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Record Voice Messages in Gmail

Image from store Vocal: Send voice notes in Gmail
Description from store Send voice mail in Gmail using this voice recorder extension. One of the best ways to get your point across online today is via voice. As asynchronous work is growing, it is becoming an important way to communicate and be more efficient. Your voice and tone can help a lot and it will help you build trust and strengthen your relationship with the people you are communicating with. Vocal.email is here to make it easy for you to create voice notes and send those via email. You can use this extension to record your voice and share your recordings over the Internet. A single click is required to start the recording, so you can get going fast. Then, your recording can be listened to by your recipient, directly inside Gmail or Outlook! It is also turned into a beautiful web page that you can share anywhere. Vocal.email also makes it easy for you to connect custom mics. Email is just text and humans don't relate to it. Audio messages are much more personal and create a real connection with the listener. Sending audio recordings per email is a real productivity improvement and a great way to share a personal message and communicate better. Tired of typing messages the whole day? Just send a voice message instead. Our voice recordings can be listened to directly inside Gmail by your recipient without needing to open another app. Get access to vocal.email and start being more unique in your online communication! Key features: - Easily send voice recordings - Fast and simple - Shareable link generated in seconds - 10x your productivity - Simple and fast

Latest reviews

  • (2023-01-07) David Welch: Love the app, and the generous 60 seconds of free transcribed message is awesome.
  • (2022-07-13) Jesús Cazorla PREPARADOR (Preparador de Oposiciones): Una gran aplicación. Ahora va fenomenal.
  • (2022-05-21) Deepak Mehta: Great Chrome extension , very easy to use and saves 5x time in sending emails.
  • (2022-04-06) Julien Cassagne perso: I definitely changed my mind, so I completely change my comment ! In fact, there's a bug during the installation and once again, don't play the fool like I did, and think that there are people behind the apps and their code... After seing that I was desappointed with my comment here, I've been contacted soon by a team member. He sent me a video to explain how to install it (30 seconds) and wow !!! magic's there !!!! Didn't try already, but it's installed and seems to work. So just for the fact that tey take REALLY care about their users, I put a five stars !!!!! Thanks again !!!
  • (2022-02-03) Ravi Patel: Vocal has saved me many hours per week and made me significantly more productive throughout the day. As a bonus the team has been incredibly responsive with any questions or feedback I have had.
  • (2021-11-21) Nolan King: I am an Online Fitness Coach with 150+ clients.Vocal has allowed me to reply to all of my clients via e-mail WAY faster. Thank you vocal! My fingers have finally received a much needed break from typing and I now have the opportunity to scale my business even further.
  • (2021-11-08) Jason August: You'll use vocal.email because it's simple, there's no learning curve, it fits into your current workflow, and it helps you communicate. Vocal.email is a quick way to get your point across. Sometimes text email doesn't cut it. You can't hear the tone of someone's voice in text, and sarcasm is harder to detect. With vocal.email, there's nothing extra the sender or receiver has to do to. The sender clicks on the Vocal icon in Gmail to record the voice message. The message is sent as a standard audio file attachment, so it's easy to open on any platform without additional software. 5 stars!
  • (2021-08-17) Jesús Cazorla -PREPARADOR-: La aplicación esta bien, pero ha empezado a fallar, no graba el audio con calidad, se escucha mal; no es problema del micro ni de otras cuestiones, pues con otras aplicaciones y mismo micro si graba bien.
  • (2021-06-21) leo ganser: Top! J'ai découvert cette extension à travers App Sumo!
  • (2021-06-19) Applied AI Course: This is really awesome. I am saving at lease 4-5 hours in a day at my work place using this extension. I can simply record a message and send it to all my customers in resolving their queries. Thank you so much guys for this extension.
  • (2021-06-09) Noelia Glencross: I can't listen to my voice message before I attach it, I have to download it in order to be able to listen to it and check its quality. How can I solve it?
  • (2021-06-09) Frank Biocca: Bugs: Software blocks out the send button rendering Gmail useless I can't get rid of the vocal icon on emails even after removing software. It has killed my ability to send emails in Gmail because the SEND button is no longer on the email. Amateur hour. Have to use another account to get my email to work.
  • (2021-06-09) Fahad: It's incredibly helpful! Sending voice messages has become simpler with this. It's easy to use and saves you a lot of time.
  • (2021-06-07) Nathan Ganser: Proud to be using Vocal to share thoughts and ideas with my email contacts!

