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Provides access to the lists of solutions for Duolingo's translation / listening challenges, and restores typos correction.

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Description from store [Features] - Provides a link to the list of solutions of the current challenge, once you have submitted your answer. - By default, the solutions are sorted by their similarity with your answer, but you can also switch to an alphabetical sort. - Click on your answer to edit it. The similarity scores of the solutions will be refreshed accordingly. - Remembers the lists of solutions of each challenge, to also make them available from the corresponding forum discussions. - Displays the closest solution when the answer you submitted is incorrect. - Outlines typos in answers to listening challenges. - Strives to blend seamlessly in Duolingo's UI, and to be compatible with custom themes such as Darklingo++. [Keyboard shortcuts] After having submitted an answer to a challenge, use: - [ s ] to open the solution window, - [ ↑ ] / [ ↓ ] to scroll up / down the window content, - [ Esc ] to close the solution window. When a list of solutions is available, use: - [ ← ] / [ → ] to navigate through the pages one by one, - [ Ctrl ] + [ ← ] / [ → ] to go directly to the first / last page. [Limitations] - The lists of solutions are built by flattening the original solution graphs, which are not optimized against redundancies. This can lead to lists of solutions containing lots of very similar sentences. - "Fill in the blank" challenges are based on "normal" translation challenges. The lists of solutions provided for them may therefore include sentences that do not match the blanks. [Support] Visit the development page of the extension (https://github.com/blmage/duolingo-solution-viewer) for more informations, screenshots, or if you have any support request!

Latest reviews

  • (2020-11-10) Jim Wilson: Super helpful to be able to see all the possible alternative solutions. Has helped my learning progress immensley.
  • (2020-10-22) John Etie: I like this extension a lot but when using Edge Chromium it only suggests additional answers ever other time.
  • (2020-07-30) Alexandra Laird: Amazing extension - Duo should be paying you to add this feature to their native site! 100% would recommend. Really helpful to see the nuances between languages.
  • (2020-07-28) Mary Lim: Very useful for seeing the range of answers that Duolingo accepts. That helps to identify where your own answer may have gone wrong.


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