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YouTube™ for TV

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Allows https://youtube.com/tv to load YouTube™ TV App from regular browser

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Description from store This extension allows you to access Youtube for TV App, also known as Youtube Leanback. This version of Youtube is very useful because it allows remote control via a tablet or smartphone running the YouTube app. On OCT/02/2019, access began to be restricted on several non-whitelisted devices, including Desktops and Macs. Two days later I found the solution that resulted in this extension. You just need to install it and access https://www.youtube.com/tv YouTube™ is a trademark of Google Inc. YouTube™ for TV is not endorsed or affiliated with YouTube.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-04-15) Damien Mauchamp: Yeah everything was fine until this extension started opening wack pages and popups. Do not install !
  • (2020-04-15) Dude Cool: this extension works well im not getting any popups so i do not know what everyone is talking about. But that is probably cause i have ad block but adblock is not reporting any ads being blocked so im not sure.
  • (2020-04-15) sage sage: No hay forma de enviar los videos al PC (retransmitir) así que esta extensión es inútil
  • (2020-04-15) Thomas Lebrun: Ouvre des pages de publicités en popup. Inadmissible.
  • (2020-04-15) Adam Spitzer: Does what you need it to. Also does what you dont want it to. Keeps opening spam websites. Definitely Malware behaviour. I did not notice it do anything that would harm my PC, but I will not take the chance. Whoever made this, made a good extension, then made it potentially harmful.
  • (2020-04-14) Daby Pengulu: Ouvre des liens vers Dudepage depuis début Février. Je continue de l'utiliser, mais je la supprime dès que j'arrête d'utiliser Youtube on Tv. Y'a aucun risque, c'est pas un virus ou j'ne sais quoi, c'est juste très chiant à la longue.
  • (2020-04-14) Radu Varga: Contains adware, stay away!
  • (2020-04-13) Byron Zhu: Totallly works!!! Works just like chromecast. I can directly cast Youtube from my pixel 4 onto my PC, but it needed to be set up through typing in code first though.
  • (2020-04-07) Serj Woland: So many spam ads
  • (2020-04-04) Hashim Mehmood: Helped me achieve exactly the YouTube viewing experience I was looking for from my Chrome browser tab..
  • (2020-04-02) Danny Keeley: used to work, now it only makes new tabs of dodgy websites
  • (2020-04-02) Aarón Abdallah Rodríguez Patiño: Lo sigo usando, pero a cada rato salen pop ups de dude pages, con que digan que incluye publicidad, o que el origen de esas molestas paginas es este plugin, esta bien, pero denlo a conocer
  • (2020-03-31) Lex Silvas: Estava com um malware que abria outras paginas no navegador, mas aparentemente não tem mais. E também voltou a funcionar os videos no youtube. Pelo menos por enquanto!
  • (2020-03-31) Evan Gray: Used to be good but now contains adware. Beware!
  • (2020-03-30) Maladroit: Was great until recently, now it's just adware and doesn't even work.
  • (2020-03-29) Mohamed: Used to work great.. no video wants to load
  • (2020-03-28) ycnan: Used to work so well and now stopped working all of a sudden. Sooo disappointed.
  • (2020-03-28) Yura Inversion: It started to open random sites every day ((
  • (2020-03-28) Flavio Bentancour: Tiene un VIRUS, últimamente se abren pestañas de páginas como DudePages y iKitties
  • (2020-03-28) Zonked Companion: Was great. Now its adware. It will open tabs randomly to dudepages and ikitties. People in previous reviews have suggested going into the extension directory and removing some JS files to stop it opening tabs. MY SUGGESTION IS REMOVE THIS EXTENSION + GET A USER AGENT SWITCHER. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS EXTENSION DOES BUT WITHOUT THE DODGY ADWARE. SET YOUR USER AGENT TO THE FOLLOWING FOR YOUTUBE TV: Mozilla/5.0 (SMART-TV; Linux; Tizen 5.0) AppleWebKit/538.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0 NativeTVAds Safari/538.1 It really is that simple.
  • (2020-03-28) Panagiotis Chatziioannidis: It pop ups new pages, dudepages and ikitty by itselft. BAD.
  • (2020-03-28) Jackie Lombardi: I'm having the adware problem, but i'm also generally just unable to play videos for some reason? Is anybody else having an issue where when they try to play a video it gives you a "Something went wrong" error message? If so, is there any way to fix it? This app used to work wonderfully but it suddenly went south and i'm upset
  • (2020-03-28) Wolf Gamer: DO NOT INSTALL!! This extension contains adware!
  • (2020-03-28) Nelson Vargas: Ya no sirve :(
  • (2020-03-28) Tim: Same as everyone else, started opening tabs on its own.

