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Lead Generation Toolkit - Strategies, Tools and Examples to Explode your Lists, Increase Sales and Grow your Business.

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Description from store Lead generation toolkit. A curated collection of lead generation sources and actionable strategies, tools and examples to explode your lists, grow your business, increase sales and expand your network. All in one place. Get fresh leads every single day from multiple sources even if you know nothing about lead generation. WHAT YOU'll DISCOVER: - 18 of the top lead sources for your business and how to effectively plug into them. - How to track your leads and the best software to use. - How to accurately track conversions so you can know where you need to deploy your resources. - What the different types of lead generation are and how to use them. - How to implement a lead generation process. - The software and tools used by the top lead generation experts. - The most effective ways to generate leads on 2020. LIST OF MODULES IN THE LEAD GENERATION TOOLKIT: Get More Leads From Your Blog Blogging makes you an authority in your field and gives people an inside look at your workplace and its nature. This checklist guide will show you how to get more leads using OptinMonster which will work for on any WordPress Theme. If you use professional page builders and themes that include these “Popup” features you can use the services you already own. The important part is to have a popup form, sidebar form and in content form for maximum optin conversions... Get More Leads From Social Media Profiles Social media can be an excellent source for promoting your blog or website. You can share your website link and ask your friends to share it further. As social media is used by all these days and with amazing content in your blog, more people will be attracted to your site, and you'll be getting more leads. This extension will show you how... SEO (Organic Search) Because of the establishment of many websites these days, it has become difficult for all of them to be shown on the search engine. Are you looking for a way to make your site more visible? Well, you've got to increase the quality and quantity of your site's content to attract the traffic of people and allowing them to search for your site again and again until it reaches the top position in search engines. We'll give you all the organic SEO steps that you need to follow... Get More Leads With Fun Quizzes Quizzes have proven to be one of the most popular and viral ways to creating a large subscriber list. It works across all industries and niches and has been used by many household name companies. For growing your brand, it is essential to be known for something. Are you looking for quick and easy ways to generate online quizzes for your site? The Lead Generation Toolkit will give you each of the simple steps to do so... Radio And TV Advertising This era is very modern; everyone uses the internet and browses on countless websites daily. Just like all other website owners, you have created your site, and now you're thinking of ways to promote it. Are you worried about how to get leads and promote your site? Are you looking for lead sources to get your company on track? No doubt, internet users are larger in number, but instead of social media and ads, you can get leads via television and radio also. We'll show you how... Postcards A fun way to get leads to your site and get more customers is the use of postcards. You can surprise your customers by sending them postcards, which are eye-catching and let your customers join you after seeing them. Do you want to know a way to create postcards? Learn how... Premium Content (E-books, Videos, Webinar Training) So you have created your site but don't know how to attract customers to it? You want to earn from your website by using Premium content, but making it, all Premium will not help you. Now you need to create a first free trial, and later on, you can make it Premium. Premium content is accessible only by payment. So your customers will have to pay. Want to know how to generate such content and get leads through it. Follow the the steps outlined in the extension... Pay Per Lead Several different ways can generate leads, and one of them is by using the Pay Per Lead method. You just agree with an advertiser who advertises your site on different social media sites and gets you lead, and you pay him for each lead that you get. This way, you save yourself tons of money that you waste on the advertisement and pay only for the leads that you get. There are many steps that you have to take and keep in consideration for a successful pay per lead agreement. Get them all here... Facebook Lead Ads Because of the increased number of websites these days on the internet, the competition has also enhanced and has become tough. The use of social media to get leads for a website is the wisest move; anyone can ever pursue. Are you also a site owner and looking for ways to generate leads? The method to generate FaceBook lead ads is mentioned below, follow these little steps one by one, and you'll generate Facebook lead ads. Google Ads Getting leads for a website is a tricky task. It requires effort and persistence. Learning new tricks to use advertising to get leads makes you a perfect marketer. The most searched engine on the browser is Google. So creating Google Ads to get your site promoted is the best option. Creating Google Ads is very easy. Just follow the steps provided, and you'll achieve your goal. Solo Ads Solo Ads are a proven method to getting a large amount of new leads and traffic to your website. These ads are like email campaigns that you send to another person's subscribers list. Are you looking for ways to generate leads from solo Ads? Follow our steps... Seminars Almost all the professional organizations hold seminars to bring the employees together and to let them participate. Also to share their creative ideas about a particular topic that's been discussed in the meeting. These seminars are very crucial for an organization because every member gets to express himself, and all of them collectively