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Chrome Extension for Confluence to create Meeting Notes directly from your Google Calendar. Quick and easy meeting management.

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Description from store Create meeting notes and find content in Confluence 10 times faster. πŸš€ Must-have Browser Extension for all Confluence users! The Confluence Chrome Extension makes Confluence Meeting Notes easy and effective and saves you lot of time. NEW features: πŸ”Ž Search Confluence from anywhere 🧩 Access your meeting pages and recent content from a new Dashboard πŸ₯³ Completely FREE basic plan now available. Get Meetical today! Save time, organize meeting notes faster, keep everyone more accountable, create a good meeting culture and keep meetings productive. Get Meetical! 1) πŸ‘‰ CREATE Meeting Notes in Confluence with a click of a button, directly from your Google Calendar. 2) πŸ”— DIRECT LINK from any event on Google Calendar to the corresponding Confluence page. You and all participants will find the page faster. Preparing and making contributions becomes a breeze and a habit for everyone! 3) 🦾 AUTOMATE -> Automatically create pages for recurring meetings. Automatically structures meeting notes hierarchically and keeps naming consistent. 3) πŸ“Š Use and customize time-saving Meeting TEMPLATES! For Team Meetings, 1-on-1 Meetings, Weekly Tactical Meetings, Strategy Meetings, Executive Meetings, .... Install and customize the meeting templates and create new global and space templates. We offer a 100% free basic version, and a Standard version (30 days free trial). - To use the free basic version, just install the Extension and follow setup. - To use the Standard version, first install the Confluence App from the Atlassian Marketplace (30 days free trial): 🧩 https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1222405 The free version does not require a Confluence admin to install a Marketplace App, but currently does not support all features. The standard version gives you the full Meetical experience and supports the further development of this app - Check all details here: https://www.meetical.io/pricing/pricing-cloud Why Meetical? βœ… Create meeting notes faster (last minute, or completely automated) βœ… Find meeting notes faster (by direct link, full-text search, meeting report macros) βœ… Free your mind from recurring admin tasks with powerful automations βœ… Don't miss important action items, past decisions and keep everyone on the same page Every key meeting should have a linked Confluence page right in the calendar invite and include up-to-date meeting information. With this chrome extension you can create and link a Confluence meeting notes pages directly from your calendar. It's easy and fast and does not require you to switch between different tools or manually enter the same information over and over again. The meeting page will get created instantly and a link will be added to the calendar invite. Better meeting notes, create more frequently and the whole process is much more user-friendly. Meeting notes get much easier to find for everyone. Additional features - Use amazing templates for team meetings, tactical meetings, 1-on-1 meetings and much more. You can even build and use your own templates! - For recurring meetings, you can define a template to use for every meeting in that series. - Review of all open action items in a series becomes easy - Recurring meeting pages can then get auto-created for you, by a number of days in advance you define. β˜… Features of the Confluence Chrome Extension: - Adds a new button to create Confluence pages base on any event on your calendar directly from your Google Calendar. - Choose the target space and - optionally - a page template (new meeting templates added recently for team meetings, tactical meetings, strategy meetings etc.). - All event details such as date, time, location, attendees and description are copied for you to the Confluence Page by the Meetical for Confluence App. - A link to the Confluence page is added at the bottom of the event description - we recommend this to give all meeting participants immediate access to the Agenda and Meeting Minutes. - If an existing Confluence Meeting Page for an event could be found, a link to open the Confluence page will appear to avoid duplicate pages for the same event. β˜… Installation Guide: - Installation guide: https://www.meetical.io/learn/setup-confluence-chrome-extension - Quick start: https://www.meetical.io/learn/confluence-chrome-extension-quick-start - Complete Documentation: https://www.meetical.io/learn β˜… New to Confluence and Meeting Notes? πŸ€“ Check out our Introduction and Ultimate Guide to Confluence Meeting Notes: https://www.meetical.io/learn/confluence-meeting-notes-guide πŸš€ Visit Intro to Meetical: https://www.meetical.io/learn/introduction-to-meetical β˜… Setup of the Confluence Chrome Extension 1. After you install the Extension, navigate to the edit screen of any existing event on your Google Calendar or create a new event. 2. The edit event screen will show a new section under the location of the event, asking you to "Add Authentication" in order to use the Extension. 3. You can then follow the link with the label "Get your API" key which will show you your personal API key. This Key you must then input in the "Your API key" field and click on "Save". β˜… More on the philosophy behind Meetical: For every important meeting have a collaborative document, to gather input and share results and minutes. Everybody hates ineffective meetings, but what is even worse? To make people feel excluded from meetings! How can you keep meetings small and effective and at the same time avoid conflicts and involve all interested parties? Meetical helps you to keep your meetings effective. For every important Meeting, create a Meeting Page on Confluence and make it accessible to all interested parties. Include all essential information on that page and link the page in the the event description. We recommend to create a meeting page with the agenda at least 2 or 3 days in advance to the meeting to gather input and refine the meeting participant list. Only include who can make active contributions. Make the meeting goals and agenda clear. During the meeting, do live collaborative note taking and if possible make the notes visible to everybody on a separate screen. After the meeting, share the results with all participants and also with all interested parties to help your company embrace an open work culture. Keep spectators out of the meeting and make nobody feel excluded by sharing the agenda and meeting results beyond the participant list. Get Meetical from the Atlassian Marketplace! Confluence Cloud: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/1222405 Confluence Server: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/1221073 --- *** - Firefox user? Check our Firefox Add-on for Confluence https://www.meetical.io/learn/setup-confluence-firefox-add-on - Outlook user? Check our Confluence Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365 https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/wa200002105 *** β˜… FAQ What's Meetical? Meetical is a Meeting Management App, based on Atlassian Confluence. It enhances both Confluence and your Calendar, and makes Meeting Notes collaborative, easy and effective. The full name of the App is "Meetical Meetings for Confluence". Do I need the Confluence? Yes you need Atlassian Confluence. You can get started for free with Confluence: https://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence I'm new to Confluence... Welcome aboard! We've written an introduction article about Confluence Meeting Notes for you: https://www.meetical.io/learn/confluence-meeting-notes-introduction Do you offer a free solution? Yes, we offer a basic free version. Confluence also has a free starter version available. What's the difference between Free and Standard version? The free version creates only basic meeting pages and was built to enable users to try out Meetical, without the need to ask a Confluence Admin to install the App or get management approvals etc. – compared to the Standard version, pages are less feature rich and some features are missing (even not possible technically). For example you will only see a list of emails on the free basic pages, in the Standard version we'll map attendees to real users and send notifications. The Standard version also includes unlimited automations for recurring meetings. For those who can install (and afford) the Standard version, we highly recommend it. Detailed feature comparison: https://www.meetical.io/pricing/pricing-cloud Do I need the Confluence App to use the Confluence Chrome Extension? It's recommended, but not required anymore for the Free Basic version. If you do not have confluence admin rights, please request the App internally and ask your Confluence Admin to install the App from the Atlassian Marketplace. Is my data secure? Yes, your meeting data at rest is protected by Atlassian's world class, enterprise ready cloud security infrastructure. We only act as data processor and are committed to keep your data secure on our side with industry standards and security best practices. Find out more: https://www.meetical.io/product/security How much does Meetical cost? Meetical offers a free and paid plan around ~1$/user/month, please find all details on our website. More information? Find more info on our website https://www.meetical.io and reach out to us at https://www.meetical.io/support. Get Meetical! Thank You!

