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Turbocharge phone banking with OpenVPB, VAN, and BlueVote. Call and text with 2 clicks!

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Description from store TurboVPB speeds up calling and texting with EveryAction's Open Virtual Phone Bank (OpenVPB), VAN, DNC VoteBuilder, and BlueVote. Skip typing in phone numbers by hand. TurboVPB automatically sends contacts' details to your phone so you can call and text with just 2 clicks. You'll be ready to call in <2 minutes — no account or mobile app needed. In addition to speeding up making calls, TurboVPB makes it easy to send text messages to contacts when they don't answer the phone or when you want to send them more information after a call. Configure one or more message templates, TurboVPB will automatically fill in the contact's name, and you can send each message with the push of a button. TurboVPB was originally developed by a volunteer for the Sunrise Movement but any volunteers, organizations, or campaigns phone banking with these tools are very welcome to use it. If you find TurboVPB helpful, please leave a review and consider supporting the ongoing development and maintenance of the extension by signing up for a membership or buying me a coffee at: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/turbovpb Version History: 0.9.6 - Fixes bug introduced in 0.9.5 0.9.5 - Minor fixes and improvements 0.9.4 - Minor connection improvements (faster WebSocket reconnection) 0.9.3 - Minor connection changes 0.9.2 - Minor fixes 0.9.1 - Start in WebRTC mode 0.9.0 - Text Message Templates can now include fields from VAN / OpenVPB's Additional Info panel (for example, "[County]" will be replaced by the contact's county if that field is visible in the phone bank) - Improved network connectivity (added an end-to-end encrypted WebSocket PubSub fallback option in case the WebRTC connection fails or takes too long) 0.8.1 - Minor fixes and improvements 0.8.0 - Added Text Message Template sharing - Optional support for VAN instances hosted on custom domains 0.7.4 - Added buttons to quickly select unsuccessful call result on mobile page - Optional support for StartTheVan.com (VoteBuilder backup domain) 0.7.3 - Fixed bug where QR code displayed on non-phonebank pages 0.7.2 - Fixed bug in BlueVote content script 0.7.1: - TurboVPB is now enabled by default on VAN, VoteBuilder, and BlueVote (to simplify setup process) - Added a toolbar button and menu that shows the total number of calls made with TurboVPB and has buttons to show the QR code and open the text message settings - Added a link on the mobile site to open text message settings

