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Use a variety of unique faces on Twitch!

Image from store FrankerFaceZ
Description from store FrankerFaceZ is a Twitch enhancement suite that provides custom channel emotes, Twitch layout and chat customization, advanced chat moderation tools, and many more unique features designed to make Twitch a more pleasant and social experience for you and the channels you love.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-03) Viktor Ivanov: I usually don't write reviews but this experience forced me to write it. And it is a bad one. On my older laptop this extension makes twitch unwatchable. The loading takes forever and in the end it fails, making my machine burn in hell in the meanwhile. I don't recommend installing if on older machine or laptop.
  • (2019-12-06) FortunaDraken: Definitely useful, and more powerful than BTTV it seems. Missing the option to click the video to pause though that BTTV has, which would be very welcome for vods at least.
  • (2019-12-02) Keennness: this makes me wet
  • (2019-11-28) ExecutiveKrab: The "Enable FrankerFaceZ features for Chat on Videos" option breaks emote addons on VODs, such as _HK or _BW, etc. Other than that, pretty good.
  • (2019-11-25) Ovidiu: Must-have for any Twitch user.
  • (2019-10-27) ᴀʟᴛᴇʀ ᴍᴏᴏɴsᴘᴇʟʟ: Randomly delete messages in chat... hate it.
  • (2019-10-11) Daniel Nowak: Amazing
  • (2019-09-24) --: What the hell. The recent update overrides BTTV's chat cog menu entries. Not cool whatsoever
  • (2019-09-17) Melvin MacDonald: Maybe there could be options to modify the buffer settings like in Alternative Player for Twitch.tv? I would also like a custom delay for artificial chat delay (which is useful for extreme buffer size).
  • (2019-09-03) Luluminal: my pp itches Kappa
  • (2019-08-27) Tony: It doesn’t block Twitch ads, after reloading the page, Twitch ads start.
  • (2019-08-13) Miraç Adaş: iyi hoşta ayarları sıfırlamayı bir türlü bulamadım
  • (2019-08-07) Ylaan !: Très complet, mis a jour régulièrement, parfait.
  • (2019-08-06) Jordan Moreno: I like Frankerz instead of BetterTTV, idk it looks like FrankerFaceZ has more customizations, Good Extension for Chrome Browser
  • (2019-08-04) WayneTainment: They remove emotes because they have black faces. Seems pretty racist in my opinion. BetterTV is a much better alternative. 1 out of 5 stars ZULUL
  • (2019-07-28) Custom Phase: BTTV, but better in pretty much every way.
  • (2019-07-18) Kareem saud: Thank you for such an awesome tool
  • (2019-06-26) Shiza: 👍👍👍
  • (2019-06-06) TwinelyWix: Tab emote autocomplete broke again
  • (2019-06-04) ANCE: nice
  • (2019-05-18) Joel Munro: Awesome but please add option to hide rooms and stream chat text from top of chat
  • (2019-04-09) Arhase: Essential extension for twitch but it doesn't work in rooms, only in the main chat.
  • (2019-03-19) Nutrollio Nutz: I don't see the stream uptime in the details bar anymore. I have it enabled but it's gone.Anyone else??
  • (2019-01-27) Don Francois: It's useful
  • (2018-12-21) Egn Eng: de rucula :P

Latest issues

  • (2015-08-23, v:1.57) Yuleika Reyes: como se utiliza
    no se utilizarlo
  • (2015-08-18, v:1.57) Cyborg Mango: Can't Add
    I press 'add to chrome' but it just come up with a network error but my connection is fine and normal.Can anybody help?
  • (2015-08-17, v:1.57) SSx4Leonjr: Can't install Frankerfacez
    Everytime I click 'Add to chrome' It gives me the error Could not move extension directory into profile. What's wrong?
  • (2015-07-26, v:1.57) Geometry Dash Rowan: ???
    How do I use it?
  • (2015-06-22, v:1.57) lovinwolfpack: Emotes keep getting denied on frankerfaceZ
    Why do the majority of my emotes keep getting denied even though they are the correct size and I also make sure they are PNG files as well. What am I doing wrong???
  • (2015-06-11, v:1.57) Ventus The Sox: Highlighting keywords
    How does the Highlighting keywords work? I have pasted the words I want with commas but they don't appear highlighted in my chat,do they work in my chat, or any chat or what?
  • (2015-05-30, v:1.57) Supgamer: download help please!
    why does it say, "available on chrome" when i should be able to download it...
  • (2015-02-24, v:1.57) Tom Keane: cant get on
    I have downloaded but i can not open my app could i please have some help
  • (2015-02-13, v:1.57) FrankerFaceZ doesn't work
    I currently use FrankerFacez, BetterTTV and Rechat for Twitch and I use Google Chrome. At first it when fine, but then one day it just disappered. Please help!
  • (2015-02-04, v:1.56) legoman: :)
    how did you make this?


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