Latest issues

  • (2020-02-17, v:0.0.3) Fx somon: youtube app
    can i get youtube apk file with this extension? i mean, i want to convert this extension to apk for my tv. my tv is 4.4(kitkat)
  • (2020-02-13, v:0.0.3) Donna McKenzie: can sign in to you tube tv
    cant sign in to you tube tv i have done what they asked dont know what i am doing wrong
  • (2020-02-09, v:0.0.3) Evil AVP: Android YouTube
    Android YouTube app stopped see browser YouTube TV even in same WiFi network
  • (2020-01-24, v:0.0.3) Ozan Hanedan: Working Problem on Startup
    The plugin doesn't work when "youtube.com/tv" is set as Specific Page in startup on Chrome.
  • (2020-01-15, v:0.0.3) Jose Torres: problemas
    no puedo reproducir videos
  • (2020-01-15, v:0.0.3) Jose Torres: problemas con la producion
    se traba no sirbe la reprducin no sirve
  • (2020-01-01, v:0.0.3) R M: Resolution
    Is it possible to take the resolution of this plugin a step higher, from 720p to 1080p.
  • (2020-01-01, v:0.0.3) AlbherB: Won't let me use Youtube TV anymore
    It was working fine untill I logged in my Google account in Chrome. Thanks!
  • (2019-12-26, v:0.0.3) ignacio vega: no reproduce los videos
    no reproduce los videos ni se escuchan
  • (2019-12-19, v:0.0.3) mudwings 123: tiny problems
    won't play videos and doesn't support wide screen
  • (2019-12-09, v:0.0.3) Wolf Gamer: Add a way to keep Play/Pause button hidden
    when watching videos the play/Pause randomly show up and block the majority of the screen. It would be nice to have a way to hide this especially since most users will be using a different device for this anyway.
  • (2019-12-07, v:0.0.3) Nguyễn Anh Duy: Update Youtube Latest Version Supports!
    Add video on Youtube supports: Quality 720p50, 720p60, Full HD 1080p50, 1080p60, 2K, 4K, 8K! Update Youtube Latest Version add a video preview in Search or Suggestions Preview automatically plays music in the Music!
  • (2019-12-06, v:0.0.3) neo boss: Cannot start automatically
    I try to put youtube.com/tv like default page. And when pc get ON to open chrome in start up. Connection is established, but contend is not play. Need two additional actions to can play. First is to move mouse on pc, to can load the contend on the screen. And second action is to click play button on the screen. After that i am able to play, pause songs and clips from my phone. Before that is do nothing. Hope you can fix that , or please share the solution to open the page to can rewrite some of the nodecast apps that work perfectly before.
  • (2019-11-21, v:0.0.3) The Big Guy RHLM: MAXIMA RESOLUCIÓN ES DE 480
    quiero una resolución que sea de mas de 480 que metodo tengo que usar o que tengo que hacer para utilizar el 1080
  • (2019-11-03, v:0.0.3) Ivan Mirkovic: not loading page from speed deal
    on opera browser. going to link from speed deal not loading page. from address bar work normaly
  • (2019-10-21, v:0.0.3) Róbert Papp: Permissions
    Awesome job, like the simplicity, but do you really need that many permissions?
  • (2019-10-20, v:0.0.3) Dylan: Is there anywa yto fill the whole screen?
    When the page is up i have large black bars on both side i guess as a result of my large monitor, is there way to make it fill the page?
  • (2019-10-11, v:0.0.3) Wurmtal 868: Race Condition during Chrome/Chromium startup
    When you use youtube.com/tv as your home page, it will be loaded before the extension is active. As result you will see the EOL message and be forwarded to the normal youtube page. Only re-loading the page gets you to the TV app.


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