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This Extension will configure your default search to Burst Search. Start by typing a query in the search field.

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Description from store About extension: By clicking "Add to Chrome", you accept and agree to install the Burst Search extension and setting Chrome™ default search to that provided by the service and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Burst Search extension will update your search settings and will change your search engine to Bing. Features: Besides configuring your default search to Burst Search's search, you will be able to check your local weather forecast only a click away at any time! We didn't want this feature to be annoying for our users so we placed it under additional extension's „Options“. Therefore, you can check it only if and when you are actually interested in it, rather than browsing for some weather forecast online tools. By clicking "Add to Chrome", you will get Burst Search extension installed and our logo will appear in the top right corner of Chrome – in extensions bar. By choosing „Options“on the menu, you will get a window with the weather forecast and the search box. Useful Information: Just start by typing preferred search term (query) into the Google Chrome Browser Omni Bar. The Burst Search search will check the best suitable search provider for You automatically. For more technical details you can read about Google Chrome API for Google Chrome Extensions. To remove the our search extension simply go to Google Chrome "Settings" page. Find the "Extensions" in the settings menu and there you will find Burst Search extension listed. To uninstall it just use the "Remove" button. About us: Burst Search team is dedicated to creating genuine products which will be useful for our users. We tend to provide GRPR aligned products, always prioritizing users' privacy. Considering that, we recognize that location-sharing is a concern for many people (ourselves included) and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. For more information on privacy and the security of your data visit our Privacy policy below. To reach our support please write us to this email: [email protected] For additional information please check links below: Privacy policy: https://burstsearch.com/privacy/ Terms of service: https://burstsearch.com/terms/

