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Description from extension meta Color Changer for YouTube allows you to change the YouTube theme to your favorite color in a few seconds!
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Description from store Color Changer for YouTube lets you change your YouTube theme to your favorite color in seconds! Tired of the boring youtube theme? Now you can change the theme to a theme that you like using Color Changer for Youtube. With this Chrome extension, you can easily customize the colors of your theme, including the title / font / text / colors, chat layout, backgrounds, and more and apply YouTube dark mode. Everything from YouTube’s simple and intuitive dashboard. ★ Features of color change for YouTube: ✔️ Over 20 built-in themes ✔️ Easy and simple control panel ✔️ Title / title text color ✔️ Background color ✔️ Font / text color ✔️ Border color ... and more to customize the YouТube interface Also Color Changer for Youtube has a popular dark theme! YouTube Dark Mode is an automatic way to apply black skin. Dark mode protects your eyes by changing colors to black. Dark mode makes Youtube black without any action from your end. Install the Color Changer extension for Youtube to apply dark mode or any color. It is the only extension that works after the last update. Watch the video in comfort. Enjoy watching videos on YouTube! If you like Color Changer for YouTube, share it with others. Your positive feedback helps me improve it. Thanks! ---------------------------------- ★ Reviews - Users (we are proud) Kirill Canvas ★★★★★ Thanks, great YouTube job! Iris Bins ★★★★★ Very cool extensions for youtube. James McCune ★★★★ Easy to use and works great on YouTube! Has good customization too! Feebz ★★★★★ Youtube Works Great! You can change the home screen, sidebar and search bar, and all of them can be custom or predefined colors. It's very nice if you want a darker theme, different from the usual one, or just want Youtube to have a different color. I really love this! Mintfoox ★★★★★ A fun extension to add a bit of color to YouTube! Ayan Lotivs ★★★★★ This is great, the best youtube extension I've seen. Ida Pitt ★★★★★ it's brilliant, now youtube in my favorite color! Luz DaGoat ★★★★★ Color Changer for YouTube, it worked for me and I love it, so I give it 5 stars. Evgeniya Shupelova ★★★★★ It is a great extension for Youtube. Brian Parks ★★★★★ A nice and useful Color Changer for YouTube extension. I can set the dark mode! I would like to put 10 * for you! ichiban senshi ★★★★★ Simple and effective YouTube tincture. Seems great ---------------------------------- Changelog Color Changer for YouTube (major changes): 3.4 - minor Bugfixes. Updated material ui 3.2 - Fixed a custom Youtube sidebar color 3.0 - updated locales, fixed YouTube toolbox dependencies 2.7- minor fix material ui design on Youtube. 2.4 - improved install page for Color Changer for YouTube onboarding. 2.1 - The color gamut has been increased for YouTube 1.8 - comment colors added 1.5- Added custom header color changes for YouTube 1.3 - update filter lists Color Changer for YouTube 1.1 - Dark skin has been added ---------------------------------- P.S.:YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. Color Changer for YouTube is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Google Inc.
Latest reviews (2019-11-11) Shayna Brookman: Works so well i recommend this to everyone :) I made mine dark red for the header and sidebar and the content i put a light red (2019-11-05) Max Thunderman: I thought that it was bad but its fery good! Everything is good! (2019-11-03) Natalia: śliczne (2019-10-18) Phạm Hân: tuyệt vời nó hay quá (2019-08-30) Hosa Dokha: CHANGES THE COLOR OF THE LIKE BAR ON THE VIDEO PAGE TO RED!! PLS FIX THIS ASAP (2019-08-24) theLonelyLemon: YouTube Recently changed the contrast of Dark Theme which really made it Distracting (for me) but thanks to this puppy you can make it as Dark or as Light as you want giving you the complete freedom to customise the page however you want. (2019-08-23) Reina Quiñonez: alguien dice como actualizar el yutube para poner mi aplicacion???? alguien plissss (2019-08-10) 4TO A: me encanta es muy guay (2019-08-05) Feebz: It works perfectly! You can change the main screen, sidebar, and search bar, and they can all be custom or preset colors. Its very nice if you want a darker theme that's different from the normal one, or just want Youtube to be another color. I absolutely love it! 10/10 Would use again. <3 (2019-07-24) EriicK: Muy buena extensión, pero hay un problema; al momento de dar like o dislike a un video no muestra el color que debería mostrar, es decir, el azul. También estaría bien que cambiara de color el panel de notificaciones. (2019-07-17) Kamsi uche: it's bad it blurs your videos (2019-07-15) Patrick Adams: Even though it was really nice of you to add in 21 pre-set YouTube colors, there IS actually one flaw that you do need to take notes of, and fix for your next update. On the custom header, sidebar, and content colors, there aren't any 0-255 RGB color sliders, or 6-digit hex codes that you could type down, and use. I'm seriously not a fan of sliding colors choosing random hues of colors. I like using specific hex codes, just for attention to detail. So, please add that in for your next version update. (2019-06-27) JBishop29: Simple and nice. I use the brown color and it looks great, less glare. (2019-06-26) марго кутузон: очень классно все реально меняется)) (2019-06-21) Anthony Mikoyan: Muy buena extencion se los lo [email protected] !!! (2019-06-20) childish madbino: this made my youtube homepage my favorite color (yellow!!) that matched my homebrew theme quite nicely!! i just wish there was a way to change the text color too :(! but all in all this is an amazing extension that i'll keep using! (2019-06-15) Diem Cao: cái này rất hay (2019-06-15) Luz DaGoat: For me it worked and I love it so i'm giving it 5 stars (2019-06-06) ChaZe ChickZee: its good (2019-05-28) Eve Loncha :v: Me encanto :D (2019-05-13) Mintfoox: A fun extension to add a bit of colour to YouTube! :3c (2019-04-29) 暮寒衣: looking for dark mode for YTB, this solve my problem, good job (2019-03-30) Twas' a good one. Still is. My entire Youtube is now pink. I love pink. (2019-03-20) ES PRACTICO Y MUY BUENO (2019-03-19) George Zhang: was cool until I started a video. The whole thing isnt black, the sides are completely friggin white. Fix it

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