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Gmail+Trello integration. Add Google mail to Trello cards with text, backlinks, and attachments.

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Description from store A free tool that provides an extra button on the Gmail UI to add the current Google mail you're reading to a Trello card with text, backlinks and attachments. Was previously published as "Gmail-to-Trello" in the Chrome Web Store. Was rated 4.8+ stars out of 5! Had over 40,000+ daily active users! This is the exact same codebase and support board—and we've been able to post some new features you've needed! === Development and Support Board here for feature/bug submitting and voting: https://g2t.support === === New features! === * Now adds Gmail recipients (To/CC) to card data * Now remembers 100 board, list, and cards you last added an email to! === Main features === * Add a button "Add new card" into Gmail's toolbar * Handles uploading Images and Attachments! * Detect email opening mode, also the most visible email in current thread * Extract email's title, body, timestamp, also reduce text's complexity * User can choose which list, board or organization will contain the new card * User can assign him/herself to the new card * Current email can be easily looked up later via a direct link, or searching (useful for group collaboration) * Can set labels * Can set due date * Authorized via Trello account * Support both simple and split layout ("Preview Panel" in lab/Outlook-like) * User can pick up another emails in thread while popup is opening, or reopen popup again to detect and extract email's content again * Popup is resizable, draggable * "Report" button automates posting issues to community board at https://g2t.support === === * Update Google Analytics ID * Fix Markdown checkbox not reflecting markdown in description correctly * Update Trello API key to get rid of "Can't have wildcard" Trello API error * Start using ?. for data array access * Update manifest for content_security_policy === === * Got new API key with allowed origins. === === * mouseDown for main version getSelectedText works instead of click === === * G2T Main button not popping. Stricter adherence to styles required. === === * Doesn't respect crlfs in email === === * Extra logic to process "me" name (still won't work first time due to when we refresh Trello username on popup first reveal) * Due date pull-down doesn't populate fields (need to use $(event.target) not $(this)) === === * Update hover text * Body in cards not coming over * Updated selectors and selector logic to reference within context of code === === * Make spacebar also highlight/deselect Labels and Assign * Automatically select attachments, when present (but not Images) * Allow submitting to Trello with no Body (Title still required) * Use off("change") trick to keep script from getting called twice === === * User reports clicking markdown/Gmail-links/recipients clears body and doesn't return - confirmed, found really good bug, fixed === === * Update formatting of backlinks * Iterate fields instead of setting directly * Change To: me to Trello ID name === === * Return CCs from gmailView via body_raw, body_md * CCs checkbox respected * "Recipients" used instead of To/CC === === * Collect CCs * Convert CCs to md === === * Use more calculated .ui-autocomplete value * Fix highlighting of labels with mouseover--typo: g2tLabel ≠ g2tLabels === === * Where/List/Card overflow: auto to show scrollbar when long list set .ui-autocomplete max-height to 60% screen === === * Gmail changed class for mail body from '.a3s.aXjCH' to '.a3s.aiL' === === * Add 33px margin to the popupMsg so it will not appear over the popup titlebar. === === * Fix for buttons highlighting outward instead of inward from @KS-CleverCopter === === * Add base64 default image if avatarUrl is missing * Add avatar_generic_30x30.png if avatarUrl is missing * Updates to minimizing and resizing from @KS-CleverCopter === === * Make due shortcuts reset when picking "--" even when it's selected * Change manifest to '*.trello.com' to support api.trello.com, api-gateway.trello.com * Add '*.gstatic.com' to manifest for googleusercontent === === * @KS-CleverCopter fix for images hover clipping, Where: a few pixels misaligned * Change "+Trello!" to "-> Trello" * Notice that Labels and Assign draw off to the right and then snap to the left === === * Add icon files * Remove unused files from main bundle * Remove dependency on old datejs.com code * Bump version and notes === === * Update description * Call ForceSetVersion if periodicChecks proves different versions or unset === === * Accessibility improvements: tabbing and enter key from @KS-CleverCopter === === * More UI cleanup from @KS-CleverCopter * Fix for bug where on Windows 10, Boards popup appears behind === === * Ton of UI work from @KS-CleverCopter * Change board alphabetization formatting === === * First cut at remembering what message was stored with what card * Move to safer "g2t_" instead of "g2t:" for variable names stored in hashes * Reduce log lines circular queue to 100 lines * Set "remembered" to 100 emails * First version of restoring settings based on email, had to add ability to cache list updates til list refreshed * This history available at: https://g2t.pub/changes === === * Fix validHash to work correctly - was always taking the req = [] path. This was causing empty data to be sent to Trello, causing a 400 error === === * Update icons for correct classes for Gmail with highlighting css === === * Use avatarUrl instead of id + '/' + avatarHash in case it moves in the future * Update http:// to https:// * Remove unused chrome.identity === === * Update text-only from "GtT" to "G2T" * Update these notes references from "GtT" to "G2T" * More trials for better resizing (failed) * Replace 403'ing "https://trello-avatars.s3.amazonaws.com/{avatarHash}/30.png"; with "https://trello-members.s3.amazonaws.com/{id}/{avatarHash}/30.png"; === === * Update links from Trello to http://g2t.support * Update name to include "Gmail-to-Trello" === === * Had to publish as new Extension "Gmail-2-Trello" due to old extension updates being disallowed. * Change "Arrows" to a pop-up for "Add below:" and "Add to:" * Try AspectRatio on for more reasonable resize experience [nope, doesn't work for what we'd want] * Posted in new github repo: https://github.com/appliedmedia/gmail-2-trello === === * Now uses background script for retrieval and upload of all attachments/images/embedded images, should resolve CORS/CORB new higher level of Chrome Security. * Standardize on selectors for embedded titles * Reduce scopes of domains in manifest * Update descriptive text in manifest * Update to jQuery 3.4.1.slim * Add option/shift-click to "Attach" or "Images" will select-all/deselect-all based on first checkbox's state * Remove in-app purchases * Output jQuery object when body can't be found === [email protected] === * Try some changes to grow boxes (unsuccessfully) * Update file naming upload code to gleen filename from aria-label text * Gmail UI class names changed again, in gmailView we now use a single viewport: '.aia:first'. It was '.aeJ:first'. We no longer explicitly try to detect splitlayout, which may or may not work. Will need to test with folks. * Initial error message when retrieving attachment content fails with 0 length. Probably CORS/CORB new Chrome security model, need to retrieve data from background script. Fix in progress but will take a while to refactor uploading code. * Deeper highlighting for Labels and Assign, use gradient to indicate selected * Remove trash can from GtT pull down * Move popup location of GtT pull down to under icon * Use new === of Trello Client.js * Make sure UI, Sign-out works (enough) when Trello Authenticate fails. * Look for old legacy classname m{UNIQUEID} only if other emailId tags aren't present * Iterate differently * Use data-thread-id if present * Get Legacy Gmail Thread ID for backlink on new Gmail * Find new Gmail views * Make getManifest === check more robust error-handling-wise * Fix calculation for pop-up when button position has changed * New HD toolbar icon & sketch version * Attachment image previews are now scale-to-fit * Attachment file and image sections are hidden when there is no attachment * [dev] Change form markups from dl/dt/dd to regular divs * Fix bug on the new Gmail that cause toolbar buttons failed to work properly * Remove overlapping intervals, thanks to Travis Hardman. * Up debug log * Silence logging of button positioner [still need to fix] * Gmails coming up blank content in GtT - Change .adP:first to use more deterministic tag * Check for ASL or ASF div for Refresh icon. * Only call detach if more than one button/popup * Use '0' for unknown === in === check * More debugging logs for adding button / popup * Only show === update if previous === > 0 * Remove toolBarHolder * Debug Multiple Inboxes - more to do * Circular log wasn't - hogged memory * inline image now should upload to Trello correctly * Restrict log from 1000 to 100 lines. * Call browsingData from background to clear extension data. * Show message to reload when === changes. * Fix $button[0] -> $button.first(). * Fix missing views/options.html. * detectToolbar return true if detected. * .detach button and popup and then only append one. * Make sign out an explicit button on the page. * Fix resize via jQuery UI, needed clearfix at popup level for jQuery UI added elements * Call pre-init after button disappear * Semi-final jQuery UI resizing (not quite right for normal state, works okay for list state) * Show === number in options panel (prep for noticing === change and prompting to reload) * Remove G-Ni from GtT icon * Add timer to check every 2 seconds for GtT button showing * Use gh='mtb' to find toolbar * Add G-Ni to GtT icon * Remove :first from G-atb * Additional debugging code in toolbar and labels code * Report of GtT button not appearing when Streak and RightInbox, some tweaks to button positioning code to hopefully circumvent problem. * Add info message to options screen * Initial cut at button for chrome.browsingData.remove * Update manifest with 64 and 128 icons * Icon not showing up in toolbar due to other extension icons in toolbar * Update gtt_log to have timestamp * Move email search hyperlinks to top of content * Parse "29. Mai 2017 um 15:18" correctly * (Until I have a better idea, have to decode the dateTime by hand and do some month comparisons) * And then after doing that ton of work and realizing this will be horrific to maintain, I ripped it all out * Check for 401 more leniently, add target to error * Lists without organizations were being filtered out! Fixed. * Change Features/Bugs to 'Help' * Created 'Report' feature, which will put latest error and last 1000 log items into card to post to GtT Trello board * 400 invalid id on attachment upload: Use pos === 'at' to indicate path to attach * Track mouseUp and mouseDown in same external-to-window container * Make positioning logic more robust for Upload to combat Trello POST pos 404 error * Click outside window closes window * Focus outside window closes window * Error in attachments processing fixed to produce correct filename * Install keyboard trap to Show Popup, Remove keyboard trap on Hide Popup * Clean up consts for keyboard trap * First cut at image with larger tooltip on hover * Load jQuery UI CSS before our CSS so we can override it * Add named function gtt_keydown to prevent duplicate listeners * Bump === to work around Google problem * Remove Gmail load wait timer now that GtT button is more robust on no-data * Move keyboard trap to bindEvents * Dirty centering when no data so