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Block all Youtube Ads! Augment your YouTube experience with Fullscreen Theater Mode, Video Screenshot, Volume Booster and many more

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Description from store This software helps to removes all ads: pre-roll video ads, text & banner ads. Save time by stopping those useless advertisements. This adblocker automatically blocks all ads on YouTube ™, including pre-roll video ads, text & banner ads. Save your time by stopping those useless advertisements. In gist, by installing this extension all YouTube ads will be hidden. Please Read before Installing! Change Log 3.2.1 Sometimes, the first video preview ad is not blocked properly and a black screen is shown on the video while the ad audio plays. The temporary solution for this is to refresh the video page by pressing Control + R and the video will play right away. The ad would be skipped once the page is refreshed. Change Log 3.2.0 If you wish to hide the toolbar at the bottom of Youtube when you are watching videos, please click on this extension icon at the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser. there is an option called "Disable toolbar" which can be ticked on/off. Change Log 3.1.1 Reverted back to a previous version which helps to press "skip ad" when that button is clickable. Youtube has recently made some changes, so now our extension helps save you time by pressing the skip ad button for you. We'll review the situation and see if there is a better solution in the future. Change Log 3.1.0 Fixed a bug where the screen would turn black and the ad sound would continue playing for pre-load ads. Change Log 3.0.8 Fixed a bug where your Youtube Watch History was not saved. Change Log 3.0.7 Allow Users to turn the toolbar at the bottom of Youtube on/off. Fixed the ad blocking technology so it blocks all types of video ads including pre-roll. Fixed a bug where our extension was interfering with Youtube native dark mode. Change Log 1.0.7 1) Fixed the auto blocking of Ads settings. Now if you choose "Block All" under options/settings, the video and image ads for Youtube are blocked automatically. Side note: the toolbar for all the other useful features will fade away if you do NOT mouse over the toolbar in full screen/theatre mode etc. Change Log 1) Fixed Bugs - Toolbar kept appearing even when User used full screen mode for their video Fixed Black Screen from appearing when we block a pre-roll ad Added in Tutorial Page so users know how to begin using this extension Allow users to turn on/off the software toolbar at the bottom of the page. 2) Added in toolbar at the bottom of Youtube videos. There are 7 buttons available now. Shield Icon - Press this button whenever you want to skip a pre-roll ad manually Theater Mode - Watch your favorite videos in Theatre mode Screenshot - Take a screenshot of an exact moment. Volume Boost - Increase Volume of the Youtube Video up to 600% Picture Mode - Allow the Youtube video to become floating videos Loop Video - Loop your favorite music videos to play over and over again. You can specify the exact moments you want the Youtube video to loop over and over. Options - Change your ad-block configurations. You can block ads manually/block ads automatically. ★★★ Features ★ No configuration. No messy lists to manage ★ Block all pre-roll YouTube™ video ads on all sites ★ Blocks banner/text ads throughout YouTube™ ★ Ultra fast plus very lightweight, will not slow you down ★ 100% Free & always updated ★★★ YouTube Ad blocking benefits ★ Improve browser speed ★ Improve page load speed ★ Decrease memory / CPU usage ★ Decrease bandwidth After installing, please reload all YouTube tabs for the extension to take effect. ✓ Note Youtube™ & the YouTube logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions. This extension is not created nor endorsed by Google inc.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-05-27) Nicki M: It's not working. YouTube keeps blocking my viewing, even though I have the extension disabled.
  • (2024-05-26) Yassine Ayad: sde
  • (2024-05-26) Abraham Gimenez: nice
  • (2024-05-26) DImitar Dimitrov: not blocking every website
  • (2024-05-26) Corruption Twin Crimson Twin: great
  • (2024-05-26) Dwayne Spera: Stopped working on YouTube. Says it violates the Terms of Service.
  • (2024-05-25) Heredia Dimas Jesus Jaziel: Nice app
  • (2024-05-25) Kool aid man: Love it and i don't have to be put into annoying one-two ads every time
  • (2024-05-25) Ali said Aybüke sultan: çalışmıyor ekli yüklü oldu halde
  • (2024-05-24) moviestarryry moviestarryry: Best Thing
  • (2024-05-24) Henri Speil: reagiert schnell 1a
  • (2024-05-24) Tanaka Madziro: good no problems iam happy
  • (2024-05-24) Đỗ Tuấn Tú: A plus
  • (2024-05-24) joel abelar: it is good in many ways thank you
  • (2024-05-23) Angel Sebastian Sanchez Garcia: muy buena
  • (2024-05-23) jozef Kovalak (kovalakj): top
  • (2024-05-23) Juver Carrasco: ok
  • (2024-05-23) Charlie Franzén: kunde varit bättre
  • (2024-05-23) Mc Belson Dela Cruz: Good
  • (2024-05-23) Pasty: really good
  • (2024-05-23) Tran Khanhchau (vienthongip): Very good
  • (2024-05-23) mr. fact master: good
  • (2024-05-22) Quang khải Đặng: pl
  • (2024-05-22) Talal Tarabichi: Loved it
  • (2024-05-22) Ich Putzhiernur: Hat immer mal wieder gehakt und man musste die Seite neu Laden, was an sich nicht schlimm war. Seit einer Woche geht es gar nicht mehr, andauernd spielen ADs, teilweise können Videos nicht geschaut werden weil das Plugin buggt oder ganze Playlists werden durchskippt
  • (2024-05-22) fart Swabber: fortnite balls all in your face
  • (2024-05-22) Nguyễn Tùng Dương: ok
  • (2024-05-21) natalia brigith ditta hernandez: ik
  • (2024-05-21) Alp: nice
  • (2024-05-21) Layla Noury: good
  • (2024-05-21) Tuğra: mükkkkkkkkkkk
  • (2024-05-21) Miguel Wesso: It does not remove all ads!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too BAD
  • (2024-05-21) Ali khan: loved it
  • (2024-05-21) NGUYEN THI MINH THƯ: nice
  • (2024-05-21) DIKI MULYANA: bagus
  • (2024-05-20) AmarAneesh Hacker: niceee
  • (2024-05-20) PARIS BAKIRIS: cool
  • (2024-05-20) 02 王竣陞: good
  • (2024-05-20) Hoàng Phí: good
  • (2024-05-20) Vy Trieu: great
  • (2024-05-20) Glenn Rey Talaba: good
  • (2024-05-20) Jada M: Perfect it works perfectly
  • (2024-05-19) baran edebalı: mük
  • (2024-05-19) ibrahim ÜNÜVAR: harikaa
  • (2024-05-19) Eiad Ammar: A great extension for ads! you can increase the volume and block ads and much more!
  • (2024-05-18) Nick Webster: does't work om all
  • (2024-05-18) Dhairyashil Khot (DSKHOT): 💖
  • (2024-05-18) Phước: good
  • (2024-05-18) Muhammad Alfarizi: sangat membantu
  • (2024-05-18) Shant Broeck: well deserved 5 brilliant


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