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Gmail+Trello integration. Add Google mail to Trello cards with text, backlinks, and attachments.

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Description from store A free tool that provides an extra button on the Gmail UI to add the current Google mail you're reading to a Trello card with text, backlinks and attachments. Was previously published as "Gmail-to-Trello" in the Chrome Web Store. Was rated 4.8+ stars out of 5! Had over 40,000+ daily active users! This is the exact same codebase and support board—and we've been able to post some new features you've needed! === Development and Support Board here for feature/bug submitting and voting: https://g2t.support === === New features! === * Now remembers 100 board, list, and cards you last added an email to! === Main features === * Handles uploading Images and Attachments! * Detect email opening mode, also the most visible email in current thread * Add a button "Add new card" into Gmail's toolbar * Extract email's title, body, timestamp, also reduce text's complexity * User can choose which list, board or organization will contain the new card * User can assign him/herself to the new card * Current email can be easily looked up later via a direct link, or searching (useful for group collaboration) * Can set labels * Can set due date * Can include attachments and links * Authorized via Trello account * Support both simple and split layout ("Preview Panel" in lab/Outlook-like) * Remember current list, board, org. selection after new card is created * User can pick up another emails in thread while popup is opening, or reopen popup again to detect & extract email's content again * Popup is resizable, draggable * "Report" button automates posting issues to community board at https://g2t.support === [email protected] === * Add icon files * Remove unused files from main bundle * Remove dependency on old datejs.com code * Bump version and notes === [email protected] === * Update description * Call ForceSetVersion if periodicChecks proves different versions or unset === [email protected] === * Accessibility improvements: tabbing and enter key from @KS-CleverCopter === [email protected] === * More UI cleanup from @KS-CleverCopter * Fix for bug where on Windows 10, Boards popup appears behind === [email protected] === * Ton of UI work from @KS-CleverCopter * Change board alphabetization formatting === [email protected] === * First cut at remembering what message was stored with what card * Move to safer "g2t_" instead of "g2t:" for variable names stored in hashes * Reduce log lines circular queue to 100 lines * Set "remembered" to 100 emails * First version of restoring settings based on email, had to add ability to cache list updates til list refreshed * This history available at: https://g2t.pub/changes === [email protected] === * Fix validHash to work correctly - was always taking the req = [] path. This was causing empty data to be sent to Trello, causing a 400 error === [email protected] === * Update icons for correct classes for Gmail with highlighting css === [email protected] === * Use avatarUrl instead of id + '/' + avatarHash in case it moves in the future * Update http:// to https:// * Remove unused chrome.identity === [email protected] === * Update text-only from "GtT" to "G2T" * Update these notes references from "GtT" to "G2T" * More trials for better resizing (failed) * Replace 403'ing "https://trello-avatars.s3.amazonaws.com/{avatarHash}/30.png" with "https://trello-members.s3.amazonaws.com/{id}/{avatarHash}/30.png" === [email protected] === * Update links from Trello to http://g2t.support * Update name to include "Gmail-to-Trello" === [email protected] === * Had to publish as new Extension "Gmail-2-Trello" due to old extension updates being disallowed. * Change "Arrows" to a pop-up for "Add below:" and "Add to:" * Try AspectRatio on for more reasonable resize experience [nope, doesn't work for what we'd want] * Posted in new github repo: https://github.com/appliedmedia/gmail-2-trello === [email protected] === * Now uses background script for retrieval and upload of all attachments/images/embedded images, should resolve CORS/CORB new higher level of Chrome Security. * Standardize on selectors for embedded titles * Reduce scopes of domains in manifest * Update descriptive text in manifest * Update to jQuery 3.4.1.slim * Add option/shift-click to "Attach" or "Images" will select-all/deselect-all based on first checkbox's state * Remove in-app purchases * Output jQuery object when body can't be found === [email protected] === * Try some changes to grow boxes (unsuccessfully) * Update file naming upload code to gleen filename from aria-label text * Gmail UI class names changed again, in gmailView we now use a single viewport: '.aia:first'. It was '.aeJ:first'. We no longer explicitly try to detect splitlayout, which may or may not work. Will need to test with folks. * Initial error message when retrieving attachment content fails with 0 length. Probably CORS/CORB new Chrome security model, need to retrieve data from background script. Fix in progress but will take a while to refactor uploading code. * Deeper highlighting for Labels and Assign, use gradient to indicate selected * Remove trash can from GtT pull down * Move popup location of GtT pull down to under icon * Use new === of Trello Client.js * Make sure UI, Sign-out works (enough) when Trello Authenticate fails. * Look for old legacy classname m{UNIQUEID} only if other emailId tags aren't present * Iterate differently * Use data-thread-id if present * Get Legacy Gmail Thread ID for backlink on new Gmail * Find new Gmail views * Make getManifest === check more robust error-handling-wise * Fix calculation for pop-up when button position has changed * New HD toolbar icon & sketch version * Attachment image previews are now scale-to-fit * Attachment file and image sections are hidden when there is no attachment * [dev] Change form markups from dl/dt/dd to regular divs * Fix bug on the new Gmail that cause toolbar buttons failed to work properly * Remove overlapping intervals, thanks to Travis