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Full Screen for Google Chrome

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Go full screen with one click on the full screen button. That includes also the full screen movies such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

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Description from store With this extension you can easily go to full screen thanks to the full screen button. You choose the task: Web full screen, window full screen or the current HTML5 video go to full screen. Such as the YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku video player, etc. Full Screen is a lightweight and useful add-in designed for to get fast that web page, image, video in full screen. Few great features in this browser extension: + Option to for full screen web page or current HTML5 video go to full screen mode + Option to bring the video automatic to full window when you click on the play button Know as the "Auto Full Screen" feature (Auto FS). This works for all HTML5 video player and YouTube™. So you can watch comfortable you video on you big screen. + Option full screen shortcut to go quick in full screen website mode + Compatible with Turn Off the Lights Browser extension auto dim feature on YouTube™ Project Information: https://www.stefanvd.net/project/full-screen/browser/ Required Permissions: "contextMenus": This to add the "Go to full screen" menu item in the web browser context menu. "tabs": This is needed for the following features: to show you the welcome and guide page, detect the current playing HTML5 video, and to open the Options page. "storage": This to save the settings on your local computer, and to sync it to your web browser account. "http://*/*&#34;, "https://*/*&#34;: This to execute the button on all websites that include http, and https. Note: YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. <<< Option feature >>> To protect your eyes at night and to get focus on the video player such as YouTube™. It's recommend to use and install the Turn Off the Lights https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bfbmjmiodbnnpllbbbfblcplfjjepjdn

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-08) Paweł Przytuła: Works great on Chrome - this extension is blocking Full Screen and only option to exit it is to click on the "X" in the circle on upper middle position. I always use it with remote desktop and noone can know it.
  • (2019-12-19) Vraja D: Works great, better than the other full screen video extensions. I noticed people making complaints, they need to do the settings right.
  • (2019-11-28) FX Partisan: Add a feature which enables the user to see chrome tabs and address bar when he moves the mouse pointer on top of the screen. Just like Firefox browser.
  • (2019-10-07) JadowBro: works for youtube but i wouldn't consider donating till it works for funimation
  • (2019-10-01) Bartek Brak: adware that does nothing that browser can't do
  • (2019-09-20) James Utting: If this installed and the Tabs and and Address Bar are still visible in Full Screen mode. Click on "View" in the Chrome Browser Menu at the top,of the screen and uncheck "Always show toolbar in Full Screen" and you will have true Full Screen with no tabs or address bar visible in Full Screen. However with macOS Mojave this can be done without this extension and so basically it adds a convenient button to use for tis function.
  • (2019-09-07) Lyn: Why not a keyboard shortcut like youtube's 'f' ?
  • (2019-09-04) Robert Fraatz: I have been looking for sth like this for a longer time. works for every video page I tried so far. One thing I am missing (or have not find yet): I would like to have the possibility to only need 1 click or shortcut to get the video fully cover the window without the window beeing in fullscreen. in the moment I need 2 (or 3?) clicks to achieve this.
  • (2019-07-31) Jun Huang: LITERAL HOT GARBAGE.
  • (2019-07-29) Yanwei Pan: This is very helpful to view my slides when presenting!
  • (2019-07-29) GC Carlson: Wish I would've found this three hours ago! My old 2008 Macbook can't update past Chrome 49, and for some reason Tubi.tv when viewed in full-screen puts the video far off center. Hours of looking for a solution, and this is it. One option lets you run the video frame full-screen, against black. This could also be helpful on other sites that frame full-screen video with gray bars, etc. Tags: 2008 Macbook Chrome 49 off center Tubi.tv
  • (2019-07-28) Zach Small: Totally misleading. This doesn't provide anything extra to the user experience. The app instantly demands access to all your site data even though it should default to just when clicked. I was looking for something that would full screen a video within a snapped chrome page. This doe not do that. This just full screens your video same as clicking full screen on it would anyway. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • (2019-07-21) Mohammed Hashim: it does what I was looking for, I set the shortcut to be (Ctrl+Q), working well.
  • (2019-07-16) Reagan Ong: would be good if i am able to access the address bar when in full screen mode. instead of just a "x" when i move my mouse to the top and wants to exit full screen mode
  • (2019-07-08) James Beauchamp: Chrome already lets you make it fullscreen XD haha
  • (2019-06-08) Frank Booth: Needs work. In the current version of Chrome operating in the current version of Windows 10 when the browser is maximized to the desktop and you use Full Screen instead of F11 to go into full screen, then when you want to leave, whether you leave by clicking the X provided by Full Screen, or by hitting F11, it minimizes the entire browser. So the efficiency its meant to provide is entirely negated.
  • (2019-05-22) Juangui aguayo: This is literally pointless. Does nothing that you can already do. Again, LITERALLY DOES NOTHING NOOOOOOOOTHING THAT YOU CAN ALREADY DO.
  • (2019-05-08) Mark Edwards: left my full screen, no able to find taskbar ot desktop. jjunk software, ull scree doe NO mean forever full. press Fsounds about right.... stay away, unless youknow how to work around your desktop being inaccessible...
  • (2019-04-03) 도서관죽돌이: Fantastic for windows tablets!
  • (2019-03-18) Keena Hudson: Getting out of it is annoying. Have to move mouse to the top of the page to click the 'x', and then maximise the window again. I wish I could just use the Esc button.
  • (2019-03-10) Noah Giddings: This is fantastic. I've literally been looking for months for something to enable fullscreen other than the atrocious Fn+f11 keybind. The extension works perfectly. With it I'm able to switch between fullscreen and standard seamlessly. No need for stretching your hand awkwardly to Fn+f11 or moving the cursor to chrome's settings - it can all be done with but a slight movement of the hand (mine's currently bound to alt+a). Thank you to the developers! Excellent work!
  • (2019-03-07) Christoph Zeller: Ich suchte etwas (und ein Link dahingehend hat mich zu dieser Extension geführt) was die Tab- und Adress-Leiste ausblendet. Das Handling in der aktuellen Version von Chrome ist auch seltsam: bspw. bei Netflix wird der Fullscreen-Modus 2x aktiviert: Einmal mit Esc abzubrechen und nochmals via F11 abzubrechen damit man wieder zurück kommt. Für mich leider auch sehr nutzlos
  • (2019-02-27) Sean B.: This used to work great, but now it just maximizes the screen like F11. To the Developer: Instead of replying with useless general replies about how we can get help on your poorly designed website, just reply to this review with clear instructions on how to hide the toolbar and tab-bar as it used to. I have not seen any such option in the Fullscreen option menu. Vague replies don't help anyone.
  • (2019-02-08) William Axelsson: It dose not work. I have Quit Chrome several times after disabling all other Chrome extensions and clearing cookies and cach. I have it on the Option "This maximized the browser..." but nothing happens. I wanted it to fill the whole browser with netflix so that i could watch movies on a smalles browser window over acrobat on a secound screen. Like screen on screen. but the tabs take all the space when its that small...
  • (2019-01-25) David Norvell: Rubbish, doesn't do anything the browser can do anyway


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