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Munso agency that reveals the full potential of its customers.

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Description from store Marketing has evolved a lot, going from an outmarketing strategy to an Inbound Marketing strategy . Developments in line with new consumption habits. Omnichannel, e-commerce, price comparison… so many changes that have led companies to reinvent themselves. Because the consumer has become someone volatile, demanding and connected, bringing new constraints to businesses. Today digital marketing has become an important issue for companies looking for renewal. Digital marketing encompasses a set of practices aimed at promoting the business, generating leads and building customer loyalty. Digital media such as the website, social media, SEO, inbound marketing, data, local marketing and various email campaigns ... are used to implement this digital strategy. Digital marketing intervenes in all sectors of activity and uses a set of levers. It allows companies to confer real benefits, not only to create a relationship of proximity and trust, but also to probe consumer requirements. Digital marketing gives companies the opportunity to control their costs while taking more interesting and profitable actions. Opening up to an increasingly large market, digital is aimed at a large clientele, at any time. Companies looking for visibility on social media or on search engines have every interest in moving towards a digitalization process. Understanding digital is now vital. New call-to-action Why go through a digital marketing agency? Digital is the new point of contact for customer relations , many levers exist to activate its presence on the internet. However, developing an effective and sustainable digital strategy requires a set of skills. For real results, the need to call on a specialized marketing agency is unavoidable. Like any business, your goal is to increase your turnover. This involves increasing your sales on the Internet and to do so, it is a set of levers that you will have to activate; to start by increasing your visibility on the web. To increase its presence on the Internet is to use all possible channels. To do so, a marketing agency will help you on several levels: Know your target and your buyers personas : Really knowing your target is the start of a visibility strategy. Just as developing your buyers personas is an important step in proposing the best possible offer and developing an effective strategy. A buyer persona is the fictitious representation of your ideal client based on a set of biographical, demographic or even psychological information. Thanks to the representation of your ideal customer or perfect customer, all your marketing campaigns will have to take this profile into account in order to achieve precise targeting. There is no point in reaching millions of people, we prefer to focus on your real potential customers! New call-to-action Do an audit of your current situation : It's time to take stock, a digital marketing agency will help you assess your positive points and areas for improvement. Identifying your gaps is the first step in a strategy process because they will constitute real growth levers. So if you suffer from a weak content strategy, the agency will help you generate qualitative and relevant content , thus promoting traffic and notoriety. Establish a strategy and action plan : Thanks to the audit, the agency will be able to create a tailor-made strategy for achieving your objectives. Implementation of a content strategy, campaigns, reporting… All these steps will allow you to be more visible on the internet, generate leads, develop notoriety or even strengthen loyalty. It is this set that will form a virtuous circle and increase your turnover. One of the great advantages of digital marketing is that everything is absolutely traceable. It is therefore important to choose an agency that will demonstrate visible and measurable results. If you are wondering about your return on investment, this is a topic that we will touch on. Using a web marketing agency also means increasing your return on investment. To do so, an agency makes sure to offer you a winning approach. Develop a specific strategic plan : The return on investment of your marketing budget is essentially based on defining clear objectives. Knowing how to anticipate potential risks and implementing preventive measures are actions that avoid unpleasant surprises. Measure beyond “likes” and “shares” : A marketing agency will never repeat it enough, we can no longer be content to count “likes” and “shares” on social media to measure the effectiveness of a strategy. You need precise figures and concrete facts to be able to make a relevant analysis. To do this, it is thanks to key performance indicators that this can be measured: number of leads generated, traffic, conversion rate… there are a multitude of them. Know how to optimize your SEO : According to the HubSpot report on Inbound Marketing, SEO tops the list in terms of business concerns in 2019. Although many companies consider SEO easy to implement or that it does not require any financial investment, it is more complex than it seems and requires a lot of time and resources internally. To hope for a return on investment from SEO, several rules must be known to respond to the Google algorithm, an agency can alleviate this task or support you. Use marketing automation : At a time when digital marketing is leading its revolution, marketing automation is proving to be the fashionable technique. A technique often overlooked for the future used by some web marketing agencies, this saves you significant time on the conversion process. To name just one number, companies that use it get a 200% higher conversion rate. (Source: Oracle) Optimization of landing pages : Yet another element that will increase your return on investment, the landing page. The stakes are high, converting a visitor into a prospect. To build landing pages that trigger levers of persuasion, a digital agency is an ideal solution. A landing page, understand landing page in French, is the key page in your transformation. Visitors must find the strengths of your solution there to be convinced of your solution and fill out a contact form. Use paid campaigns Unlike natural referencing, Google Ads campaigns offer immediate results and cost control in real time. In order to increase your return on investment, it will be essential to conduct this operation on impactful keywords and to set up a regular analysis of the results. You will understand, having recourse to a digital marketing agency, expert in inbound marketing, will facilitate your task. A digital strategy takes a long time to implement and requires real know-how; delegating this task will allow you to refocus on your core business. The services that a digital marketing agency can offer Defining needs is the most important step in setting up your digital marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to linger to define priorities. An external agency can assist you in this process. She will give you the right techniques and see your weaknesses.


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