Latest reviews

  • (2021-06-04) undeadbomb: HERE IS HOW TO REMOVE IT WITHOUT AN ANTI VIRUS!! So, if you have the browser hijacker version of this, and don't want to get an antivirus here is how to remove it(ONLY ON WINODWS): First, enter your search bar in the taskbar and type in "regedit". If you see the registry editor, click on "run as administrator" once you are in the regedit, you need to go to "Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Policies" and then expand both the "chromium" and the "google/chrome" folders then inside of both of them you will see a folder called "ExtensionInstallForceList". Open the folder by clicking once, then inside of it delete the ones with the name "1" and the value that has the extension id in the value. Then, go into your file explorer and in the top bar type "%localappdata%" and then go to "Google\Chrome\User data\Default\Extensions" then permanently delete the folder that starts with "ppihhpfnpapdl" (do this by dragging it to the recycle bin, then right click the recycle bin and click "Empty recycle bin" then "Yes"). Now restart chrome and then if the folder shows up again, just delete it again and that will be the last time it appears. Now the browser hijacker is gone.
  • (2021-03-06) Ali Yadegari: this is a virus I want it off
  • (2021-02-08) Kayla Reed: Won't Let Me Delete I have went through all of the comments here and tried to follow them but I can't get this stupid thing off of my computer. I didn't even download this to begin with. It absolutely sucks and is slowing down my computer drastically.
  • (2021-01-11) Mason Gaming: report this addon NOW it is a viris
  • (2020-11-02) Sam Lasher: VIRUS AND A SCAM IM REPORTING
  • (2020-10-21) A S: this extension has stolen administration of my google account and will not allow me to remove it. is says my account is being controlled by an organization and this is the account, i have also experience fraud and an insane amount of spam mail and i am wondering if this could have caused the issue due to my information being out there. i can not remove and am trying every thing.
  • (2020-10-21) Josiah jaen: Ruins your chrome
  • (2020-10-09) Ejay Castro: I cant believe Google is allowing an app extension like this.. very upsetting.
  • (2020-09-30) Cody Quick: Please take this down
  • (2020-09-23) RobDoggie: need it off i know how all u gotta do is download Malwarebytes its a security software scan itll take it off..https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/ itll take it off of chrome
  • (2020-09-21) Lorien: virus
  • (2020-09-14) chris hernani: its a virus and needs to get taken down i would love if someone helped me remove it
  • (2020-09-10) Blite: I do not know what to do i have tried everything I think to get rid of this off my computer. Any help ?
  • (2020-09-02) jase: I DID NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ! IT IS A VIRUS!!
  • (2020-08-28) Damon Hess: i need help to remove this?
  • (2020-08-26) Justin Tiedemann: If I could rate zero stars I would. Like others, I didn't install it knowingly or want it. After many attempts and different ways, I can't remove it. For example, when I go to edit my default search engine, the burst search drop down (where you'd remove it) is blank. Google needs to remove this app from their store. It is a virus.
  • (2020-08-21) Isaiah Case: virus and cant remove remove from web store please to save me
  • (2020-08-17) Syed R: sucks, I can't even take it off and now I can't use my browser in peace and have redownload it.
  • (2020-08-15) Sad Shelves: its a virus it just appeared one day and i cant remove it
  • (2020-08-15) Yzabella Long: I'm back a month later and Google still hasn't done anything about this. Aaron Richards, or whoever made this, if you're seeing this, just know that Google will one day take down your stupid extension and hopefully you will get sued for stealing thousands of people's private information and passwords just to sell it to other people. :)
  • (2020-08-15) VOX Gaming: GET IT OUT OF MY CHROME
  • (2020-08-10) egg_boi_ the_1st: GOOGLE REMOVE THIS
  • (2020-08-06) ForShovelry1: Cant uninstall it without reinstalling Chrome. Take this off the Chrome Web Store.
  • (2020-08-06) Meme Loving Gamer: virus alert i can't get rid of it :(
  • (2020-08-03) Mathew Bennett: It is a virus
  • (2020-08-03) Pessimistic Bhole: I had to delete it manually and block it in windows security. Here is the general data path: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions . The Extension folder was "ppihhpfnpapdlfpjgkkkjkoiebdndfoh" Deleted and blocked. It was attempting to install additional harmful programs. It came with an Adobe Flash Player update that was REQUIRED for me to download in order to access my companies HR site, StratusHR.
  • (2020-08-03) leakey_: THIS IS A MESSAGE TO EVERYONE WHO HAS THIS Download some sort of malware scanner, I can and usually will remove the malware and most future malware that you may acquire I am no expert, but malware scanners have fixed this for me multiple times
  • (2020-08-03) Regina Shirey: I have tried everything to get this off my computer. I did not add it and I do not want it. You select the remove from chrome button and nothing happens. I have uninstalled google and reinstalled google and made google my default browser and burst still won't go away.
  • (2020-08-02) CharlieJen: Guys, if you wanna remove it try the brave browser, its basically google chrome but better.
  • (2020-08-02) Funko Infinity: take this off ASAP!!! this is a malicious VIRUS
  • (2020-08-02) Sebastian's Marbles: I was using Google before this showed up on my Computer, after that all of my search results were on Bing. I hate it so much that I would rate it 0 stars if i could! Also how do i get rid of it?
  • (2020-08-01) Parallel Noelle: This just randomly showed up one day and completely ruined my Chrome, delete this extension off the internet please.
  • (2020-08-01) Michael Barden: I cannot remove this extension. It has signed me up with a phantom administration and I cannot get rid of it
  • (2020-08-01) Sky Gamer: I can not remove this and it is annoying and keeps getting in the my way. DO NOT USE THIS!!!
  • (2020-08-01) Nicolas Augustine: I uninstalled Chrome today and this extension did not go away, It made itself an administrator of my computer so I cannot remove it, Google you need to fix this IMMEDIATELY!
  • (2020-08-01) MilLer: Virus
  • (2020-08-01) Ethan Nguyen: I cant remove it I tried reinstalling already
  • (2020-07-31) Redstone Repeater: Malware.
  • (2020-07-31) HawaiianTShirt: I DIDN'T EVEN INSTALL THIS. AND GOOGLE JUST LETS THIS STAY ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2020-07-31) Xarma: never downloaded this, its a virus
  • (2020-07-30) Jay Dalal: It just installed on to my computer i hate this
  • (2020-07-29) Laurel Cashman: I did not install this ext and cannot find how to get it off
  • (2020-07-29) Battlephrogs2003 Games: i dont know what to do
  • (2020-07-29) aacronix: ITS A VIRUS GET RID OF THIS EXTENSION
  • (2020-07-28) Aiden Shea: It is impossible to uninstall
  • (2020-07-28) Derek Lee: Didn't install, bloatware. Please remove from the web store.
  • (2020-07-28) Kae Smith: this will not get off of my pc it is attached to my chrome i delete crome and install again but nothing works please get this off of the chrome webstore
  • (2020-07-27) Zizzer: Malware
  • (2020-07-26) Nerdimations: it's a virus


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