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New for 2020! - 100% Free classic card games - Solitaire + Bonus Free Games!

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Description from store ❤️ 05.03.2020 - Over 5,000 Facebook Likes! THANK YOU! ❤️ For making us one of the 🥇 fastest growing / most downloaded solitaire game extensions of VAWLT. Enjoy classic card games: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "Klondike Solitaire" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "Spider Solitaire" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "Pyramid Solitaire" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "Tripeaks Solitaire" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "FreeCell Solitaire" ...and more board and card games using your Chrome browser! Perfect for kids of all ages. NEW! - You asked for more games, especially those who are staying home, so we are working fast to add more! ⚡️ JUST ADDED: Backgammon, Minesweeper, along with 2048, Mahjong, and Sudoku. We will continue to add more free games and improve the games available as we can. We are just a few people, but we are working hard for You! Thank you! These games are 💯 100% FREE, provide honest game play, and truly random card shuffling, so that you can relax, take a break, or challenge yourself on your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or any other device. Perfect for all ages, handcrafted in the USA, and enjoyed by millions of fans around the world. So, when you get tired of Netflix Party, HouseParty, Zoom meetings, happy hours, the Tiger King, or just Netflix in general, try solitaire! The Solitaire Games Collection by VAWLT is designed for YOU: These games include easy-to-read cards and intuitive tap / drag controls, making them the #1 User-Friendly solitaire game collection available. Key Features: ✔️ 100% Free ✔️ No download or registration required ✔️ Unlimited undo / undos, and redo options ✔️ Draw-1 and Draw-3 modes / Turn 1 and Turn 3 ✔️ Low-Eye-Strain card design ✔️ Tap or Drag cards ✔️ Truly random card shuffling ✔️ Classic Scoring ✔️ Left and Right handed game play ✔️ Game Winning Statistics ✔️ Auto-complete option ✔️ Windows, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, SmartPhone / iPhone and Tablet support ✔️ Smooth, fluid, and advanced animations ✔️ Handcrafted in the USA ✔️ and much more... 🃏Solitaire is known by many names: Patience, solitare, solitair, solitario, solitaire for free, solitaire free, solitaire play, solitaire world, solitaire 247, simple solitaire, simply solitaire, solitaire classic, "solitaire online", "free online solitaire", classic solitaire, cardgames.io solitaire, solitaire the game, solitaire unblocked, pc solitaire, solitaire unblocked online, windows solitaire, solitaire games, solitaire world, solitario, solitr, soletare, "Microsoft solitaire", "Windows solitaire", classic card game, classic card games, card games, single player games, and many more. Extension Info: Unlike other extensions that track your browser usage, we do NOT. Our extension is a simple, straight-forward tool that empowers you to play solitaire quickly, safely, and anonymously. In addition, there is nothing to buy. So, relax and play the various classic card games of Solitaire for free. For your convenience, each / all solitaire games can be played online and offline. Like us, you are likely familiar with or grew up with the old versions of Microsoft Solitaire. We decided to create modern versions of classic solitare games with full screen capabilities that still offer fast loading with beautiful graphics and intuitive/easy gameplay. For example, every solitaire game provides unlimited free games and unlimited undos. To avoid annoying your game play, we have designed every game without sound. You've told us you want to play with the sounds YOU want, be it TV, radio, or your favorite music. We heard you! Classic Solitaire | Klondike Solitaire Rules: How to Play / Learn how to play: Klondike Solitaire Setup: The tableau piles are numbered from 1 to 7. The first pile has one card on it, the second has two and so on. The top card on each tableau is turned face up and the cards below are turned face down. The cards that are left after the cards have been moved to the tableau are placed face down on the stock. Both the waste and the foundations start without any cards. Klondike Solitaire Objective: To win Solitaire, all the cards need to end up in the foundation piles. The foundation piles are ordered by suit and rank. Each foundation has one suit and cards must be placed on the foundation in order (ace, 1, 2, etc). To get to move cards to the foundations, you can use the moves described below. Klondike Solitaire How to Move Cards: - Move cards from stock to waste: You can flip either 1 or 3 cards from the stock to the waste. - Move a card from waste to a foundation: You can move a card from the waste to the foundation if the cards rank and suit is correct. - Move a card from waste to a tableau: You can move a card from the waste to the foundation if the cards rank and suit is correct. - Move a card from foundation back to the tableau: If need be, you can move a card from the foundation back onto the tableau. - Move one or more cards from one tableau to another: You can move one or several cards from one tableau to another if the rank of the first card in the pile is one higher than the tableau you're moving to and the color is opposite of the card being moved. - You can move a tableau card onto the foundations: You can do this manually or let it happen automatically. This can be configured under settings. Klondike Solitaire ⏳ Time & Moves: The game measures the time and moves it takes to complete the game. Upon winning the game your score and time will be shown. Many users have commented that showing the time while playing increased stress so we designed the game without this common annoyance. Klondike Solitaire Scoring: The scoring used is not consistent with most solitaire versions, including the classic Microsoft Solitaire scoring system used in the Windows™ solitaire card games. The rules for Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Tripeaks Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire can be found on screen when playing any of these games. Final Features and Thoughts: 1. Don't forget that you can alway play the game, online or offline by simply adding the icon when presented on screen. You do not need to download solitare to play offline. 2. There are no hotkeys to learn, just tap your screen or use your mouse. We have found that this design is more usable and convenient, especially for the elderly, those with disabilities, poor eye sight, and the very young. 3. Autoplay - An auto completion button for a game becomes available when the game will be won. It is optional to use and will finish the card placement, possibly accelerating game completion and improving your score. 4. Hints - Given the simplicity of the games, hints are not provided. We have heard from users that hints enable "cheating" too easily and provide a false sense of skill. We always suggest starting a new game if you become stuck. Not all games are winnable - this is due to our true, random shuffling of cards. 5. Android, iOS, iPad and Widescreen enabled: All of the solitaire games are optimized for all devices and screen sizes, whether it is mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. 6. Retina ready: All games are optimized for retina displays, including iOS, iPad, and Apple Mac devices.

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  • (2020-06-10, v: Gary Campbell: Not working
    I installed Solitaire on my chrome and when I click on the the klondike game nothing comes up. The icon shows as an extension but will not bring anything up. Can you help?


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