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Reduce tab clutter and mute distractions when you start a task: close tabs, block notifications, and restore them all later.

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Description from store KosmoTime is the Smart Calendar for Time Blocking and Focused Work. It has its own free Chrome extension to help you be the most productive you can be. We bring the time blocking solution into your routine to help you accomplish all the tasks on your list. Our Chrome extension enables you to: CLOSE TABS: Reduce your tab clutter by converting all of your tabs into one single list. MUTE MODE: Are you bombarded with notifications or tempted to check your social media? Mute all distracting tabs when you start a task. Once you’re done, you can restore all your tabs in 1 click! BOOKMARK ANY URL: Create a task directly from your email inbox or any web page. For example, an article to read later or data sources to check. Our other key features available from the KosmoTime app: Multi-Calendar Sync: Sync all your work and personal calendars. No more double bookings, no more missed meetings! Block time: Create a task and schedule it directly in your calendar, or block time in your calendar to accomplish a group of related tasks. Track time: Get more productive by knowing how much time you spend on your tasks. Activate the timer when you’re ready to start a task and consult your time reports. Integrations: KosmoTime integrates with your favourite Productivity and Project Management tools: Google and Outlook Calendar, Slack and Asana. KosmoTime users report reaching levels of productivity they had never thought possible. Try it out, it's free! www.kosmotime.com

Latest reviews

  • (2021-07-01) Sandra Scholman: I love this app. I have ADHD and this is simple enough to set up quickly without getting lost in details, and complete enough to be useful. The only thing that I am missing is a way to export time reports, but hopefully that'll come soon.
  • (2020-08-29) Michael Nguyen: This is the best app I ever came across. So happy I found it. It is now setup as my homepage.
  • (2020-08-20) Kyle Bullock: Working across multitudes of tasks each day, I can tell you the most urgent need is to identify where procedures can be streamlined. Whether you're working as part of a team or independently, KosmoTime allows you to be more productive, organized, and prepared to manage the day-to-day. I've used several similar apps, but KosmoTime has been the best and most complete productivity app yet, it has it all.
  • (2020-08-18) Daniel Threlfall: This is the most powerful productivity app available today. I have spent years informally studying productivity science, cognitive psychology, and efficiency, and then publishing my discoveries in the Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, and other authoritative publications. in addition, I have field-tested dozens of productivity apps including some of the most popular and pricey. I've read and utilized practices like David Allen's GTD system, Cal Newport's Deep Work findings, and the productivity practices published by Tim Ferriss in Tools of Titans. I've found KosmoTime to be, far and away, the best productivity tool for my needs. KosmoTime offers features that aren't available in any other app on the market. The most efficiency-boosting feature for me is batching related tasks into sprints. I love how the app seamlessly integrates with my email, calendar, and Slack. Using KosmoTime simply makes me far more efficient, organized, and clear-headed. Another feature that I use throughout the day is drag-and-drop calendar management. Instead of writing my tasks in a list, I'm forced to execute on achieving those tasks because they are in my calendar. I feel far more in control and I am predictively more productive. By doing comparative research on days where I use KosmoTime and days where I don't use KosmoTime, my productivity increases by a huge percentage when using the app. What's better, I feel better at the end of the day knowing I've accomplished what matters. Better work AND better play. Based on my experience, usage, and research in productivity, I cannot recommend KosmoTime highly enough.
  • (2020-01-11) Nicolas Vandenberghe: This app looks simple but it has profound implications. The ability to focus on a task without distractions make my day so much more productive and so much less chaotic. Try it!
  • (2020-01-10) alice BREHON: I really enjoy how this app allow me to focus on a single task without being distracted. Plus, if I pause a task and re-start it it reopens all the tabs I worked on. Such a gain of time !

Latest issues

  • (2021-10-20, v:0.1.19) Alber: Display elapsed time on task as notification on the Extension icon when pinned
    It would be useful to see a little timer with the elapsed time for the current task on the Extension icon when pinned, similarly to the "time-left" on the "Marinara" extension for Pomodoro (to take a reference)


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