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用这款低音增强器应用程序让您的浏览器听起来真棒。 适用于耳机和扬声器的工作低音增强器。

Image from store Sound Control - Sound Control
Description from store 工作低音助推器的耳机和扬声器。 您可以使用我们的低音增强器扩展来增加您在线观看的视频,您喜欢的音乐,在线电影或浏览器游戏中的低音。 只需点击几下鼠标即可激活它,享受低音提升的声音! 扩展程序适用于任何网站,只需在您的浏览器中。 在任何音频和视频流媒体网站上使用它,只需在浏览器中即可获得完美的低音效果。 我们的低音增强器扩展具有一些很棒的功能,如简单,干净和轻巧的设计,快速开/关按钮,让您在几秒钟内启用低音增强,准备使用预设和自定义模式,以获得完美的音频低音调。 使用这款低音助推器应用程序,从您的浏览器发出的声音非常棒。

Latest reviews

  • (2020-12-01) Vladislav 1337: Что мне делать если как только включаю приложение во вкладке пропадает звук?
  • (2020-12-01) super sonic: funny, I would just like you to not make malware popups show up because I deal with anxiety and those are not helping cases.
  • (2020-11-29) Syntia Krasnická: Funguje na jedničku. ;)
  • (2020-11-17) Marion Vister: THATS`S so good!!!!
  • (2020-11-13) Yessir Furrets: it was great just it could be a little better by adding it HIGHER lol im jk i loved it
  • (2020-11-04) dominnator Viktor: good extension ^_^
  • (2020-10-17) Taki Jeden: to działa lol
  • (2020-10-10) Lajos Vida-Szűcs: Sometimes the sound gets a little stuck! It makes the music to unenjoyable!
  • (2020-10-09) FP İbrahim: harika bass ı fullemeyin ama 2. derecede cok iyi oluyor
  • (2020-10-06) Electronic Inspiration: The extention redirects you to malware sites DO NOT INSTALL!!!
  • (2020-09-29) Rizky Z: MANTAP
  • (2020-09-22) Sol Mathews: it is a great extension has conflict issues when paired with other audio mixers
  • (2020-09-03) Tom Tad: this gives you ads on every google search its really annoying
  • (2020-09-02) JuiceTin12: It give a lot of bass
  • (2020-08-24) Alex Str: открывает левые сайты
  • (2020-08-17) Jayden Collier: awsome
  • (2020-08-12) Claudine Frederiks: I love Bass
  • (2020-08-12) Justin Glab: good
  • (2020-08-07) Almaz: хрипит и голова потом болит
  • (2020-08-03) Sayem Tutorial: great tool
  • (2020-07-31) Mirulon Kimaliy: cool
  • (2020-07-29) korea Federation: 음질이 깨지는것은 상관이 없지만, 블루투스 연결이 뚜뚜둑 끊기는 현상이 일어남. 못써먹겠다.
  • (2020-07-28) 정남: It's really great, but the music's breaking up.. T.T I hope it's fixed!!
  • (2020-07-16) Boni0: działa jak przypniesz i włączysz, ale czasami mi się samo wyłącza
  • (2020-07-13) kancil kancil: benar benar luar biasa...
  • (2020-07-11) gaybrielisgay: it just... sucks. its not good, and its laggy as hell.
  • (2020-07-09) virtual tripsタモ萎: It's funny when people question why there's the high and very high bass option.here's why: I use it. thanks.
  • (2020-07-08) Julian R2D2: el sonido se apaga al activarlo
  • (2020-06-25) \/: GOOD
  • (2020-04-15) Jasper: My speaker is dead 🙃
  • (2020-04-13) Wasil Khan: Awesome bass booster, exactly the extension I was looking for.
  • (2020-04-07) kaannettv: harika
  • (2020-04-04) Ryan Ward: NUL ! installe un adware dans mon navigateur
  • (2020-03-30) Mustafa Mercan: hiçbirşey farketmedi
  • (2020-03-18) Крис дет ва кери на фортнтие: zdrasti az sum nothx toi e moq gamer
  • (2020-03-09) Francis Morton: Good fun but it gives pop-ups for malware and porn websites
  • (2020-03-05) Seven: gdy mialem win 7 to dzialalo ale mam 10 to gowno daje i wycisza yt
  • (2020-02-14) Wil14m 69: I thought it was nice for a while...turns out it was a virus all along.
  • (2020-02-12) Q_Uzi: After about a week of having this installed, it put adware into my browser every time I visit a website. Do not install this.
  • (2020-02-10) Moritz Wegener: Hat meine Pc-Boxen ordentlich weggescheppert!!!
  • (2020-02-08) Melih Taha Bztp: ses bozuluyor ama kulaklık yüzünden sanırım
  • (2020-02-06) Александр Антонов: Приложение само открывает в новых вкладках 1xbet и им подобные говносайты
  • (2020-01-24) Tankist Ra4ok: блин я незнаю у меня наушники хайперов но блин оно орет
  • (2020-01-24) Kaoz Ray: Wow that's some sick bass!! Love it thanks. You deserve 5 Stars. :D
  • (2020-01-20) Rockstar Energy: väldigt bra
  • (2020-01-19) Csgo Smurf: İdare eder
  • (2020-01-18) Bracken: Gives out adware, if you add it, you will get a virus
  • (2020-01-15) Callum Jack: Do not use! This is malware. It doesn't even boost your base either, it muffles the audio. This extension will just make all of your google searches be spammed with their own advertisements. Uses "Ads by RoyalAds" like a lot of other scams.
  • (2020-01-13) AviAttillA: Works really well but I get "Ads by Royal Ads" Please remove this. I don't have any other extensions so this is the only reason I have it, I think.
  • (2020-01-02) huge man: good but has adware

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  • (2018-09-11, v:1.2.2) I am a Potato: wot
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