Latest issues

  • (2022-12-12, v:11.2.6) c b: voice recording
    can't hear replay of voice recordings on my chromebook
  • (2022-12-12, v:11.2.6) c b: audio
    can't hear my voice recording on chromebook
  • (2022-09-26, v:11.2.2) vinitha vini: Integration
    Want to integrate with our system using PHP,is there API for it
  • (2022-04-21, v:11.0.19) Lukáš Klimpera: Recording not only voice, but also video in Gmail
    Hi, I would like to ask you 2 questions: 1. please is it possible to simply record not only voice message, but also a video in Gmail ? 2. when you finish recording a audio, there is transcribed text in the signature - please is it possible to disable this transcription (not to display it) ? :) Lukas
  • (2022-02-25, v:11.0.8) Julien Cassagne perso: doesn't work at all
    Hi, Each time I click on the microphone, a pop up appears to tel me to connect my account, I click on it, and tells me I'm connected and so on, always... Any ideas ? Thanks.
  • (2022-02-19, v:11.0.5) Solar Bang: I can't login my account.
    I can't login to my account. I'm just trying to make sure my product is activated. I'm not in a space where I can install the extension on this pc right now. I need to get approvals. Can you please advise?
  • (2021-12-23, v:10.1.6) Alicia Gonzalez Guillen: necesito darla de baja urgentemente
    ya desinstale la aplicación desde hace más de 15 días y hoy se me acaba de volver a realizar el cobro, como es que debo de cancelarlo??? me urge que me regresen mi dinero por favor
  • (2021-11-27, v:10.1.6) Alicia Gonzalez Guillen: Darme de baja
    Hola quisiera darme de baja para que ya no me cobren esta aplicación, podrían hacerlo por mi? o como lo hago yo?
  • (2021-11-23, v:10.1.6) benny feld: log in doesn't work
    i cant manage to log in using my account
  • (2021-11-23, v:10.1.6) benny feld: login doesn't work
    I downloaded the extension however I cant seem to login on the login page not throuhgh my google account and not through my email
  • (2021-10-12, v:10.1.6) Vaisesika Dasa: selection of mic
    When I start to record, I am only given 3 seconds to choose a mic; but, even when I'm quick to do that, it doesn't honor my selection. Can I choose a mic in advance as my default?
  • (2021-06-26, v:10.0.0) Wallace Merriman: The sound is coming in very low
    The sound is coming in very low. How do we fix this. I purchased through appsumo
  • (2021-06-09, v:9.1.2) Nathan Ganser: GMAIL BUTTON NOT APPEARING? HERE IS THE FIX
    Hi, I'm one of the developer building Vocal and we're super sorry about the bug that is hiding the Gmail send button. I've recorded a short explanation video on how to fix the issue: https://www.loom.com/share/1d866dc0ad1944b3b386af9de235f86d You simply have to delete one of the two extension: - Vocal (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vocal-send-voice-messages/boopggfapjaffppjmldgifjkgemgkgfd - Google Contacts Opener (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-contacts-record-au/pjpambjkhcilibnmeihhfgdkhfelbdkj) Sorry about the issue. We're fixing it right now. Expect the problem to be resolved by the end of the day.
  • (2021-06-09, v:8.0.0) Jeannette Gough: my send button has disappeared
    cannot send my emails anymore. what is going on. frustrated
  • (2021-06-09, v:8.0.0) Laurent Gregoire: Je n'aime pas utiliser Vocal.
    Je n'aime pas utiliser Vocal. Il semblait que j'étais obligé de l'activer. J'ai donc installé l'extension Vocal dans Windows 10, l'ai inscrite et l'ai repoussée. Le bouton Vocal s'affichait toujours à la place du bouton SEND. Pas de bouton ENVOYER du tout. Pouvez-vous m'aider?
  • (2021-06-08, v:8.0.0) Freek Verweel: Vocal
    I don't like to use Vocal. It looked like I was obligated to activate it, So I did install tje Vocal extesion in Windows 10, digned in and put it off. Still the Vocal button showed instead of the SEND button. No SEND button at all. Can you help me?
  • (2021-06-07, v:8.0.0) Adv. Piyush Mittal: Enable Minimise and Edit..
    1. Should be able to minimise cause when we are recording the email behind gets hidden 2. Should be able to edit the recording...cause if we make a mistakes we need to rerecord again from start


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