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4chan Image Expander & Saver

Description from extension meta Expands all images & webm's in a thread with the click of a button. Once expanded, you can choose to save all images into a folder.
Image from store 4chan Image Expander & Saver
Description from store ** Update 0.4: You can now move the extension anywhere on the screen and the position will be saved. ** ** Update 0.3: If expanded, new posts with images/webm's will be automatically expanded if the thread updates. ** ** Update 0.2: Now works on WebM's as well. You can now also shrink images individually, once expanded. ** Annoyed by the latest 4chan updates, rendering all previous extensions totally useless? Use this extension to bring some of that precious love back into your life. This extension will display a button in the top-right corner of 4chan threads. Clicking this button will expand all images in that thread, scaled to the width of your screen. Once expanded, you can choose to save the web page by right-clicking the page and selecting the "Save as..." option. A pop-up will show up in which you need to set the Save Type to "Webpage, Complete", and in which you can specify a location to download the pictures in. You can also choose to shrink all images down to thumbnails again. That's all.
Latest reviews (2019-07-23) themanster18: Please update for 4channel. It only works on nsfw boards. (2019-04-12) Trimeal M: doesnt work anymore for anything nsfw (2019-01-10) Benjamin Jackson: dosen't show up on all pages (2018-12-28) Lord Ike: could you add the image expander to 4channel as well because it doesn't work in the sfw boards. (2018-12-26) Илья Алёхин: раскрывает все пикчи на форче. Минус - картинки слишком широкие (2018-12-20) Dušan Đokić: It doesn't work on 4channel.org boards. Please update this thing. (2018-12-09) Isaac Rocha: Do you plan on updating this to work on 4channel? (2018-12-01) Please update for the new sfw domain 4channel.org (2018-11-27) Nihil: doesnt work, button doenst appear, garbage (2018-11-19) Joe Woytowicz: Worked really well, but won't work on 4channel, hoping for a update soon! (2018-08-07) Nicholas Solin: It says in the patch notes that it downloads webms when enlarged, but I enlarged it, downloaded the page and it seemed to work fine. Checked my snapshots today and there are no webms in the folder whatsoever. (2018-06-22) Cecilia Terrile: Says what it says it does, but this functionality is already incorporated in addons like 4chanX. (2018-03-31) the best (2018-01-28) Martin Viles: I am happy with it. (2017-10-27) Jimothy Testiclees: Works well with images, but didn't notice it won't save gifs or webms that are open until it was too late. An update fixing that and getting rid of the thumbs and the scripts and whatnot would be very useful. (2017-08-22) Farid Arevalo: Very useful (2017-04-05) Otto Laari: Please add a function to minimize just certain images with a mouse click (2017-01-10) Freaky Facts: Expanded the images with the add-on. The add-on then directed me to right-click the page, and select "Save As..." to save all the images to a folder. This option opens the default Save As/Explorer window, and saves the web page as an HTML doc (as is normal). Unless I'm missing something this add-on appears to only have half of the intended functionality. (2016-11-14) Mat: I was having trouble loading images on 4chan to its actual size. This extension solved that. (2016-11-05) Fekke Bro: contains malware! (2016-09-25) Charles Edwards: Have you thought of adding functionality to 4chan archive sites like Yuki.la? Great app btw. Helps with quicksaving gifs for shitposting. (2016-07-20) Harry Darroch: Perfect. It essentially downloads the whole site into the place you want, then as a result, it places the files to run it in a folder. That means it downloads the thumbnail and a couple of scripts, but they're very easy to delete. It's faster to press the left arrow and delete than it is to slowly go through the webpage and download them slowly. Very nice indeed. (2016-05-31) Absoluuttinen Hullumies: Works good and all but I really think you should make it a LOT smaller. Like, a small box with two icons on the right top corner of the page. The first icon would would expand/shrink all the images and the second one would be the info/help icon. (2016-02-14) Abalams: this is just what I was looking for (2016-02-03) William Hohenstein: Works perfectly, but I suggest an improvement: Force the expanded images to fit to the width/height of the window. Or, have it respect the setting that does the same thing in the native 4chan extension.

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