work for improvements. With the help of such interactive seminars, you can make your organization get more leads, but first, you have to know the ways to arrange and hold seminars. Learn how... Sponsorships Sponsorship is the key to powerful marketing. Every company today wants leads and traction, and this is easy to achieve by sponsorships. Some websites have paid sponsorships with companies who promote their websites and get them leads. As the competition these days has increased to greater levels, getting leads isn't an easy task. Are you looking for sponsorships and ways to attract the traffic of customers? Read the steps mentioned in this toolkit, and you'll achieve this goal... Answering Questions Online Driving traffic to websites is not easy, but your website can become very successful, and your leads can grow if you go to sites like Quora.com and answer people's questions there and, in the end, provide the link of your website so they can visit it. Answering questions online is a great technique to outgrow your site and persuade people to get to your original site. We'll show you how you can do it... Running A Lead Generation Contest Running an online contest on your website is a lead source for increasing traffic on your website. Are you looking for easy ways to generate such a contest but find it too hard to do so? You can turn this contest into a giveaway, which will provide your customers with gifts at the end of the contest, thus increasing their interest in your site. Follow these steps to run a successful contest for your site... Lead Tracking And Software Option (CRM) To get a clear idea about the position of your company, lead tracking is helpful. With the help of it, you can categories your audience based on their actions. You can keep track of your marketing very easily by using software available for lead tracking. There are plenty of them, and three of them are discussed below in detail. CRM is used for optimizing customer relationships and interactions. It is Customer Relationship Management, so its functions are very clear from its name. Included is the complete guide on how to use ZohoCRM, SalesForce and Insightly... Lead Conversion Tracking Options Getting to know about your customers and their actions is an essential step to take to ensure the success of your site and get to know its future. Many lead conversion tracking options will let you know about your website purchases, newsletter signups and the button clicks on your website done by your customers. The top two ways to track your lead conversions are given in the extension... Landing Page Tweaks To Increase Conversions After creating a website your job should be generating leads from your visitors. Here are some landing page tweaks that can help you in increasing your conversions... COMMON EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN CHECKLIST FAQs: WHY IS LEAD GENERATION IMPORTANT? Businesses today are heavily depended on Lead Generation as it enables the websites of such businesses to generate more traffic which may lead to the further conversion of such found Leads into Customers. This leads to an increase in conversion rates helping a business gain huge profits in the process. WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF LEAD GENERATION? The following are common lead generation techniques. Digital Advertising. Using behavioral and contextual ads to drive traffic to a page that pitches your product and asks for contact information. Inbound Marketing, Industry Events, Sponsoring Events, Showrooms, Networking, Camping, Cold Calling and others. WHAT IS THE LEAD GENERATION PROCESS? In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. The opportunity then has to undergo multiple sales stages before the deal is won. WHAT IS LEAD GENERATION SOFTWARE? Lead generation software is a platform that will help you automatically generate and collect leads from specific channels and route the collected leads to sales or marketing teams for conversion. And then there are some platforms that provide all-in-one lead generation and marketing automation solutions. WHAT IS THE BEST LEAD GENERATION SOFTWARE? Here are our picks. HubSpot - HubSpot has a suite of free plans, and HubSpot CRM is just one of them. Pardot - Pardot is a well-known lead generation tool that helps you manage and qualify sales leads. SharpSpring, Contactually, Keap, Marketo, NimblE and OnePageCRM are all high quality tools for lead generation. When choosing between the top tools it often comes down to personal preference. IS LEAD GENERATION SALES OR MARKETING? The answer is both. Sales lead generation usually falls to sales, and marketing led generation is mostly dealt with by marketing . Before a lead can get to sales, marketing lead must become a qualified marketing lead, and then onto a sales qualified lead . A sales qualified lead usually gets to the sales team directly and quickly. LEAD GENERATION TOOLS AND SOFTWARE: LinkeLead Octopus One2Lead ConvergeHub Dux-Soup Similar Sites Data Scraper Facebook Ads Viewer OptinMonster HubSpot Pardot SharpSpring Contactually Keap Marketo Nimble OnePageCRM GENERAL CHECKLIST EXTENSION FAQs: You might have noticed that we have several chrome extensions in the exact same design readily available for many topics. Several of the attributes of the list you should be familiar with when using the extension are: The eye icons to the right of the list items within each component or category are real-time links to click on to take you to a post, screenshot or even a video tutorial to get more details for that particular item, in most cases I have noted when this is the case next to the list item by adding an alert in brackets (Click eye symbol to the right for even more info). You will see your progress racked up with a progress bar at the bottom of the extension. You will be able to exit and also resume where right where you left or you can easily click to reset if you want to start with a clean list. Have a suggestion for more hand-picked pro tips that you would like to see in one of these extensions? Shoot us a message either in the comments below or through support.

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