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Folding@Home dark mode web client with real time GPU/CPU PPD by WU benchmarking for comparison to other folders.

Description from store A Complete Dark Mode Redesign for Folding@Home Sure it's dark and bruiting and we like that, But in addition it's a replacement of the default F@H web client that does the following great things for you: NEW - Timer (Time of Use) shifting allows you to set a time to start folding and finish folding so you can fold at off peak power usage times or to manage seasonal heat. NEW - View a recent time allocation breakdown of research your system was working to better understand why your PPD varies due to different research projects. NEW - UI Theme skin picker that allows you the flexibility to chose your style regardless of your team affiliation. NEW - Monitor style picker to allow you adapt your favorite UI Theme to a number of retro style display colors. NEW - Code and UI redesign to streamline the use of space and put more of a focus on the research being completed in a modern responsive UI that has been optimized to feel / be more responsive. - Get a baseline PPD for the GPU/CPU and project you are currently folding to see how your system compares to the community average and your personal recent averages due to different work units. - GPU/CPU performance update stats are real-time to show you +/- percent changes in PPD performance as you use or tweak your system. - GPU/CPU performance information has links directly to your hardware's performance data on our database site overall and by project. - Optional charting of work unit history / performance enables benchmarking and review while folding to better understand changes in PPD during folds or when adjusting your systems hardware settings. This helps to identify how different projects and the folds within them can swing PPD and how you use your computer while folding does too. - Client automatically sends your GPU and CPU WU PPD to add it to the global database for all folders to benefit from. - Did we mention, it's a dark theme for the F@H web client and it's FREE?! HOW TO USE? Once FOLDING IN THE DARK AT HOME is installed, just make sure your system is running folding@home then navigate to the standard web client interface URL https://client.foldingathome.org/ this will trigger the dark mode to start running in place of the standard web client. REQUIREMENTS: Only runs on computers with the folding@home folding / web client running. https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/ Features in the extension such as averages, timeline, time of use start/stop and research time allocation only record when this page is left open. Version 2 is a beta edition so currently it's only officially tested on Windows 10 / Linux Mint running the latest folding@home client: v7.6.21 RELEASE NOTES: Version 2.0.5-6 Beta - CPU/GPU identification update - Minor change to allow more CPU/GPU naming schemes work in client Version 2.0.4 Beta - Intel CPU identification fix update - Minor change to allow more Intel CPU naming schemes work in client Version 2.0.3 Beta - Intel CPU identification fix - Minor change to allow more Intel CPU naming schemes work in client - Minor load performance updates Version 2.0.2 Beta - Timer area fixes - Added more descriptive labels to know when you're folding - Bug fix in daily use estimate calculation Version 2.0.1 Beta - Toggle Status Info Top/Bottom - Button added at bottom of screen so you can decide if the status window or folding slots are at the top of the page. Version 2.0.0 Beta - Complete Redesign of Web Client - Responsive Bootstrap 4 - Performance optimizations for stats displayed on screen - Additional data points provided such as system and slot level PPD averages - Timeline of recent system activity - Research time allocation of recent types of research folded - Time of use power management to start / stop folding during certain hours - UI Themes that can be selected regardless of team - UI Monitor emulation to style themes in retro monitor types/colors Version 1.1.5 - F@H Server API Update - Changes to folding.lar.systems API paths to prepare for server upgrades as the database grows. Version 1.1.4 - F@H Server API Update - Addition of new stats API path to continue support of user and project info. Version 1.1.2 0 Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- - Addition of CPU support via per logical processor PPD scoring with website CPU database coming shorty once a critical number of CPU samples have been collected. - Removal of animated GIFs to remove 3D GPU overhead caused by the GIF animations - Addition of optional Charting component that can be toggled open / closed to enable benchmarking and historical view of PPD per slot performance as WU is folding. Charts can be hidden to remove 3D GPU overhead when not being used. - Addition of PPD Total at top of screen for multi-slot users to be able to gauge performance of all slots at a glance. - UI Layout changes to hardware folding slot layout to provide detailed information at a glance for each slot without the need to click the slot to view PPD, points etc. - Friendly names applied to folding slots for GPUs and CPUs. - GPUs current performance is shown via indicator on PPD score showing the +/- percent of the current PPD over the average baseline. Positive values show green, negative red for at a glance monitoring. - General CSS updates and optimizations - General JavaScript optimizations Version 1.1.1 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- New