Latest reviews

  • (2022-07-27) Paul Gutteling: Simple extension that helps you to streamline the meeting process and make it easier to have all your meeting notes in one place. Some nice extra features as well, such as showing the last meeting notes on the extension in the Chrome browser.
  • (2021-02-09) Pedro Martins Dusso: In this new world where online meetings are the rule, not the exception, is impossible to build a company that learns without registering decisions, tasks, etc. And it used to be very hard before Meetical. People are lazy by nature, and if you don't make it almost effortless to create a note-taking system (these guys made it!) they won't do it. We are using it a lot in our company, and the permanent accountability note-taking creates inside a startup is priceless.
  • (2020-09-01) Very simple to use and supporting is very helpful. Everytime when we need to make a meeting note, Meetical can be a best choice for Conflunce Lukas, the CEO helped me when I have a problem with sending video. It helps me to solve the problem.
  • (2020-07-01) Michael Peters: We use this since a couple of months and it really streamlines our meeting process. Super easy to create meeting notes prefilled with all necessary information. This results in way better and more regular meeting notes.
  • (2019-10-25) Jens Kisters: The plugin makes it even easier to create meeting note pages, i would not want to miss it

Latest issues

  • (2021-11-18, v:3.1.0) Laura Daly: Google Doc
    I added the free Meetical extension but every time I go to click on Take Meetings Notes it opens a Google Doc instead of opening a Confluence page? Please can you advise? Thanks
  • (2021-10-20, v:3.1.0) Andie Otgonbayar: Can Meetical create a confluence page for each occurrence of a reoccurring meeting?
    When I use the Meetical extension in Google Calendar for reoccurring meetings, it only creates 1 page for the very first event in the series. Can Meetical auto-create a page for each occurrence? Basically if the meeting is scheduled to occur 3 times, then there should be 3 pages auto created. It is not very intuitive to open each event in the calendar to create the confluent page.


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