, a public address or private key for example. • Vibrating call on the phone, auto connection and auto filling that can be done remotely over an encrypted local network. • Digital Post-it: solution that uses the "clipboard" by copy/paste in an offended way on display, without saving in the computer. This function allows you to obtain from the module the secrets to be used to fill in a password field of software present in the computer which does not use a web browser. Remember, however, to erase the data contained in the computer's clipboard to erase all traces of secrets. • Bluetooth virtual keyboard “Inputstick®”: technology, solution compatible with the extension which allows the use of another communication protocol encrypted in AES 128. This allows all the auto connection and Auto-filling and assisted auto-filling functions to be performed. • Create a new secret named "Label" from a computer by generating a QR Code compatible with the Android application of the NFC phone. This allows you to add secrets such as a username, password, bank card, note, BIP 39, identification card, Opal 2.0 code, BitLocker key, PIN, PUK, master key, in the NFC module. Then simply scan the QR Code displayed in the extension via our NFC Android phone app to automatically save the encrypted secret in the NFC module. • Generate a “confidence criterion” key segment: this solution allows you to randomly generate a key in QR Code format. It allows this key segment to be added to other segments serving as encryption keys stored in the NFC module. Thus, if all the segments are not met, the use of the key is impossible. This authentication element segment can be printed and accessible in a safe place, for example. • EviCrypt is an AES 256 encryption solution for text without backup, and files via a symmetric encryption key. Independent of the computer system, it allows, after encryption in the computer's RAM, to use any messaging service (Outlook, Gmail, Zoom, Verizon, web.de, Gmx, Orange as well as SMS and MMS ). It is also possible to store on a physical storage medium (USB key, SSD, SD, HD or paper in QR Code format) as well as to store data online. Advantageously, the encryption keys isolated from the computer systems are stored in complete security only in the NFC module. • Unlimited automatic fleet manager of NFC phones paired with our NFC phone app. • Other tools are free to use without the need for Freemindtronic products: - A random password generator with selection of ASCII character type including special characters, a text to QR Code converter, a 32 ASCII character random generator in QR Code format. - A domain Unicode detection system allowing the use of special characters close to the Latin alphabet, Unicode E100. This helps to combat the homographic attack used by cybercriminals to carry out phishing and typosquatting (Typosquatting). The domain name is displayed in an active rectangle, in green no risk and in orange risk. - A system for detecting unsecured "https" sites via a padlock which is displayed in red. In conclusion, the extension is a multi-service, highly secure tool from an NFC hardware device that connects only on demand. A solution designed for professionals, companies, communities as well as public services anxious to secure and protect physically, simply and quickly, without special skills, all their secrets. To end • The extension has an animated tutorial for ease of use. • A list of non-confidential brands that use EviToken technology compatible with the extension. Legal Notice Freemindtronic, EviToken and EviCypher are registered trademarks. The technologies are protected by several granted invention patents WO2010/086552, WO2017/129887 and WO2018/154258. For more information about the versions of the extension go on Freemindtronic website https://freemindtronic.com/version-history-of-software-freemindtronic-andorra

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