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Virtual Pets it's application that add cute pets to your browser!

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Description from store Ever wanted to own a pet in real life? Are you prepared for the feeding/walks/picking up poo etc when you wish to own a dog/cat etc? Try our software Virtual Pets for Google Chrome™ today and see how you'll fare when you raise a virtual cat/virtual dog. See how long you can keep your pet alive for. Your pet will not let you live in peace because you need to feed him, play with him. You also need to put him to bed and drive your pet to the gym so that he is always happy and healthy! ======================================== Some simple rules in Virtual Pets for Google Chrome™ HEALTH LEVEL Your pet's health begins to decline when one or more of the health bars for food, play, or sleep reaches 60% or below. The more health bars which are at 60% or below, the faster health begins to decrease. You want to ensure your pet is happy! Feeding your pet The FEED button will feed your pet , your pet will eat and become more full with each press of the button, but not more than 100%. Playing with your Pet The PLAY button will take your pet out for a walk, which will increase their level of PLAY happiness health bar. Sleeping The sleep button will send your pet to bed, the pet will go into sleep mode. You cannot feed him at this time, play with him or go to the gym. The decrease in food health bar slows down while the pet is sleeping. GYM Pressing the GYM button increases the level of health of your pet by 10% and raises its level by 1, your pet will also grow bigger/change in appearance after going to the gym. After pressing the button, there is a cool down period for your pet to rest from the gym. The maximum pet level is 8. Try raising a virtual pet now before you decide to get a pet in real life. See if you have the dedication and energy before you make this lifechanging decision! Disclaimer: Please note this extension is NOT made by Google and is made by an independent development team. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Google doesn’t endorse or sponsor this Chrome extension. Virtual Pets for Google Chrome™ is not owned by, is not licensed by and is not a subsidiary of Google Inc.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-02-09) Mayte Santos: me gusto pero cada vez que intento darle de comer a mi mascota no me deja !
  • (2023-12-02) 李宜芮: 很不錯
  • (2023-11-30) xuyến Hồ Thị: nó chỉ biết chớp mắt chứ không ăn ngủ được đúng thì like
  • (2023-11-20) d 4: é stimolante.
  • (2023-11-05) đỡ phải tốn tiền
  • (2023-11-02) Emilia Grass: La mejor mascota virtual que existe
  • (2023-10-16) Tùng Lâm: cute<3
  • (2023-10-11) JANNY: ko cho ăn ngủ đc ko lmj đc luôn chỉ nhìn nó chớp mắt đc thôi
  • (2023-09-13) Burb_inaburrito: Needs more pets ( Birds,rabbits,reptiles, etc.)
  • (2023-08-21) Trân Phan: không cho nó ngủ vài buổi là nó ốm đã thế còn phục hồi ngủ lâu nữa ,hơi phiền.nhưng được cái nó ngoan ,đáng yêu , cũng dễ nuôi.=)))
  • (2023-08-17) Hen Nguyen: tuyệt
  • (2023-08-11) hay hơn nuôi pet thật nhiều
  • (2023-08-09) Adriana Vieta: No me gusto mucho ya que, se tranca y tiene muchos anuncios.
  • (2023-07-28) Mairim: wewew
  • (2023-07-26) ALEJANDRO: solo la mejor aplicacion
  • (2023-07-11) [email protected] Loto: esta buena la aplicacion la recomiendo para que el que no la instalo.
  • (2023-07-11) Doan Hoàng: khá ổn
  • (2023-07-08) Kim Kelsey: i love my pet
  • (2023-07-04) Pedro Bazan: porque las mascotas son muy cuite
  • (2023-07-04) Minh Nguyễn: Nếu mà có nhiều thú cưng hơn thì thích quá khoảng 4 con là được. Nhưng nó vẫn rất cute :)
  • (2023-06-29) Abegail Maghanoy: its cute and nice. i love it.
  • (2023-06-22) Laura yasneidy: Se me desinstalo solo es el peor juego y no tiene muchas opiones solo DOMIR, COMER, JUGAR. Y cuando le das a jugar no muestra la interaccion
  • (2023-06-15) Agus Kristiyo: lumayan
  • (2023-06-12) Ayns: I don't really like how it brings you to a new page to feed your pet, just having the thing in the corner would be fine! Also it would be adorable if your pet could walk around your chrome page (of course you would be able to disable it and reduce/increase size) Also I think that the things go down way to slow, and I think they should also not go from like 17% to 100% right away. (for example the food: you should have to feed it a couple times before it gets to 100%) Also it would be adorable if there were more patterns for the animals! Overall I really like this tho :)
  • (2023-06-08) Maxi: no me deja alimentarlo
  • (2023-06-07) alexandraa marisol: si son bonitos
  • (2023-06-04) Trang Đàm: sao mình làm k đc vậy ai chỉ mình vs ạ
  • (2023-06-03) Đức Trí Ngô: rất hay
  • (2023-04-27) BlacKittenPlayz: I cant even choose a pet
  • (2023-04-24) Layla: good
  • (2023-03-29) Sandra Gamboa: poque si
  • (2023-03-29) Jeniffer González: pq si
  • (2023-03-29) Phúc Hoàng: j;kl;
  • (2023-03-25) Meow Meow: This extension is cute, however, when I click the extension to feed my pet, it doesn't work! :( Also, it takes a very long time to decrease or increase the percentages. This extension is also getting pretty boring. Can you make the pets interactive and fun? Can you add a cat/dog park to play with my pet?
  • (2023-03-22) NGUYỄN DANH HUY: it is cute
  • (2023-03-10) deniz ergun: çok güser
  • (2023-03-05) Sophie Liu: the percentage just goes down too slow! can be soooooo boring at times.
  • (2023-02-21) Graciela Lima: es increible son muy lindos yo llene mi pantalla de la pc de todos eso ji
  • (2023-02-13) ثامر الحساني: ثمرناصرالساني
  • (2023-02-04) PIXEL Ryder: worked for a while then stoped working and turned gray google had killed off this app and I never got to see pickles grow up ;-; made me cry
  • (2023-02-01) Summer Savior: cuteee
  • (2023-01-30) Malli Fernandez: es super cute los animales me encanta es super entretenido
  • (2023-01-29) zinniiiebun: this is sooo cute <33
  • (2023-01-29) Shubh Kushwaha: Really good <3
  • (2023-01-28) Bảo Minh Trần: Hay quá
  • (2023-01-12) Sarah Brown: I love it so much!
  • (2023-01-10) Максим Андрусенко: прикольно моему коту в этой игре уже почти 1день
  • (2023-01-03) hoan ngoc: Qúa hay, cute ghê nha!
  • (2023-01-02) 4x4 Rubik: good


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