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Protect your digital identity and take control of your privacy

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Description from store Pocket Geek ID empowers you to safely and securely navigate the internet while helping you protect your privacy and personal information. The Pocket Geek ID Chrome browser extension helps you: • Generate and retrieve a unique username and password combination for every one of your online accounts with just a tap or click and sync them across your devices. • Create unlimited anonymous alias email addresses, on demand, for all your online accounts, which helps prevent spam, account hacking and phishing. • Experience a faster, more private online experience by blocking web trackers that serve ads and monitor and share your online behavior. • Monitor your digital footprint and gain valuable personal insights, including a snapshot view of how many companies have your data and what types of data they have. • Manage your digital data trail by keeping a detailed record of who has what of your personal information and securely store your private and sensitive data. Please download our accompanying Pocket Geek ID mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to also ensure protection across your mobile devices. Why Pocket Geek ID? Managing your online life unprotected can expose you to a variety of online harms. Unwanted Email and Spam Using your primary email to communicate, register for websites and make purchases increases the amount of unmanageable and unwanted emails and spam, Pocket Geek ID will help you get control of your email. Loss of Privacy Every time you go online, you’re forced to give up more personal information in order to enjoy a convenient online experience, Pocket Geek ID can help you take control of your privacy. Account Hacking Short, simple usernames and passwords are easy to reuse and remember but they put all your accounts at risk of hacking and identity theft. Reuse of usernames and passwords puts all your accounts at risk even if only one account is hacked, Pocket Geek ID can help prevent this from occurring. Intrusive Ads and Malware Online trackers can slow down your browsing experience and introduce behavioral monitoring and malware that jeopardize your online safety, Pocket Geek ID helps block these trackers. Digital Privacy Third party trackers use cookies and other techniques to track your browsing history, clicks, interests, and gather personal information without you knowing who is collecting your information, Pocket Geek ID can give you the control to decide which trackers to allow. Identity Theft Hackers can gain access to your accounts and personal information online resulting in identity theft with financial losses and other consequences, Pocket Geek ID can help you protect yourself. Pocket Geek ID gives you the smarter tools you need to enjoy your online digital life with less risk. Pocket Geek ID Features: Split key password manager. Ultra-secure convenient password security: - Generates unique credentials with just a tap or click - Offers one ultra-secure master password to access all accounts - Works across devices and operating systems Anonymous Email Alias Manager. Mask your personal email and limit spam: - Creates unlimited anonymous email addresses - Masks personal email address - Combats spam, hacking and phishing Surveillance-Blocking Tracker Manager. Faster browsing with more privacy: - Blocks web trackers that monitor and share your online behavior - Delivers a faster browsing experience - Removes ads Insights Dashboard. Understand your digital footprint: - Monitor your digital footprint - See how many companies have your data - Learn what types of data they have Data Manager. Manage your personal info online: - Manage your trail of digital data - Keep a record of who has your personal info - Store personal data for easy retrieval Our Mission Our goal with Pocket Geek ID is to deliver a comprehensive solution to today’s digital privacy dilemma, the fact that people want control over their privacy and the flow of their data. With Pocket Geek ID, we strive to help you get the most out of your digital life without having to compromise your privacy, security or peace of mind. While it’s common practice throughout many industries to sell and make money from people’s data, we don’t. We believe your data is yours to use as you see fit. We leverage state-of-the-art technology, including the latest encryption standards, to keep your identity and sensitive data safe. When you use Pocket Geek ID, you, and only you, can see your encrypted data as you and only you have your Master Key. Our privacy policy and terms of service reflects our values. We encourage you to review the document to learn more about our service policies and privacy commitments. https://pocketgeekid.com/privacy-policy/


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