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Description from extension meta Provides tools to make req selling easier
Image from store Sell Reqs Tool
Description from store Provides added tools to sell reqs. Click on "Toggle Advanced Filter/Sell Reqs" for more advanced filtering and selling options. Current Features: Mass Selling of Reqs Advanced Filtering Reqs Planned Features: Sorting Reqs Showing Medals Earned Filtering and Sorting Medals
Latest reviews (2019-10-07) Dr DarkNerd: It sucks that 343 didn't do this themselves... But this helps a lot! (2019-10-01) Shubhankar Kalra: This has been very helpful, Thank you Dev. (2019-08-31) EsctheCtrl: Great!! (2019-08-04) Ty Reinders: Amazing! (2019-04-23) Landon Frigault: Loved it, creating extensions like this for chrome, calendar and google apps should be easier for creators and average people to do! (2019-04-06) BlameTheFrame /Gaming/GFX/: 94k req points from selling all my unused reqs.... This saved me a ton of time! (2018-11-20) Rya L.: Extremely helpful in selling a large amount of REQ Items at once, definitely should've been included with the site. (2018-09-17) David Miksa: Stories will be told throughout time of what the developer did here. Good work. (2018-08-05) sean mikel: Saved me loads of time. Insane that million-doller developer can't include this in their game/website but an addon can! (2018-08-02) Leo: Perfect. Just what I needed. Sold hundreds of REQ cards I was never going to use, because I don't play Warzone, and used the points to buy a bunch of Legendary Arena XP boosts, as part of a special offer Halo 5 has available this weekend. (2018-05-12) Robin Larsson: Works and do what it supose to (2018-04-16) gplcman: Thank you (2018-01-28) The Radical Axe: Had to make an account just to rate this 5 stars :D (2018-01-25) Jamie Capo: Totally awesome! Essential tool for H5 WZ players. (2017-12-15) combatostrich: AMAZING! WOOOOOOOW! (2017-07-10) Devon: Wow. This is incredibly useful. (2017-04-26) It works. (2017-02-28) IƱaki Vega: Excepcional (2017-02-11) Patrick Sary: Muito boa a ferramenta! Ajudou demais!!!!! (2017-02-11) Micaiah McLemore: This is great. (2017-02-10) joey volk: This is Beautiful thank you for such an amazing add on (2017-02-09) Manu Konomi: I love you (2017-02-09) kaoss1977: Excellent. I wish I could filter things out of the filter. For example, all level 3 reqs except plasma pistol and plasma caster reqs. (2017-02-09) Takeda Shingen: it really saves a lot of time (2016-12-24) Jason Ostler: I couldn't sell my Halo 5 gear in the game so I had to get this extension. It is AMAZING! Thanks for putting this together!

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