Feature - No sleep mode and animation toggle states will be persistent, with storage of the variables held in the extension itself. This will return the plug-in to it's last known state after browser updates, page refreshes etc. Version 1.1.0 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Fix - Case where project description does not match currently displayed GPU comparison WU project ID when in no sleep mode. Version 1.0.9 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Fix - Case where project description does not match currently running WU project ID when in no sleep mode. Version 1.0.8 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Update – LTT Skin return of optimized animated GIFs alternative based on CSS toggles to reduce browser 3D rendering overhead allocating more GPU resources for folding. Update - LTT Skin option to disable animation in extension modes Update - No sleep mode no longer forces page reload, updates current window in place. Fix - Green border around folding icon / animation, CSS values changes to suppress, should fix most instances of users with screen scaling. Version 1.0.7 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Update – LTT Skin removal of animated GIFs to reduce browser 3D rendering overhead allocating more GPU resources for folding Version 1.0.6 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Fix - GPU performance data displayed on fresh load when "Finishing" a WU Update – LTT Skin style and image updates Version 1.0.5 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Update – LTT Skin style and image updates (the folding shirt lives on) Update – Add the number of work unit samples for your GPU and current WU that are being used to calculate the performance score. Update – Add the overall rank of your GPU compared to all others in the database Fix – Change logic for displaying GPU performance to hides cases where you see double notifications on new GPU/WU combinations added in real-time. Version 1.0.4 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Update – Add operating system identification when submitting work units to allow for implementation of more accurate PPD averages based on Windows, Linux and OSX driver and OS overhead differences Version 1.0.3 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Fix – Address blank GPU on comparison display on pause / restart in clean session condition. Update – CSS styles and share icons to header area Update – CSS styles to sleep mode area, addition of disable sleep mode URL in status area Version 1.0.2 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Fix – Reduction of URLs required in permissions that apply styles Fix – Make GPU stats recall and profile URL more distinct for GPUs that register with the same common name in the F@H GPU list Version 1.0.1 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Fix - support for incognito windows Fix - support/testing for latest build of Linux Mint 19.3 Fix - client will now load first in client.foldingathome.org wrapper so they can still provide / users see client update notices before the extension loads the custom interface in the iframe. Fix - extension only breaks out into its own window when extension modes are used. Add - links to LTT Folding forum Add - user stats link to folding.extremeoverclocking.com in points area Add - LTT forum badge level icons to PPD level indicator (Team LTT Only) Add - Direct link to LTT badge request forum thread (Team LTT Only) Add - muted share icons to better fit in with dark theme brightness Add - client information details in panel footer Add - extension modes and no sleep toggle link to panel footer Version 1.0.0 – Beta Release --------------------------------------------- Initial launch version.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-02) River Wolf: It's useful, but I don't run Folding@home locally, and I can't seem to be able to use it when Folding@home is running on anything but a local setup. Perhaps consider adding an option to specify an address where I can point Folding@home in the dark to?
  • (2022-10-21) Michael G: Great extension, love that it helps to contribute to the database!
  • (2022-09-06) Owen Smith: Looks really nice, and easy on the eyes. More than you'd expect when looking for a dark theme, but def appreciated!
  • (2021-09-20) Jamie Bally: Was great but has suddenly turned yellow with a banano skin. I would like an option to enable or disable this skin
  • (2021-05-14) Rob Kruger: It's good and would be 5 stars if the pause and finish buttons swapped colors. Red for finish and yellow for pause would be better.
  • (2020-10-28) J Rivet: Very helpful - thank you!
  • (2020-10-27) Red: Lots of useful information + dark mode = Almost perfection. One issue: Only works with https://client.foldingathome.org/ , not the lag-free version http://localhost:7396/
  • (2020-10-26) Pranay: Thank you!
  • (2020-10-13) Shazad Rayaz: Works great
  • (2020-08-30) Eclipse: Best and only extension (afaik) that does a great job to give you additional details, make a leaderboard of all cards (old and new) with live update of PPD when new WUs come out and work gets submitted. Also, dark theme is something that I've been going crazy about, it helps with eye soreness when checking your cards via web UI. On some systems, I do not even use Advanced Control anymore after setting the rig up (where I always used it up until I saw this extension).
  • (2020-08-29) marknd59: Great extention has lots of useful information.


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