popup will move as appropriate * Fix error with "bottom" should be "below" * Refactor upload code to pull it all into model work, add model.Uploader class * Move attach code back into our code since Trello doesn't want it * Fix error where attachment URL was click link instead of updated card * Fixed long untruncated image/attachment string * First cut at having GtT button always show, even when there is no data to populate - this may reduce the "where's my button?" support issues * Have images bottom grow when you grab the window grow handle in the lower right corner * Fix bug in creating new card * Simplify UI for adding to a card vs. adding new card below * Add to an existing card! * Had to change UI a little to account for card selection and "where" to put the card === === * Make minimum width bigger for popup * Create shortcut dropdown for due date * Create option entry to add more to shortcut dropdown * Persist previous due date and time * Attachments and Images now are transferred completely to Trello instead of lodging as links back to Gmail * Attachments downloaded to memory and uploaded to Trello instead of just providing links * Support keyboard shortcuts: Alt/Opt+Shift+G is the default to show the popup (once in Gmail and the button is visible) * While the Popup is showing, hitting ESCAPE or CTRL+. or CMD+. will dismiss the popup. * CTRL/CMD+ENTER will Add to Trello. * Change stray bullets to asterisks but not stray hyphens * Fix member assignment buttons to persist across board changes * Shift-click "Labels:" or "Members:" to clear * Fix typos GMail -> Gmail * Layout changes to accomodate smaller screens * Can now assign other users * Your id should always be first in Assign list * Remove "Assign to me" button * Move signout and error to chrome extension loaded html files * Make label and member msg boxes same height as label and member chicklets so things don't "jump" up and down when picking new boards * Fix pInterest loads with white overlay on top of first 20 pinned items -- was conflicting with jQuery UI CSS * Moved jQuery-ui-css loading to top of popup * Changed matches to mail.google.com instead of all urls. * Fix problem of email with no body * Try to fix parseData to always return a valid data block (even if empty data) * Update board changed to clear out list/labels when settings boardId is different than boardId * Gray box around imgs in image list to show "spacer" images * Use window.location.pathname to provide "/mail/u/0/" or "/mail/u/1/" etc. for different gmail accounts * Add support to attach images from Gmail * Fix typo with missing brace for uriForDisplay * To handle jQuery UI looking to Gmail for UI icons, must replace url("images... with url("chrome-extension://__MSG_@@extension_id__/images... ...read entire history at https://g2t.pub/changes and interact with this community at https://g2t.support.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-11-07) Melanie Webb: The G-2-T button does not consistently appear in my Gmail. Sometimes it's there, sometimes I can't find it. The few times I've been able to see the button in Gmail and use it, I have loved it.
  • (2022-03-22) Alex Maskovyak: This bridges the chasm between Gmail and Trello. This is worlds away better being able to add and create cards with labels, assignments, and attachments than Trello's normal email to the board flow. It was great while it worked even if it had a few quirks / bugs. However, this stopped loading / showing up completely in my browser today.
  • (2020-11-03) Philip Jones: This tool is so simple to use, but has profound benefits for my work. I no longer have an overflowing inbox, as I can create tasks in the appropriate Trello lists and archive the emails away, confident that the original email is only one click away from the Trello cards. Support has been superb, with one of my feature requests added in less than a week.
  • (2020-10-15) Maichel M. Aguayo Bustos: Nice!!. It saves me time and organize all my work. I can create card in trello from gmail.
  • (2020-09-10) Scot Catlin: If you're trying to decide if you should install this or not, JUST DO IT! I just found this extension and wish I had found it years ago. I use Trello heavily for many different projects both personal and professional. This is so easy to use while also supporting some really cool advanced features. Be sure to check out their Trello board for tips on the various features. You can even make feature requests! Well done, g2t team.
  • (2020-08-07) Gabriel Sultan: Gmail & Trello are the principal tools in my work. This app changed my life. Thanks
  • (2020-07-28) Augusto Souza: Best Trello extension on the market so far.
  • (2020-07-23) Rajesh Prajapati: Loving it for years. Thanks for bringing new updates. I like the feature of shorting from many boards and adding details as comment to a particular card. One more request.. pls don't limit this to just for gmail. There is no such trello extension which adds details to comment of any particular card. I love to compile things in comments. Please make it default at omnibar for creating new card or adding details to comment of a particular card. Thanks in advance.
  • (2020-07-21) John Smillie: This is how I work. Love this, in fact I'm dependent on it.
  • (2020-07-21) Martin McAleer: Started using Gmail-to-Trello, the parent of Gmail-2-Trello. It is an invaluable tool for workflow and productivity. I would highly recommend.
  • (2020-07-20) Jackie Leavitt: The official Trello extension is good, but this extension picks up where the Trello extension lacks by offering email support. I can turn any email into a task for myself or my remote team. I'm a longtime user and have my remote people using it too. It's super handy to have right in my inbox. Not to mention it's free to use!


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