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Overload Search! Fast advanced Google Search

Image from store Overload Search - Advanced Google Search
Description from store 🔍 Fast Advanced Google Search. Find the results you need fast! 🚀 Improve productivity & find what you're looking for on Google quickly by filtering search results with advanced Google search operators. Optimize your search query effortlessly with advanced Google search operators using this convenient Google search assistant tool. Say goodbye to the hassle of cheat sheets! ⭐ Site search - Search by the current site or domain - autofill feature ⭐ Query by file type ⭐ Query by Date range ⭐ Find Keywords within the Page title, Body and URL of websites ⭐ Query by country & language ⭐ Exclude/filter out keywords ⭐ Shortcut Alt + G to open the search tool ⭐ Perform complex Google search query quickly ⭐ Order search parameters by Dragging to best suit your use case ⭐ Enable & Disable cards to show only the relevant search parameters ⭐ Open a new tab or use the current tab option ⭐ OSINT open source intelligence investigations tool ⭐ Custom search experience ⭐ Remove query parameters you don't need quickly by clicking the bin icon and removing multiple search cards, so you can focus on the filters that matter most to you. Supported query operators/parameters ▸ Exclude - multiple exclude using space separator ▸ Site search - search current site or search domain - includes use current domain button that will populate the field for you ▸ File type - filter by any file type e.g. pdf, docx, txt, xls, ppt etc ▸ Search type - websites, images, video etc ▸ Keywords within - Any, Page title, Body and URL ▸ Date Range - Before/After ▸ Date Range quick (Max Age of result) ▸ View Google's cache of a website ▸ Turn off Google personalised search results ▸ Sites that contain link specified ▸ Related site search ▸ Turn off safe search ▸ Country support - see search results based on country ▸ Search by Language Customise your Advanced Google search experience and improve the quality of your search results. Perform SEO research techniques quickly using this Google advanced search power tool with the available search utilities. ⭐ Find when google last indexed a website with the cache parameter ⭐ Discover hidden opportunities for internal linking by searching for phrases in your domain or website. ⭐ Conduct competitor SEO research, just use the "related sites" search operator followed by a website URL. Permissions: The tabs permission is necessary for the populate domain and page buttons. Get in touch! Have an idea or feature request? Contact us, feedback is always welcome! Twitter: @PartialOverload 🚀 Release Notes 2.0.0 ▸align radio & ok buttons 1.9.4 ▸update style framework 1.9.1 ▸Shortcut fix 1.9.0 ▸Chrome v3 manifest support 1.8.0 ▸ Search the current website quickly with the autofill domain option 1.6.0 ▸ Clear query on close option added ▸ The search form will now open with the previous values by default. This can be disabled with the clear on close option 1.5.3 ▸ Search by Language. Autocomplete with filter enabled ▸ Start typing in the new language input to quickly select a language from a list of supported languages in Google search 1.4.1 ▸ Reduced permissions, previously the tabs permission was needed for domain/url retrieval 1.0 ▸ Country support - filter search results based on country! ▸ keep search tool open & use current tab for query option ▸ Tweak your search parameters after submitting! 0.4 ▸ Turn off safe search ▸ Related site search ▸ Sites that contain link specified 0.3: ▸ Turn off Google personalised search results

Latest reviews

  • (2023-07-24) Lorenzo P: "Turn off Safe Search" does not work and this was the only thing I wanted (chrome v115.0.5790.102)
  • (2023-07-04) Idea Horizon: Really liked it, however, I either can not find an option to use multiple domains or I don't understand how it should be used. I would like it to return content from multiple domains. If you plan to include it or I was unable to find it, please let me know!
  • (2023-05-28) Michael Skarzewski: Fantastic extension. Would be even better if it added an option to search by searching across multiple countries. Posting the following link to use as an example: https://www.google.com/webhp?cr=countryAT|countryBE|countryBG|countryHR|countryCY|countryCZ|countryDK|countryEE|countryFI|countryFR|countryDE|countryGR|countryHU|countryIE|countryIT|countryLV|countryLT|countryLU|countryMT|countryNL|countryPL|countryPT|countryRO|countrySK|countrySI|countryES|countrySE
  • (2022-01-20) JK Kim: Wow. It is faster than similar things and has more options. good. It would be great if this plugin ui has more space in UI. options are many but space so small. please make it bigger. thanks.
  • (2022-01-15) Torch light: The list of countries and languages is not shown in the Yandex browser
  • (2020-12-22) Teşekkürler uzun zamandır aradığım şey.
  • (2020-11-20) akhil mk: Found it useful to make advanced searches without opening new tabs. Loved the simplicity of the interface too.
  • (2020-07-02) Clean tool, works well, solves an issue I had. Nice!

Latest issues

  • (2022-04-06, v:1.9.0) carpuig: lately alt+G is not working for me
    Last version installed 1.9. I have used this app for quite some time, but lately alt+G is not working for me. I removed the app and reinstalled it, but it didn't fix the problem
  • (2021-10-28, v:1.8.0) STAUNCH PHARMA: country search
    Hi, Love the extension, a great help I'm trying to search for results from specific countries, but the drop down menu doesnt show any names, or doesnt respond to inputs. I have tried reinstalling but it still persists Can you help with this? Cheers
  • (2021-06-30, v:1.7.1) Andrej Sarevski: Feature
    It would be nice to add quick way to perform site: search of the current selected/oppened tab (URl) where "Overload Search" was clicked. We often want to see anc check the current index of the present URl that we're browsing so it will be nice add on to already beautiful app. Keep it up! Andrej.


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