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inTab gives your new tab more features! Include wallpaper hd,cloud disk,reminder,bookmark,weather,notes,history manager.

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Description from store ● Including 400+ top traffic websites in the world, add to the new tab site panel with one click ● Eye protection mode, adjust the hue and brightness of the browser, and the video highlight function keeps the video brightness, not affected by the eye protection mode ● Weather display, after selecting the city, update the weather of the day on the new tab page every day ● Clean Master, clean browser cache and data according to user options, optimize browser running speed and opening speed ● Massive high-definition wallpapers for you to choose, so that every time you open the tab, it is a different scenery (need to turn on the random wallpaper switch) ● Keyboard shortcut settings, you can set shortcut keys for all websites, function panel navigation and some browser operations in the new tab page site panel. Let you use the mouse as little as possible, do more with fewer operations ● View recently closed tabs / windows and restore with one click ● Click the plug-in icon to display the QR code of the current website link, scan the code to browse the current page on the mobile phone ● Browser plugin management, just click the plugin icon to switch the plugin on / off status ● Support multiple search engines ● Bookmarks and historical records can be queried and managed in the new tab page ● Notebooks and reminders keep you organized in your busy work ● Batch download of pictures, right-click to select the function provided by inTab to crawl all pictures of the current webpage. Convert to png format. If there are too many pictures on the page, it may wait for a long crawl time. ● 收录全球400+顶级流量网站,一键添加到新标签页站点面板 ● 护眼模式,调整浏览器色调及亮度,视频高亮功能让视频保持亮度,不受护眼模式影响 ● 天气展示,选择城市后,每天在新标签页更新展示当日天气 ● 清理大师,根据用户选项清理浏览器缓存和数据,优化浏览器运行速度和打开速度 ● 海量高清壁纸任你选择,让你每次打开标签页都是不一样的风景(需要开启随机壁纸开关) ● 键盘快捷键设置,可以给新标签页站点面板的所有网站,功能面板导航和部分浏览器操作设置快捷键。让你尽可能少的使用鼠标,用更少的操作做更多的事 ● 查看最近关闭的标签页/窗口,并一键恢复 ● 点击插件图标,可以展示当前网站的链接二维码,扫码即可在手机上浏览当前页面 ● 浏览器插件管理,只需点击插件图标即可切换插件的开启/关闭状态 ● 支持多种搜索引擎 ● 书签,历史记录都可以在新标签页内查询和管理 ● 笔记本,提醒事项让你在繁忙的工作中,有条不紊 ● 图片批量下载,鼠标右键选中inTab提供的爬取当前网页所有图片的功能,inTab会把网页所有图片展示在新页面内,用户可以根据尺寸和格式进行筛选,inTab还会自动将webp格式的图片转为png格式。如果页面内图片数量太多的话,可能会等待较长的爬取时间。

Latest reviews

  • (2020-10-15) Wiliam A. Powell III: Tried to do too much, so it did a lot poorly. A lot to criticize: news sites were all Left-Wing, so it's fine if you are a communist, but not everyone believes the lie. Remainder is not a reminder. When computer programmers cannot spell or misspell - considering how rigid the spelling requirements are for input that is required - the program loses credibility. In fact, spelling errors on a webpage suggest a bogus or malware infested webpage. Unfortunately, most Americans cannot read Japanese or Chinese characters, so if you are looking for an American audience, having 60-75% of the addable URL's in characters is a turn-off, as it would be if such a percentage was in French or the Russian cyrillic alphabet. Having a way to erase websites one would never use from the list to add from would be useful. Again, bulky, unreadable, extraneous-options-laden, too many unecessary things to crowd the sidebar - reminiscent of bloatware - in fact, BLOATED may be the best description I can give it.
  • (2020-03-25) Jason Lam: 不像infinity商业化导致有链接地址流量分发,这个才符合我心目中的tab定位


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