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Poptionary - dynamic popup dictionary

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A popup dictionary for quick dictionary lookups in various languages.

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Description from store 26/10/2020 As of now the development of the app has stalled. Please send me emails about ideas how to improve the app, until then, I will focus my efforts on other projects. 02/10/2020 - version 2.5 is here! "Poptionary" is a popup dictionary, enables the user to access a variety of dictionaries by selecting words in various ways (clicking, hotkey) opening the dictionaries in iframes, or new windows. This is to help language learners parse texts and quickly look up words, word-forms and common expressions. If you have any suggestions or questions, simply write me an email ======================================= The app currently supports these dictionaries: (But you can add your own!) German - DICT - Dict.cc (DE:EN) - Leo (DE:ZH) - Leo (DE:EN) English - Merriam-Webster (EN) - Etymonline (EN) Finnish - DICT - Dict.cc (FI:EN) French - DICT - Dict.cc (FR:DE) - DICT - Dict.cc (FR:EN) Icelandic - Ylhyra inflections (IS:EN) - INO - Íslensk Nútímamálsorðabók (IS:IS) - BIN - Beygingarlýsing Íslensks Nútímamáls (IS:IS) - ISLEX - Orðabókin (IS:NO:SE:FO:DA) Japanese - Jisho (JP:EN) Norwegian - Dict.com (NO:DE) - Dict.cc (NO:EN) - UIB - Bokmålsordboka | Nynorskordboka (NO:NO) Russian - DICT - Dict.cc (RU:DE) - DICT - Dict.cc (RU:EN) Swedish - Folkets Lexikon (SE:EN) Chinese - MDGB (ZH:EN) Multilingual - BAB (multilingual) - Linguee (Multilingual) Search Engines - Wikipedia - Bing - DuckDuckGo I'm planning on adding more dictionaries and languages in future versions! You can also add custom dictionaries, via the popup. Just enter a name and a URL-based search replacing the word with " %s ". ======================================= Attention!: Since this extension opens popups, some adblockers / popupblockers might disable it. If it doesn't work, try turning off adblock, or restart the extension. ======================================= Installation process: 1) Download the extension 2) pin the extension to the top of your browser (you need to interact with the popup) 3) restart the browser, or in the very least reload the page you want to use the app on 4) navigate to a website with texts/articles in your target language 5) open the popup, and make your selections (either selection-lookup, or hotkey-lookup, either as popup or as a tab). 6) if you keep the popup open while using the app the popup will update for new selections, meaning you can look up many words quickly. Version log 2.5============== Features: - Added possiblity to activate and deactivate the extension by right-clicking in the browser and clicking a button in context menu - Improved popup ui - added various more dictoinaries - added more flags - made the flag a little more funky Bugs: - Fixed a bug where custom dictoinaries weren't visible for iframe-Unsure Version log 2.4============== Bugs solved: - Hotkeys didn't function properly after loading new page. This is fixed. Hotkeys should always work now. - various small bugs with iframes New features: - Now supportes iframes! - supports more dictionaries! (a more structured approach and more dictionaries will follow soon!) - improved popup a lot - can now select dictionary from within iframes (not yet for popups etc.) ======================================= Poptionary is not affiliated with any of the websites it links to. I also don't make money of this. If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the app let me know at [email protected] You can also buy me a coffee :) https://www.buymeacoffee.com/tryggi


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