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Experience Chrome in a whole new way with custom cursors! Transform your mouse cursor into something unique and eye-catching with…

Image from store Cute Cursors - Custom Cursor for Chrome
Description from store It's such a cute custom cursors for Chrome. Show your individuality with the bright and gorgeous mouse pointer on every webpage. Forget about the boring and simple cursor that has many years to appear on the display. Now you are able to change your mouse pointer to something pink and cute ;) Forget the boring default mouse pointer, because now it can be something more! Something to inspire you, cheer you up and just make you happy. We're the Cute Cursors crew and we've made it our mission to pimp your cursor! We have breathed even more life into our mouse cursors. And so much so that now they have become alive. They shimmer in colors, move, spin, dance, and most importantly give even more expression and positive emotions. Custom cute cursors is a great extension for Chrome that lets you change your browsing experience by creating your own mouse pointers. With the library of this extension, you can find anything to suit your style, whether it's a set of animal symbols or something else entirely. Change your cursor now and get ready for an awesome experience! 5 reasons why you should install the Custom Cursors for Chrome extension: 1. Personalization - extension Custom Cursors for Chrome allows you to personalize your browsing experience by giving your mouse pointer a unique look. 2. Aesthetics - If you're someone who likes to pay attention to the little details, then this extension is perfect for you. Customized cursors can add a touch of aesthetic appeal to your browsing experience. 3. Easy to use - extension Custom Cursors for Chrome is incredibly easy to use. Simply install the extension and select your preferred cursor design. There's no technical knowledge required to use the extension. 4. Fun - Custom Cursors for Chrome can add a fun element to your browsing experience. With a variety of creative cursor designs available, you can swap out your mouse pointer design whenever you like to keep things interesting. 5. Improved visibility - If you struggle to see the default mouse cursor on your screen, then changing it to a customized design could improve your visibility. The increased visibility of a custom cursor can help you keep track of your mouse movements more easily. Attention! Make sure you use the Cute Cursors extension on any web page other than the Chrome Web Store, Google internal pages, and the Chrome home page, as Google policy prohibits the use of custom cursors on these pages.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-06-18) Ngân Huỳnh: tôi muốn như mọi người huuuuuuuu
  • (2024-06-17) CO Phuc Vinh: ok
  • (2024-05-29) lena peace: I worked in other apps it is amazing
  • (2024-05-17) THỊNH ĐÀO VỈNH: EM muồn như mọi người
  • (2024-05-14) FERNANDO DIAS MASCARIN: e bom
  • (2024-04-21) Jamieson: it took me some times to figure out how to install new cursors other than the watermelon but i eventually figured it out and it was so much fun!
  • (2024-04-03) Kyile Austin: i tried to un-installl it, it wont come off.
  • (2024-03-27) Jensen Chloe Catajan: SOOOO CUTE!!! more characters please!
  • (2024-03-24) Dong Nguyen: nó rất đẹp
  • (2024-03-22) TheNiceBunny: i loved the gumball but i cant download it
  • (2024-03-21) melinda sharon: you SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I CANT EVEN GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2024-03-20) Samianne Marie E. Allingag: its so cool to use
  • (2024-02-15) loafyy woffy: it only worked on the site itself
  • (2024-02-10) Fathimath Adhaviya Nisar: i would like it more if it had a lot of sanrio cursors but the others are cute too i suppose you add a disable button tho
  • (2024-01-28) Nuri Gencaslan: harikkaaa
  • (2024-01-26) Ruth Caldas: chi ta gueno
  • (2024-01-17) Gạo Phạm: nó rất đẹp và mẹ tôi cũng thích nha!
  • (2024-01-16) Dilcem yurddas: Sadece YouTube de oluyor ama güzel
  • (2024-01-11) Charles Fran: the worst mouse ever never going to use
  • (2024-01-01) Bee: je n'est pas pu ajouté le curseur ;(
  • (2023-12-26) 18. Vũ Huy Hoàng: toi thay no rat tuyet
  • (2023-12-19) honggam nguyen: tôi thấy những hình ảnh này đã giúp tôi có động lực trong lúc thi
  • (2023-12-14) Megan Alexandria: Finally an extension/app that is very, very easy to use... K.I.S.S- Keep It Simple Stupid. When things are kept simple & easy to navigate through, it makes decisions much easier. So Thank You!
  • (2023-12-12) Cody Parker: if a pokemon cursers does not get on there by Dec 16 2023 I will go down to one star but the first one you need to worry about is a gengar one.
  • (2023-12-09) Aidan Ruble: good
  • (2023-12-03) Mary: The app is nice. My online students really like my new cursors
  • (2023-11-22) Iker: i cant take the cursor off
  • (2023-11-15) Maddie: I Added it so I can get a hello kitty cursor but im stuck with a watermelmon Slice cursor So if you like a water melon cursor would recommed . (WAREING!It only works in the store so 3 stars!)
  • (2023-11-09) Ethan Forrester: it wont let me change it
  • (2023-11-02) Umi Muizza: coba dulu, kek agak ribet
  • (2023-11-02) Majeed Majeed: It wont let me get rid of it HELP
  • (2023-10-21) Minh Đức Nguyễn: Rất tuyệt nha :}}}}}}]
  • (2023-10-16) Mia Chen: I literally can't change it back and now i am stuck with a watermelon cursor forever. help.
  • (2023-10-09) Sirah Otoupal: only works in some apps kind of got me a bit upset and plus it doesn't even work mostly like only some of the skins work for me.
  • (2023-10-05) Kenney Family: good app but how do you equip it tho.
  • (2023-10-03) kiarra gordon: This mouse I have now is so much better than my last mouse(it was boring and I hated it)
  • (2023-09-27) Thủy Nguyễn Thị Bích: ok
  • (2023-09-23) Blamin Martinez: lo encontre y me gusto me en canto
  • (2023-09-23) Ulfa Sholihah: soo cute
  • (2023-09-21) Amaya c: the coursers are so cute but you cant see them on every app
  • (2023-09-21) Steven Cline: it lookes like it only works in this web but it works on all webs
  • (2023-09-21) Sammy Cline: it suks only works in app
  • (2023-09-20) 3B 11 劉一本Ray Lau: wow it so cool im play roblox feel happy
  • (2023-09-12) Frederick Oñate: es lo peor
  • (2023-08-31) Gilang Piliang: Leuk
  • (2023-08-30) Ann Shin Ung: I like this thing. (It's super cute and you can change it)I love it!
  • (2023-08-27) Alex Martinez: I Don't Know How To Equip The Custom Cursor
  • (2023-08-27) Samia Tehseen: it is amazing how cute this is
  • (2023-08-20) Lily Phan: so many awesome cursors!
  • (2023-08-20) Katherine carvajal: está una m13rda


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