Latest reviews

  • (2020-12-24) Katya Ehresman: Great campaign tool! It really made phonebanking accessible and motivating, and for campaign management purposes - this free tool increased our calls by 200% and automated calling through a list without a dialer. I used TurboVPB on a larger congressional race and it was helpful for texting smaller, more targeted lists from people in that zipcode, and on a smaller local race this was the foundation of the entire field program which doubled turnout in a local, unaligned runoff election. Could not recommend TurboVPB more!
  • (2020-11-20) Paul Campion: Evan has made a brilliant extension that makes it possible for my team to call and text dozens of volunteers efficiently and smoothly in a highly personal way. This extension has been a game changer for the organizing that we do! Instead of phonebanks being a hassle and drain, they are FUN now. We are going to build enough people power to transform this country and TurboVPB will have helped make that possible!
  • (2020-11-09) Sarah West: TurboVPB has been super easy to use and very helpful! It makes calling more efficient and limits some of the dial fatigue than one might experience during long shifts.
  • (2020-11-09) Jordan Hiller: I wish I knew about this extension sooner! It is definitely a game-changer, easy to use for both new and veteran phonebankers. This removes so many of the hassles with using OpenVPB. Can't imagine going without it now. One-click dialing is awesome, works smoothly. For our team, the killer feature is tracking your dial totals. We used to do this with pencil and paper, this tool does it for you automatically. 3 Cheers to the developer!
  • (2020-11-03) Abe Cohen: Fantastic, customizable use for dialers. I was able to send customized texts for each of my dialed calls. Wonderful, useful extension for activism.
  • (2020-11-03) Winslow Phillips II: Super easy to use, made my call numbers go up exponentially!!
  • (2020-11-03) William Cramer: I personally made sure that the entire Texas Democratic Party knew about and started using TurboVPB in their trainings. I have been a traveling evangelist for TurboVPB to all Democratic organizers across the country for the past week or so. There's a reason every review is five stars. Good work Evan, this tiny bit of code has made thousands of people many times more impactful.
  • (2020-11-02) Phoebe Bolz: This extension is a COMPLETE lifesaver. It makes calling SO much easier and faster. I've been using it for my work in Sunrise and other orgs for the election. Thank you Evan, I am forever indebted to you!!
  • (2020-11-02) Jonah Scharf: Literally obsessed with this extension. Such a good tool!
  • (2020-10-30) Ad Naka: So great to have a well-designed phone banking platform! Really simple to set up and so easy to use, plus the texting option makes following up a breeze. I even prefer it over auto-dialers like ThruTalk because it is a simpler design that gives you more control. Definitely recommend trying it out!
  • (2020-10-29) Fallon Lofley: Awesome little extension. Very excited about how this will help our grassroots group maximize voter contact efficiency! Thank you!! A++
  • (2020-10-22) Arya Irani: TurboVPB is super slick, really easy to set up and get started with, and the author is a gem. I am using it with OpenVPB.
  • (2020-10-19) Beatriz Meza-Valencia: TurboVPB is great! I use it with google voic. It is easy to use and significantly cuts down time for calling. No more typing in or pasting in phone number. I also love that it keeps track of how many calls I've made and how many contacts I've reached. Evan, the creator, has been super responsive when glitches occur. Thank you!!!!!! Gracias!!!!
  • (2020-10-15) Ciara Maxwell: This is incredible, a true game changer for VPBs. Easy to use, and it cutting our phonebank time drastically! I've worked field programs for four cycles now, and this is truly an incredible option for campaigns who can't afford an autodialer but want to maximize the efficiency of their phonebankers/staff. I can't wait to tell literally everyone I know about this extension!
  • (2020-10-15) Kai Parlett: TurboVPB is so easy to set up and use and makes phone banking without a dialer exponentially easier. It saves a ton of time and eliminates the possibility of typing a number in wrong. Anyone who knows about it and doesn't use it is straight up crazy!
  • (2020-10-14) Elle P.: What an amazing tool! TurboVPB is an incredible timesaver, and so easy to install. If you have any questions, or need assistance, the developer, is super responsive. Thanks, TurboVPB!
  • (2020-10-13) Sophie Bodnar: Turbo VPB is a stellar extension! It is easy to setup and use. I highly recommend it!
  • (2020-10-09) Laurent Tillette de Clermont-Tonnerre: Great tool in the service of progress! Thank you for going, make it super convenient!
  • (2020-10-08) Isaac Grimm: This tool is super helpful, I love it and will be getting our staff and vols using it!
  • (2020-10-08) Brandon Lemay: I will never go without this tool again. I find it to be a great compromise of the productivity of an auto-dialer and the ease/accessibility of a traditional phone bank phone bank. This tool easily helped me make 20-30 more calls and hour with a low contact rate.
  • (2020-10-08) Sue Donaldson: This is a gift to phone bankers. Easy to learn, works smoothly, can interact with Google Voice. Our phone banks have been twice as productive with TurboVPB, and callers love it--especially the option to leave a text in seconds!
  • (2020-10-06) Ella McDonald: Very user-friendly, and a game changer for my open vpb phonebanks! This tool allows me to save so much time usually spent manually dialing numbers, and I love the follow-up text feature. Would highly recommend to any phonebanker!
  • (2020-09-17) Violet Massie-Vereker: This is a phenomenal resource for organizers around the country. It is user friendly and the interface is super straightforward. By simply reducing the time it takes to make a call, this extension has the potential to expedite the process of calling through campaign lists quicker, reaching more voters or volunteers in a shorter amount of time and making the process of phonebanking altogether more accessible.
  • (2020-09-11) Heidi Gordon: This is so easy to use and it actually makes phone banking so much easier and more fun. Not only do the phone numbers pop up into your phone automatically one after the next with the push of a button, there is this great texting feature that will automatically send a text to all of your "not homes" if you wish. Since most phone banks have contact rates as low as 5-10%, the follow up texting feature of Turbo VPB means that we don't have to keep calling the same people over and over again who are not home to perhaps get an answer someday.  This saves us considerable man hours when we give respondents more than one way to respond to our questions, which is what Turbo VPB does with its texting feature and it eliminates the need to forward your phone banks to multiple rounds.
  • (2020-09-08) Dylan Black: I've been a political organizer for 4 years and one of the constant struggles is finding ways to save just a little bit of time during calls so you can eek out a few more per day and get to that one voter or volunteer you _really_ needed to talk to. TurboVPB is one of the slickest timesavers I've seen, if you are making 50+ calls per day its an essential tool you should be taking advantage of now!
  • (2020-09-07) Nathan May: Easy to set up and easy to use, this extension is great for streamlining phone banks where you would otherwise have to type in each individual phone number for hours on end. If you're calling for a campaign without an autodialer, this will make things significantly faster and easier!

