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Browser automation package. Easy to use and open source. Integrated functional testing framework.

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Description from store WHAT DOES RECORD/REPLAY DO? * Record/Replay lets you run end-to-end functional tests on your web site / application. * Our automated tests give you quick feedback on whether your application works as intended. * Tests run in your Chrome browser so Record/Replay works no matter how you develop your application, be it React, Angular, Vue or some other framework. * We aim to serve all developers, from those with no programming experience to those with experience of multiple testing frameworks. HOW DOES RECORD/REPLAY WORK? RECORD - Listens for all user interface interactions through keyboard and mouse, including steps required for key functionality, such as signup, login, add purchase to cart etc. REPLAY - Simulates all recorded user interface interactions (clicking, typing, scrolling etc.), ensuring that these scenarios actually work from the point of view of an end user. REPORT - Provides feedback on the execution of user interface interactions, including detailed logging of user interface interaction fails and visual regression analysis of screenshots. WHY SHOULD YOU INSTALL RECORD/REPLAY? As you develop, especially before you deploy to production, you want to know that all the key functionality of your application really works. You don’t want your users to find the bugs before you do. Yet manual end-to-end functional testing is time-consuming and tedious. It is a prime candidate for automation. Record/Replay delivers easy automation testing to everyone, speeding up delivery of production code you can trust. This allows the continuous delivery process to run smoothly at your organization with a quality selection of functional tests. Beginners benefit from Record/Replay being ready-to-go as installed. No coding skills are required to record and to replay tests. Everything you need to start functional testing is included as part of the intuitive user interface. You can also gain an introduction to different testing frameworks by using our code export functions. Experienced testers can use Record/Replay to generate short, unique selectors for all element targets, using our built-in CSS and Xpath selector generators. In addition, our code generators produce code for Jest, Puppeteer, Cypress and Selenium Webdriver that you can copy and paste into your testing suites. This can reduce the amount of time taken to create a full-coverage functional testing suite suitable for multiple different browsers, on your machine or in the cloud. WHY IS IT BETTER THAN OTHER TESTING FRAMEWORKS? Record/Replay is free and open-source, which distinguishes it from many other frameworks. We can offer this as there are no cloud-based services attached. All test information is saved in local storage and can be passed from one machine to another via export and import of JSON data files. Record/Replay requires zero configuration. High set-up costs can act as a barrier to setting up proper testing, especially for start-ups and those that are looking to deliver proof-of-concept skeleton sites quickly to clients. You can start testing your site in minutes, with no previous experience of Record/Replay or even testing websites in general. Record/Replay performs well when compared with other frameworks. If you have wide experience of existing testing frameworks, you know that automated functional testing can be a tricky process to configure and to maintain. Compared to Puppeteer, Record/Replay benefits from using the Chrome browser itself, rather than the headless version, and supports extensions like Flash. Compared to Cypress, Record/Replay supports the use of the tab key in user interface testing, allows bandwidth / latency throttling and supports iframe interaction by default. Compared to Selenium Webdriver, Record/Replay is less flaky (prone to erroneous fails), faster to complete tests and provides better reporting. Of course, this is only our opinion. Just install and give it a try, then make your own mind up!

Latest reviews

  • (2022-01-02) Misfar Microw: complex to use not like imacros
  • (2021-06-29) Aaron Martin: Useful automation built into a browser extension.
  • (2021-01-08) Patrick: I give the maximum note because even if I had a bug testing the extensions, I raised an issue in Github and was fixed like 2 hours later + published in chrome store. I was amazed. I hope for mass adoption of this one because I think it's a really solid start and have soom room for improvement (since it's open source, I'm not worried !)
  • (2020-11-28) Stan Hunt: Been using this to help streamline a few test suite/UX toolkits, does the job and then some. The code gens make the framework very efficient and the CSS selectors (which work when the pages change - nice touch) are neat and short. Works as described in the video, easy to set up and get going. This has functionality I'd be surprised to get in a paid service - as a free extension, this is a golden ticket.
  • (2020-08-11) Michael Thomas: Setting up a test seems reasonably straightforward but when you start recording, the website won't load fully and is non-responsive except for scrolling, then it eventually crashes with the "aw snap!" (error code out of memory) message. Reloading the page only repeats the issue. Tried four times but no luck. Only tried in Chrome. Maybe another browser will work better.
  • (2020-08-04) Marco Ernst: doesn't work for me on brave

Latest issues

  • (2021-07-03, v: margaret rosita hector: replayer
    Hey im soran i just wanna say It really is A good Extension and as A fan i would Obviously want progress if only it was Able to do stuff Like play by pressing just 1 button which surely will be A button you cant see yourself using for Anything or anything too important Like spacebar to stop or play video hey it might aswel be spacebar anyways
  • (2021-02-22, v: Arthur Wong: Cannot edit recording
    Have successfully recorded a test but on replay, the test fails. It is because the first screen takes longer to respond and the form items don't exist yet. Tried to edit the recording but nothing appears when I click button the "Edit Recording" button.
  • (2021-02-06, v: loganathan s: i need run some reply for every 1 hours its possible
    i need run this reply for every 1 hours its possible
  • (2020-05-27, v: Robin Mattern: Not working for me
    When I start a test, the Start URL page doesn't open even though the "Recording icon" is spinning. It looks like a nice extension, but how come nobody has rated it? Is it safe. I've been getting out of memory errors since I tried using it.


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