Hardman. * Up debug log * Silence logging of button positioner [still need to fix] * Gmails coming up blank content in GtT - Change .adP:first to use more deterministic tag * Check for ASL or ASF div for Refresh icon. * Only call detach if more than one button/popup * Use '0' for unknown === in === check * More debugging logs for adding button / popup * Only show === update if previous === > 0 * Remove toolBarHolder * Debug Multiple Inboxes - more to do * Circular log wasn't - hogged memory * inline image now should upload to Trello correctly * Restrict log from 1000 to 100 lines. * Call browsingData from background to clear extension data. * Show message to reload when === changes. * Fix $button[0] -> $button.first(). * Fix missing views/options.html. * detectToolbar return true if detected. * .detach button and popup and then only append one. * Make sign out an explicit button on the page. * Fix resize via jQuery UI, needed clearfix at popup level for jQuery UI added elements * Call pre-init after button disappear * Semi-final jQuery UI resizing (not quite right for normal state, works okay for list state) * Show === number in options panel (prep for noticing === change and prompting to reload) * Remove G-Ni from GtT icon * Add timer to check every 2 seconds for GtT button showing * Use gh='mtb' to find toolbar * Add G-Ni to GtT icon * Remove :first from G-atb * Additional debugging code in toolbar and labels code * Report of GtT button not appearing when Streak and RightInbox, some tweaks to button positioning code to hopefully circumvent problem. * Add info message to options screen * Initial cut at button for chrome.browsingData.remove * Update manifest with 64 and 128 icons * Icon not showing up in toolbar due to other extension icons in toolbar * Update gtt_log to have timestamp * Move email search hyperlinks to top of content * Parse "29. Mai 2017 um 15:18" correctly * (Until I have a better idea, have to decode the dateTime by hand and do some month comparisons) * And then after doing that ton of work and realizing this will be horrific to maintain, I ripped it all out * Check for 401 more leniently, add target to error * Lists without organizations were being filtered out! Fixed. * Change Features/Bugs to 'Help' * Created 'Report' feature, which will put latest error and last 1000 log items into card to post to GtT Trello board * 400 invalid id on attachment upload: Use pos === 'at' to indicate path to attach * Track mouseUp and mouseDown in same external-to-window container * Make positioning logic more robust for Upload to combat Trello POST pos 404 error * Click outside window closes window * Focus outside window closes window * Error in attachments processing fixed to produce correct filename * Install keyboard trap to Show Popup, Remove keyboard trap on Hide Popup * Clean up consts for keyboard trap * First cut at image with larger tooltip on hover * Load jQuery UI CSS before our CSS so we can override it * Add named function gtt_keydown to prevent duplicate listeners * Bump === to work around Google problem * Remove Gmail load wait timer now that GtT button is more robust on no-data * Move keyboard trap to bindEvents * Dirty centering when no data so popup will move as appropriate * Fix error with "bottom" should be "below" * Refactor upload code to pull it all into model work, add model.Uploader class * Move attach code back into our code since Trello doesn't want it * Fix error where attachment URL was click link instead of updated card * Fixed long untruncated image/attachment string * First cut at having GtT button always show, even when there is no data to populate - this may reduce the "where's my button?" support issues * Have images bottom grow when you grab the window grow handle in the lower right corner * Fix bug in creating new card * Simplify UI for adding to a card vs. adding new card below * Add to an existing card! * Had to change UI a little to account for card selection and "where" to put the card === === * Make minimum width bigger for popup * Create shortcut dropdown for due date * Create option entry to add more to shortcut dropdown * Persist previous due date and time * Attachments and Images now are transferred completely to Trello instead of lodging as links back to Gmail * Attachments downloaded to memory and uploaded to Trello instead of just providing links * Support keyboard shortcuts: Alt/Opt+Shift+G is the default to show the popup (once in Gmail and the button is visible) * While the Popup is showing, hitting ESCAPE or CTRL+. or CMD+. will dismiss the popup. * CTRL/CMD+ENTER will Add to Trello. * Change stray bullets to asterisks but not stray hyphens * Fix member assignment buttons to persist across board changes * Shift-click "Labels:" or "Members:" to clear * Fix typos GMail -> Gmail * Layout changes to accomodate smaller screens * Can now assign other users * Your id should always be first in Assign list * Remove "Assign to me" button * Move signout and error to chrome extension loaded html files * Make label and member msg boxes same height as label and member chicklets so things don't "jump" up and down when picking new boards * Fix pInterest loads with white overlay on top of first 20 pinned items -- was conflicting with jQuery UI CSS * Moved jQuery-ui-css loading to top of popup * Changed matches to mail.google.com instead of all urls. * Fix problem of email with no body * Try to fix parseData to always return a valid data block (even if empty data) * Update board changed to clear out list/labels when settings boardId is different than boardId * Gray box around imgs in image list to show "spacer" images * Use window.location.pathname to provide "/mail/u/0/" or "/mail/u/1/" etc. for different gmail accounts * Add support to attach images from Gmail * Fix typo with missing brace for uriForDisplay * To handle jQuery UI looking to Gmail for UI icons, must replace url("images... with url("chrome-extension://[email protected]@extension_id__/images... ...read entire history at https://g2t.pub/changes and interact with this community at https://g2t.support.


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