Latest issues

  • (2020-12-14, v:0.9.6) Eden Heller: Turbo VPB + WhatsApp
    Hi Evan, I was wondering if it's possible to make TurboVPB "play nice" with WhatsApp using their click-to-chat feature. https://faq.whatsapp.com/general/chats/how-to-use-click-to-chat/?lang=en Keep up the amazing work!
  • (2020-11-22, v:0.9.6) Sandy Peterson: TurboVPB
    Hi Evan, I am totally lost trying to get the Turbovpb setup to phonebank. Can you give me step by step using a desktop to my cell. I'm getting confused if I need to be in chrome on my desktop or my phone or both? Once I download the turbovpb chrome button then what do I do? I don't understand how to connect the vpb to my phonebank link. Your instruction said you had to switch to safari. Very confusing to someone new to all this.
  • (2020-11-01, v:0.9.6) Brad Raimondo: Use TurboVPB and Google Voice together?
    Hey! Our Organizers have just started using TurboVPB and a few of them have asked if there is a way to use it and Google Voice at the same time. We are calling a partial persuasion universe so we get connected to some pretty abusive folks sometimes and our FOs understandably do not want to be exposing their personal cell phone numbers when making these dials. So, is there any way to use TurboVPB along with Google Voice (or some other service that would prevent FO personal numbers from ending up in the hands of angry Trumpsters)?
  • (2020-10-31, v:0.9.4) Eden Heller: Google Voice on Desktop Browser
    Hi Evan! This extension is great! I have been using it on my phone, but I'd like to send messages from my google voice account on my computer. Is this possible?
  • (2020-10-17, v:0.8.0) Susan Snyder: Unable to start
    I am on chrome and I signed up for TurboVPB . I have pinned the icon on my bar. I was actually successful in making one call through the caller system but then it stopped. I started from scratch and got as far as the box in the upper right corner and now it says I am on an unsupported site. Can't do anything now.
  • (2020-10-16, v:0.7.4) Brandon Lemay: Texting option
    I noticed when I try to use the texting option, it only loads the first sentence into my messaging app from the template. I use the Messages App on Android is that helps
  • (2020-10-15, v:0.7.4) Cindi Silverman: initial set up
    Hi, I need a step by step tutorial. I watched your video 3 times already Thanks
  • (2020-10-15, v:0.7.4) AnnaMarie X: Multiple numbers for a contact?
    Hi there! I just started using this extension this morning and I love it, I can already tell it will help make my calling so much more efficient. However, I was wondering if there is a setting or something I am missing to call the other numbers available for a voter? When I select "Not Home" for the first number on file it seems to skip right to the next voter, instead of taking me to the next phone number for the voter I was trying to contact! Is there somewhere I can change this or is it just a function of the extension? Thanks! AnnaMarie
  • (2020-10-12, v:0.7.3) Phyllis Brown: How do I change the text message so that I can use for a different phone bank?
    How do I change the text message so that I can use for a different phone bank?
  • (2020-10-01, v:0.7.2) Sharryn Ross: Stopped working
    I have been using TurboVPB and love it. When I logged on to VPB today, the QVC code was missing. I tried to load TurboVPB again, but it says "remove" so I assume it means that it is still loaded. What do I need to do to get it working again.
  • (2020-09-29, v:0.7.2) Isaac Galton: Long press to call using Google Voice not working for me
    This seems like an awesome product, but I can't get the long press to call on GV to work on my phone. Using a Samsung Galaxy 10e phone with firefox browser. I have tried on Chrome and no luck with that either.
  • (2020-09-15, v:0.6.8) Lori Abrams Berry: Texting
    I can't figure out how to set up a texting template. when I make a call and want to send a text message, the box that you show on line doesn't appear... how to do it?


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